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Establishment and Application of Multiplex PCR System for Two Blast Resistance Genes Pi-ta and Pi-b in Rice

YAO Shu,LIU Yan-Qing,ZHANG Ya-Dong,ZHU Zhen,CHEN Tao,ZHAO Qing-Yong,ZHOU Li-Hui,ZHAO Chun-Fang,YU Xin,WANG Cai-Lin*   

  1. Institute of Food Crops, Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences / Jiangsu High Quality Rice R&D Center / Nanjing Branch of China National Center for Rice Improvement, Nanjing 210014, China
  • Received:2014-02-07 Revised:2014-06-16 Online:2014-09-12 Published:2014-07-09
  • Contact: 王才林, E-mail: clwang@jaas.ac.cn, Tel: 025-84390307


Rice blast is one of the important diseases in major rice producing areas of our country. The main blast resistance genes Pi-ta and Pi-b showed good resistance spectrum to rice blast in many rice growing areas of China, and has been utilized in rice breeding and commercial production. In this study, two sets of multiple PCR system for the two rice blast genes were established by selecting the functional markers of two resistance genes of Pi-ta and Pi-b and two susceptible genes of pi-ta and pi-b, respectively, based on the verification of the genotype of the two rice blast genes known in 22 rice varieties. System I could detect the two resistance genes of Pi-ta and Pi-b, while system II could detect the two susceptible genes of pi-ta and pi-b. Genotypes of the two rice blast genes in 336 new japonica lines were detected by using the two sets of multiple PCR system. The results were highly consistent with those tested by the conventional single mark detection method, indicating that the two multiplex PCR systems were stable, reliable and time-saving. They may serve as a rapid and efficient method to identify and screen rice germplasm resources and be applied in marker assistant selection for pyramiding multiple genes (QTLs) of rice blast resistance in rice breeding.

Key words: Rice blast, Molecular marker, Resistance gene, Multiplex PCR system

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