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Preliminary Localization of Five Qualitative Traits in Kenaf Genetic Linkage Map

CHEN Mei-Xia,QI Jian-Min*,WEI Cheng-Lin,XIE Zeng-Rong,LIN Pei-Qing,LAN Tao,TAO Ai-Fen,CHEN Tao   

  1. Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education for Genetics, Breeding and Multiple Utilization of Crops / Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, Fuzhou 350002, China
  • Received:2010-07-06 Revised:2010-09-29 Online:2011-01-12 Published:2010-11-16
  • Contact: QI Jian-Min,E-mail:Qijm863@163.com,Tel:0591-87644898

Abstract: With the genetic linkage map construction for kenaf and quantitative trait loci mapping, it is possible to perform marker-assisted selection to improve kenaf agronomical important traits at molecular level. In this investigation, using a population with 162 F2:3 individuals from the cross between Alian kenaf (from Egypt) and Fuhong 992 (from Fujian agriculture and forestry university) with high quality and disease resistance, on the basis of the linkage map we had finished, we finally mapped five qualitative trait genes for leaf petiole color, leaf shape, dimension of corolla, corolla shape, stem color at late stage. Analysis using the Mapmaker/Exp 3.0 software showed that there were close linkage relation between the gene of stem color at late stage and leaf petiole color gene, with a genetic distance of 2.8 cM, which were mapped on the linkage group 5. Also linkage existed between dimension of corolla and corolla shape, with a genetic distance of 14.7 cM, which were mapped on the linkage group 6. The genetic distance between leaf shape and dimension of corolla, corolla shape, were 38.2 cM and 23.5 cM, respectively. They were mapped on the linkage group 6, but their linkage relation still requires further research. The results had certain practical significance and by molecular marker-assisted selection were useful for the research of kenaf genetics and the breeding.

Key words: Kenaf, Quality traits, Genetic linkage map location

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