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Identification of wheat dwarf mutants and analysis on association between the mutant traits of the dwarf plants

HE Jun-Yu(), YIN Shun-Qiong, CHEN Yun-Qiong, XIONG Jing-Lei, WANG Wei-Bin, ZHOU Hong-Bin, CHEN Mei, WANG Meng-Yue, CHEN Sheng-Wei*()   

  1. Collage of Agronomy and Biotechnology, Yunnan Agricultural University, Kunming 650201, Yunnan, China
  • Received:2020-08-16 Accepted:2020-11-13 Online:2021-05-12 Published:2020-12-15
  • Contact: CHEN Sheng-Wei E-mail:etfiee_coisini@126.com;ynkmcsw@126.com
  • Supported by:
    National Natural Science Foundation of China(31660434);National Natural Science Foundation of China(32060457)


Dwarf mutant is an important gene resource in wheat breeding and plant height genetic research. In this paper, EMS (ethyl methyl sulfonate) was used to mutate the mature seeds of ‘Yunmai 53’, and 33 candidate dwarf mutants of M3 generation were finally obtained by self-bred. Twenty-six dwarf mutants were selected by analyzing differences between the mutant parent in two years and that of M2 and M3 generation candidate plants, and the variation range of their plant height was from (13.61 ± 0.11) cm to (44.08 ± 1.73) cm. Twenty-six dwarf mutants with at least 2 mutant sites were verified based on 12 specific markers of 8 dwarf genes. In addition to plant height, 26 dwarf mutants also carried four mutational traits, spike length, spikelet density, internode number, and average internode length. The 26 dwarf mutants could be clustered into 5 subgroups. Among them, the first subgroup was the least in spikelets and florets, the second subgroup was the shortest in plant height, spike length and average internode length, and the highest spikelet density, while the third subgroup was the least in internode number. Plant height was significantly correlated with average internode length and internode number with partial correlation coefficients of 0.94 and 0.58, respectively, but not correlated with spike length, spikelet number and spikelet density. The plant height was genetically associated with internode length and internode number in 26 dwarf mutants. The mutants carried different combinations of the mutant gene, and can be useful in wheat dwarf breeding and the studies on genetic mechanism of the traits, such as plant height, spike length and spikelet density.

Key words: wheat, mutant, dwarf genes, molecular marker, genetic association

Table 1

Specific molecular markers of dwarf genes and the fragment length and primers sequence of the markers"

Forward sequence
Reverse sequence
Product size

Fig. 1

Differences of plant height between ‘Yunmai 53’ and other dwarf mutants A: mutant 31; B: mutant 17; C: mutant 10; D: mutant 16; E: mutant 23; F: mutant 25."

Table 2

Mean values of 7 agronomic traits of ‘Yunmai 53’ and candidate mutants, and the difference between the mean values (t-test)"

Plant height
Spike length (cm)
Spikelets number
per spike
Number of
Average internode length (cm)
Number of
云麦53 Yunmai 53 74.89±4.03 10.30±0.31 19.25±1.21 1.88±0.18 59.35±5.23 11.10±1.04 6.00±0.00
mutant 1 56.95±6.95 10.49±1.52 20.50±3.50 2.05±0.63 60.34±9.34 7.50±3.33 5.00±0.00
mutant 2 39.52±2.02* 8.40±1.10 17.30±3.30 2.15±0.68 58.20±16.20 7.98±0.78 4.50±0.50
mutant 3 63.99±2.51 6.11±0.59* 17.10±1.10 2.84±0.46 51.70±3.70 11.23±0.96 5.40±0.60
mutant 4 37.24±0.44* 4.44±0.34** 19.30±1.30 4.35±0.04** 55.00±1.00 7.21±0.61 4.50±0.50
mutant 5 21.94±3.66* 3.72±0.02** 20.00±1.00 5.37±0.24** 58.30±1.30 4.88±0.62* 3.80±0.20**
mutant 6 39.85±4.39* 6.01±0.45* 19.10±2.10 3.73±1.27 55.50±4.50 6.87±0.44 4.50±0.50
mutant 7 33.89±2.89* 4.71±0.41** 21.00±2.00 4.46±0.04** 63.40±6.40 7.22±0.39 4.00±0.00
mutant 8 34.92±2.58* 4.40±0.10** 22.50±0.50 5.12±0.01** 67.50±1.50 7.16±0.44 4.40±0.60
mutant 9 31.81±6.79* 4.18±0.58* 21.30±2.30 5.12±0.16** 61.20±4.20 6.20±0.95 4.40±0.60
mutant 10 25.55±7.85* 4.24±0.35** 19.40±1.40 4.62±0.71 54.70±0.70 5.44±1.77 3.90±0.10**
mutant 11 29.78±1.92* 8.20±0.70 16.10±0.90 1.97±0.06 48.00±3.00 5.49±0.24* 4.50±0.50
mutant 12 38.79±2.61* 4.63±0.13** 19.30±2.30 4.16±0.38* 54.40±3.40 7.30±0.08 5.00±0.00
mutant 13 38.32±8.48 3.98±0.38** 15.90±1.90 3.98±0.10** 44.90±2.90 6.65±0.85 4.50±0.50
mutant 14 33.18±6.02* 4.36±0.24** 18.80±0.80 4.34±0.43* 53.00±1.00 5.95±0.03* 3.90±0.01**
mutant 15 30.94±2.26* 4.00±0.50** 17.90±0.10 4.55±0.59* 49.50±4.50 5.68±0.24* 4.80±0.20*
mutant 16 13.61±0.11** 3.39±0.11** 18.40±1.40 5.45±0.59* 45.70±5.30 2.26±0.63* 4.80±1.20
mutant 17 32.62±4.98* 3.96±0.26** 17.50±0.50 4.43±0.16** 49.10±1.90 6.16±0.62 4.50±0.50
mutant 18 44.08±1.73* 7.08±0.48* 13.50±2.50 1.90±0.23 33.25±0.25* 7.87±0.97 5.50±0.50
mutant 19 42.41±12.19 10.58±1.52 21.40±2.40 2.10±0.53 69.10±12.10 6.10±1.01 5.30±0.70
mutant 20 42.18±6.58 7.97±0.63 15.30±0.30 1.94±0.20 43.10±1.90 7.31±1.89 4.80±0.20*
mutant 21 31.26±4.44* 4.02±0.48** 15.60±1.60 3.99±0.88 40.40±1.60 7.04±0.79 3.80±0.20**
mutant 22 52.28±5.48 8.45±0.95 19.50±0.50 2.34±0.33 56.30±0.70 8.44±0.94 5.50±0.50
Plant height
Spike length (cm)
Spikelets number
per spike
Number of
Average internode length (cm)
Number of
mutant 23 15.80±0.60** 3.70±0.35** 19.80±1.80 5.28±0.01* 58.80±4.80 2.29±0.41* 4.40±0.60
mutant 24 30.07±4.43* 6.76±1.04 16.90±2.90 2.63±0.84 49.70±7.70 5.26±0.05* 5.00±0.00
mutant 25 18.16±4.44* 3.77±0.17** 20.20±0.20 5.37±0.19** 58.80±1.20 3.93±0.93* 4.50±0.50
mutant 26 19.75±1.35** 4.60±1.00* 18.60±1.60 4.17±0.56 53.20±2.20 4.16±0.46* 3.80±0.20**
mutant 27 34.54±4.74* 7.49±0.89 14.80±3.80 1.95±0.28 50.00±17.00 7.13±1.40 4.50±0.50
mutant 28 33.76±10.16 8.86±0.16 15.90±1.90 1.79±0.18 53.90±11.90 6.59±3.49 5.00±0.00
mutant 29 35.01±4.79* 8.20±0.40 16.40±0.40 2.01±0.15 49.30±1.30 6.18±0.02* 5.00±0.00
mutant 30 30.09±6.01* 8.57±1.13 16.10±1.10 1.93±0.38 48.60±3.60 5.92±0.00* 4.30±0.70
mutant 31 33.96±0.36* 8.70±1.00 17.20±0.20 2.01±0.26 49.20±1.80 5.60±0.94 4.50±0.50
mutant 32 31.50±0.70** 8.02±0.28* 16.50±1.50 2.07±0.26 46.30±1.30 5.11±0.53* 4.50±0.50
mutant 33 24.02±3.38* 10.04±1.94 16.63±1.63 1.69±0.17 47.75±2.75 3.95±0.12* 5.00±1.00

Fig. 2

Spike characteristic of some dwarf mutants and their parents (a): ‘Yunmai 53’; (b), (c), (d), and (e): candidate dwarf mutants."

Table 3

Dwarf genes detected in the genome of ‘Yunmai 53’ and candidate mutants"

Genes detected by 13 markers
云麦53 Yunmai 53 Rht-B1a, Rht-D1b, Rht4, Rht8, Rht9, Rht12, Rht14, Rht16, Rht18
mutant 1 Rht-B1a, Rht-D1a, Rht4, Rht5, Rht8#, Rht9#, Rht13, Rht14, Rht16, Rht18
mutant 2 Rht-B1a, Rht-D1b, Rht4, Rht5, Rht8#, Rht9#, Rht13, Rht14, Rht16, Rht18
mutant 3 Rht-B1a, Rht-D1b, Rht4, Rht8#, Rht9#, Rht12, Rht14, Rht16, Rht18
mutant 10 Rht-B1a, Rht-D1a, Rht4, Rht8, Rht9#
mutant 11 Rht-B1a, Rht-D1a, Rht5, Rht12
mutant 19 Rht-B1a, Rht-D1a, Rht4, Rht5, Rht8, Rht9#, Rht14, Rht16, Rht18
mutant 26 Rht-B1a, Rht-D1b, Rht4, Rht8, Rht9, Rht13
mutant 27 & mutant 28 Rht-B1a, Rht-D1b, Rht4, Rht8#, Rht9#, Rht13
Other mutants Rht-B1a, Rht-D1a, Rht4, Rht5, Rht8, Rht9#

Fig. 3

Specific markers amplified from the genomes of ‘Yunmai 53’ and candidate mutants CK: control; M: marker; 53: Yunmai 53; 1-33: mutant 1-mutant 33; A-B were WMC503 and BARC151 markers amplified in ‘Yunmai 53’ and candidate mutants, respectively. The red arrows indicate differential fragments."

Fig. 4

Cluster result of 26 mutants and their parent based on seven agronomic traits"

Fig. 5

Mean values and differences of agronomic traits in different groups materials I: group ‘Yunmai 53’; II-VI: the subclass 1-subclass 5 of mutants. Different lowercase letters and capital letters represent significant differences at the 0.05 and 0.01 probability levels, respectively."

Table S1

ANOVA result of ‘Yunmai 53’ and 5 subclasses dwarf mutants"

株高Plant height (cm) 组间Between groups 11,981.952 5 2396.390 37.615**
组内Within group 4077.292 64 63.708
穗长Spike length (cm) 组间Between groups 119.531 5 23.906 4.603**
组内Within group 332.417 64 5.194
小穗数Spikelets number per spike 组间Between groups 234.415 5 46.883 10.229**
组内Within group 293.328 64 4.583
小穗密度Spikelet density 组间Between groups 48.716 5 9.743 6.920**
组内Within group 90.110 64 1.408
小花数Number of florets 组间Between groups 3126.921 5 625.384 11.289**
组内Within group 3545.316 64 55.396
平均节间长Average internode length (cm) 组间Between groups 190.020 5 38.004 13.307**
组内Within group 182.776 64 2.865
节间数Number of Internode 组间Between groups 14.628 5 2.926 7.604**
组内Within group 24.623 64 0.385

Table 4

Binary correlation, partial correlation coefficients and significances among the different mutant traits"

Plant height (cm)
Spike length (cm)
Spikelets number per spike
Number of florets
Average internode length (cm)
Number of internode
株高 Plant height (cm) 0.51** -0.09 -0.47* 0.06 0.92** 0.59**
穗长 Spike length (cm) 0.26 -0.54* -0.95** -0.25 0.36 0.53**
小穗数 Spikelets number per spike 0.26 0.41 0.74** 0.89** -0.07 -0.27
小穗密度 Spikelet density -0.11 -0.95** 0.64** 0.47* -0.38 -0.48**
小花数 Number of florets -0.32 0.13 0.78** -0.09 0.10 -0.23
平均节间长 Average internode length (cm) 0.94** -0.43* -0.16 -0.29 0.35 0.35
节间数 Number of internode 0.58** 0.16 -0.10 0.16 -0.08 -0.44*
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