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A Preliminary on the Male Sterile Lines of Wheat with Ae.ventricosa,Ae.kotschyi and Ae.vauiabilis Cytoplasms

Zhang Gaisheng;Yang Tianzhang   

  1. Department of Agronomy; Northwestern Agricultural University
  • Received:1988-01-12 Revised:1988-05-11 Online:1989-01-12 Published:1989-01-12

Abstract: The fertility of F_1 and backcross progenies from crosses between the alloplasmic wheatvarieties Chris with 10 different Aegilops cytoplasms and 77(2),a 1B/1R wheat-ryetranslocation line,was investigated.The results indicated that:1)under the genetic back-ground of the same nucleus cytoplasms of dif

Key words: Aegilops, Alloplasmic wheat, 1B/1R wheat-rye translocation line, male sterile line, interaction between nucleus and cytoplasm,

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