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Acta Agronomica Sinica ›› 2021, Vol. 47 ›› Issue (8): 1511-1521.doi: 10.3724/SP.J.1006.2021.01082


Identification of seedling resistance to stripe rust in wheat-Thinopyrum intermedium translocation line and its potential application in breeding

WANG Yin1(), FENG Zhi-Wei3, GE Chuan3, ZHAO Jia-Jia2, QIAO Ling2, WU Bang-Bang2, YAN Su-Xian2, ZHENG Jun2,3,*(), ZHENG Xing-Wei2,3,*()   

  1. 1Department of Natural Sciences, Shanxi Normal University, Linfen 041000, Shanxi, China
    2Institute of Wheat Research, Shanxi Agricultural University, Linfen 041000, Shanxi, China
    3College of Agriculture, Shanxi Agricultural University/Shanxi Key Laboratory of Crop Genetics and Molecular Improvement, Taiyuan 030000, Shanxi, China
  • Received:2020-10-22 Accepted:2021-01-13 Online:2021-08-12 Published:2021-03-02
  • Contact: ZHENG Jun,ZHENG Xing-Wei E-mail:wangyinstar@163.com;sxnkyzj@126.com;smilezxw@126.com
  • Supported by:
    China Postdoctoral Science Foundation(2020M670701);Key Research and Development Program in Shanxi Province(201903D221074);Key Research and Development Program in Shanxi Province(201903D221075);Shanxi Key Laboratory Program(201705D111008-22)


There are abundant disease resistance resources in relative genus of wheat. The translocation line ZH811 derived from progeny of wheat and Th. intermedium hybrids, was selected for evaluation of stripe rust resistance. A series of stripe rust races such as CYR29, CYR31, CYR32, CYR33, CYR34, Suwon-4, Suwon-5, and Suwon-7 were used to record stripe responses at seedling stage. Agronomical traits, quality traits, and molecular cytogenetic analysis were also performed. Moreover, specific molecular markers located on alien segment was developed by RAPD method. The results indicated that ZH811 was highly resistant to all tested races at seedling stage. And it further proved that the resistance was conferred by a small-fragment-translocation from the Ee genome on 5DS chromosome. The SCAR markers and black awn traits could be used to trace the translocation fragment. ZH811 possessed similar agronomic traits with the commercial cultivars in the Yellow-Huaihe-Haihe Rivers region of wheat. The translocation fragment may be associated with the increase of grain number. The components of the Glu-1 were good-quality subunits, including 1, 17+18, and 5+10, and each quality index met the standard of moderate gluten. The alien chromosomal fragment had no obvious linkage drag to grain quality performance. Based on these findings, ZH811 could be used as a potential material for wheat breeding in high yield, disease resistance, and high quality.

Key words: stripe rust, translocation line, in situ hybridization, molecular marker

Table 1

Plant materials used in this study"

Plant materials
Information of plant materials
ZH811, ZH577 F5 (中国春/中间偃麦草)//晋麦33///临4133组合F3中选育
Deriving from F3 [F5(CS/Z1141)//Jinmai 33///Lin 4133]
ZH811×ZH577 reciprocal F2 populations
F2 populations generated from reciprocal crosses between ZH811 and ZH577
ZH811×ZH577 BC1群体
ZH811×ZH577 BC1 populations
The first backcross generations of ZH811 and ZH577
ZH811×ZH577 DH群体
ZH811×ZH577 DH populations
Double haploid population of a cross between ZH811 and ZH577
Chines Spring, Jinmai 33, Lin 4133
Parent materials of the translocation line
Mingxian 169
Susceptible control variety
Liangxing 99
Quality traits control
Shiluan 02-1, Yannong 19
High-Molecular-Weight Glutenin Subunits (HWM-GS) control varieties
Z1141 六倍体中间偃麦草
Th. intermedium (2n = 42, StStEeEeEbEb)
PI98526 二倍体长穗偃麦草
Th. elongatum (2n = 14, EeEe)
PI531712 百萨偃麦草
Th. bessarabicum (2n = 14, EbEb)
PI313960 拟鹅观草
Pseudoroegneria strigose (2n = 14, StSt)

Fig. 1

Stripe rust infection types at seedling stage"

Table 2

Segregation ratios of infection types in cross derived from ZH811 and ZH577"

No. of plants with different infection type
Expected ratio
χ2 P
抗病Resistant 感病Susceptible
正交F2 Direct cross F2 133 47 3:1 0.12 0.73
反交F2 Reciprocal cross F2 112 38 3:1 0.01 0.93
BC1 54 46 1:1 0.64 0.42

Fig. 2

GISH/FISH analysis of the chromosomes of ZH811 (A, B), Jinmai 33 (C, D), and Lin 4133 (E, F) A, C, E: GISH using genomic DNA of Thinopyrum intermedium as probe, genomic DNA of Chinese Spring as block. B, D, F: FISH using probes pAs1 (green signal) and pSc119.2 (red signal). Arrows show the wheat-Thinopyrum intermedium chromosome translocations (A) or chromosome 5D (B-F). Bar = 10 μm."

Fig. 3

Identification of different materials A: RAPD analysis of ZH811 and ZH577 (The corresponding lanes from left to right are DL2000 marker, ZH811 and ZH577 with Tm at 46℃, ZH811 and ZH577 with Tm at 50℃, ZH811 and ZH577 with Tm at 54℃; Arrows show the differential band amplified between ZH811 and ZH577; B: PCR patterns of SCAR marker (The corresponding lanes from left to right are DL2000 marker, ZH811, ZH577, CS, Lin 4133, Jinmai 33, Th. intermedium ZH1141, Th. elongatum PI98526, Th. bessarabicum PI531712, Pseudoroegneria strigose PI313960, ddH2O)."

Fig. 4

Infection type and SCAR profile of some DH lines derived from ZH811×ZH577"

Fig. 5

Plant morphologies of ZH811 and ZH577"

Fig. 6

Main agronomic performances of translocation and non-translocation lines *, P < 0.05"

Fig. 7

HMW-GS analysis of the material tested by SDS-PAGE The corresponding lanes from left to right are Shiluan 02-1 (SL02-1), ZH811, Yannong 19 (YN19), Jinmai 33 (JM33), and Chinese Spring (CS). The numbers in this figure indicate the types of HMW-GS represented by each band."

Table 3

Quality traits of the materials tested"

Protein content (%)
Wet gluten
content (%)
Formation time (min)
Dough stability time stability time (min)
Max resistance to drag (E.U.)
Stretch area (cm2)
14.57±1.53 a 30.25±2.75 ab 32.87±2.32 a 5.82±0.41 a 7.88±0.23 a 368.00±12.37 a 88.00±3.12 a
14.96±1.87 a 32.84±2.11 a 32.26±2.88 a 5.75±0.33 a 8.15±0.17 a 342.00±13.59 a 89.00±4.69 a
Liangxing 99
13.32±0.84 b 26.81±1.26 b 30.61±1.82 b 2.10±0.44 b 2.70±0.23 b 193.00±15.27 b 42.00±3.72 b
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