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Acta Agron Sin ›› 2011, Vol. 37 ›› Issue (01): 158-164.doi: 10.3724/SP.J.1006.2011.00158


Moisture Variation and Model Verification of Wheat and Maize Seeds under Different Storage Conditions

WANG Jing,LI Xiao-Li**,JIANG Peng,TIAN Feng-Long,HOU Wen-Qian,SUN Qing-Quan*   

  1. Agronomy College of Shandong Agricultural University / National Key Laboratory of Crop Biology / Shandong Key Laboratory of Crop Biology, Tai’an 271018, China
  • Received:2010-05-30 Revised:2010-09-23 Online:2011-01-12 Published:2010-11-16

Abstract: Seed equilibrium moisture is an important indicator for evaluating the dynamic changes of seed moisture absorption or moisture desorption. The laws of the seed moisture absorption or moisture desorption under different storage conditions were studied using two maize (Zea mays L.) cultivars and two wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) cultivars with different initial moisture contents (IMC). Simulated models were established accordingly for each cultivar and verified with independent data. The moisture desorption was observed in 8.0% IMC maize seeds under the conditions of 15°C and RH < 18.8%, 25°C and RH < 48.1%, 40°C and RH < 48.1%; or in 13.5% and 18.0% IMC seeds under the conditions of 15°C and RH < 48.1%, 25°C and RH < 48.1%, 40°C and RH < 48.1%; and moisture absorption was observed under other storage conditions. Wheat seeds stored under 15°C, 25°C, and 40°C showed moisture desorption when RH ≤ 18. 8% for 8.0% IMC seeds or RH ≤ 48.1% for 18.0% IMC seeds; the 13.5% IMC seeds stored under the conditions of 25°C and RH < 18.8%, 25°C and RH < 18.8%, 40°C and RH < 18.8% showed moisture desorption; and wheat seeds stored under other storage conditions presentedmoisture absorption. The safe water contents (SWCs) of wheat seed were 13% under 15°C and RH = 53.0%, 11% under 25°C and RH = 48.0%, and 9% under 40°C and RH = 43.0%. The SWCs of maize seed were 14% under 15°C and RH = 55.0%, 12% under 25°C and RH = 50.0%, and 9% under 40°C and RH = 40.0%. The equilibrium moisture contents (EMCs) of wheat seed were higher than the corresponding SWCs under the same condition of 15°C and RH > 50.0%, 25°C and RH > 50.0%, 40°C and RH > 48.0%, and the equilibrium moisture contents (EMCs) of maize seed were higher than the corresponding SWCs under the same condition of 15°C and RH > 50.0%, 25°C and RH > 50.0%, 40°C and RH > 47.0%. The predictive models of equilibrium time (d) for seeds were simulated on the basis of IMC (x), RH (y), and temperature (z). The equations were as follows: d = 35.34 + 4.32x - 0.28y - 0.35z -0.031xy - 0.012xz - 0.0011yz + 0.003y2 for maize cultivar Zhengdan 958, d = 39.76 + 2.35x - 0.39y - 0.27z - 0.022xy - 0.014xz - 0.0057yz + 0.008y2 for maize cultivar Nongda 108, d = 25.69 + 7.65x - 0.27y - 0.89z - 0.12xy - 0.07xz - 0.007yz + 0.006y2+ 0.04z2 for wheat cultivar Shannong 15, and d = 46.67 + 0.39x - 0.28y - 1.72z - 0.006yz + 0.006y2+ 0.017z2 for wheat cultivar Tainong 18. The predictive values based on these models were highly consistent with the tested values, indicating the good applicabilities of these models.

Key words: Wheat seed, Maize seed, Moisture absorption or moisture desorption, Modeling, Model verification

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