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Physiological Mechanism of Sucrose Metabolism in Cotton Fiber and Fiber Strength Regulated by Nitrogen

MA Rong-Hui,XU Nai-Yin,ZHANG Chuan-Xi,LI Wen-Feng,FENG Ying,QU Lei,WANG You-Hua,ZHOU Zhi-Guo*   

  1. Key Laboratory of Crop Growth Regulation, Ministry of Agriculture, Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing 210095, Jiangsu, China
  • Received:2008-04-24 Revised:2008-07-15 Online:2008-12-12 Published:2008-10-10
  • Contact: ZHOU Zhi-Guo E-mail:giscott@njau.edu.cn


Fiber strength is one of the important criteria of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) quality. Two cotton cultivars (KC-1, average fiber strength is 35 cN tex-1; AC-33B, average fiber strength is 32 cN tex-1) were used, with three nitrogen application rates (0, 240, 480 kg ha-1), standing for low, moderate and high nitrogen levels respectively in field experiments in Nanjing (118º50′E, 32º02′N, middle lower reaches of Yangtze River Valley) and Xuzhou (117°11’ E, 34°15’ N, Yellow River Valley), Jiangsu province, which stand for the different ecological conditions. The results showed that the changes of nitrogen concentration in the subtending leaf of cotton boll followed the equation: [YN is nitrogen concentration in the subtending leaf of cotton boll (%); t is boll age (d); a and b are the parameters]. “a” was significantly high under high-nitrogen level, which, to a great extent, led to the decreases of sucrose inversion amount and activity of the enzymes (invertase, sucrose synthetase, and phosphate sucrose synthetase) before the 24th day post anthesis (DPA), as well as the maximal speed of cellulose accumulation in cotton fiber and fiber strength at the 24th DPA. “b” was significantly high under low-nitrogen level , which made negative effects on sucrose metabolism after the 24th DPA, shorten the duration for cellulose rapid accumulation in cotton fiber and reduced the increment of fiber strength from the 24th DPA to boll opening. The changes under high or low-nitrogen levels described above were important physiological responses of cotton fiber development to nitrogen concentration in the subtending leaf of cotton boll, and ultimately resulted in lower final fiber strength, and the changes showed similar trends in KC-1 and AC-33B. The results indicated that, in the subtending leaf of cotton boll, the 24th DPA was a transition point of sucrose metabolism in cotton fiber and fiber strength regulated by nitrogen.

Key words: Cotton;Subtending leaf of cotton boll;Leaf nitrogen concentration;Cotton fiber;Sucrose metabolism;Fiber strength

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