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Transferability of SSR from Adzuki Bean to Mungbean

WANG Li-Xie,CHENG Xu-Zhen*,WANG Su-Hua,LIU Chang-You,LIANG Hui   

  1. Institute of Crop Science,Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,Beijing 100081,China
  • Received:2008-08-08 Revised:2008-12-15 Online:2009-05-12 Published:2009-02-13
  • Contact: CHENG Xu-Zhen E-mail:chengxz@caas.net.cn


SSR (Simple sequence repeat) has been a popular tool in genetic studies. However, only a few SSR markers are available in mungbean (Vigna radiata L.). Adzuki bean (Vigna angularis L.) is a close relative of mungbean. In the study reported in this paper, we tested the transferability of adzuki bean SSR markers into mungbean. A total of 187 sets of SSR primers were tested and about 75% of them generated repeatable and clear products in mungbean, indicating a high homology between these two genomes. Of the transferable SSRs, 28 sets of primers generated polymorphic products among 60 mungbean genotypes with a total of 81 alleles detected. The average PIC (polymorphic information content) value is 0.36. Based on the SSR fingerprints, the 60 accessions can be divided into different groups agreeing well with their geographical origins. The exotic accessions were well separated from the local genotypes, indicating the former could be important sources for broadening the mungbean gene pool. The present study identified useful SSR markers for mungbean research, which will undoubtedly accelerate the genetic study of this crop.

Key words: Adzuki bean, Mungbean, SSR, Transferability

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