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Establishment and Application of Multiples-PCR for Wheat Glutenin Subunits Relative to Superior End-Use Quality

ZHENG Han1,2,CHEN Jing1,*,REN Yan1,2,YU Mao-Qun1,FU Ti-Hua2   

  1. 1Chengdu Institute of Biology,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Chengdu 610041,china;2College of Agronomy,Sichuan Agricultural University,Ya'an 625014,China
  • Received:2009-02-25 Revised:2009-05-04 Online:2009-10-12 Published:2009-07-03
  • Contact: CHEN Jing, E-mail: chenjing@cib.ac.cn


Wheat processing qualities are largely dependent on the number and composition of high-molecular-weight glutenin subunits (HMW-GS). It has been demonstrated that Ax1/Ax2*, Dx5, and overexpressed Bx7 (Bx7OE) are normally associated with superior end-use quality, especially dough strength. So far, Bx7OE allele has not been exploited widely in China wheat breeding program. With the optimization of reaction components and amplification condition, three pairs of PCR primers targeting for Ax1/Ax2*, Bx7OE, and Dx5 genes were used to establish a multiplex PCR for the purpose of enhanced molecular marker-assisted breeding with good reliability and low cost. The validation with wheat cultivars (lines) carrying known genes displayed that the developed multiplex PCR permitted the discrimination of these major HMW-GS in a single PCR reaction and agarose gel assay. A total of 89 wheat cultivars and advanced lines from Tibet were tested by the multiplex PCR-based assay. The results showed that each frequency of Ax1/Ax2* and Dx5 was 12.4%, and only 10.1% of the accessions possessed both Ax1/Ax2*and Dx5, whereas no accessions carried Bx7OE. Introduction of HMW-GS relative to good gluten quality must enhance the improvement of wheat quality in this region.

Key words: Wheat quality, High-molecular-weight glutenin subunit(HMW-GS), Multiplex PCR

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