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Identification of brown rust resistance and molecular detection of Bru1 gene in new and main cultivated sugarcane varieties

ZHANG Rong-Yue(), WANG Xiao-Yan, YANG Kun, SHAN Hong-Li*(), CANG Xiao-Yan, LI Jie, WANG Chang-Mi, YIN Jiong, LUO Zhi-Ming, LI Wen-Feng, HUANG Ying-Kun*()   

  1. Sugarcane Research Institute, Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences / Yunnan Key Laboratory of Sugarcane Genetic Improvement, Kaiyuan 661699, Yunnan, China
  • Received:2020-06-01 Accepted:2020-08-19 Online:2021-02-12 Published:2020-09-02
  • Contact: SHAN Hong-Li,HUANG Ying-Kun E-mail:rongyuezhang@hotmail.com;shhldlw@163.com;huangyk64@163.com
  • Supported by:
    National Natural Science Foundation of China(31660419);China Agriculture Research System(CARS-170303);Yunling Industry and Technology Leading Talent Training Program “Prevention and Control of Sugarcane Pests”(2018LJRC56);Yunnan Province Technology Innovation Talent Training Object Project, and the Yunnan Province Agriculture Research System


The aim of this study was to assess brown rust resistance of new sugarcane varieties bred in China and main cultivated varieties in sugarcane planting area, and screen the elite new brown rust resistant varieties for popularization and application in production. In total, 60 new varieties in the national regional test of new sugarcane varieties were tested in Kaiyuan and Lincang, and 34 main cultivated varieties were studied in Lincang, Puer, and Yuxi, Yunnan province, and Yizhou, Guangxi province, China, where the incidence of brown rust was particularly high. The resistance of these sugarcane varieties to brown rust was investigated under natural inoculation and molecular marker-assisted identification was used to detect the brown rust resistance gene Bru1. The results of field survey showed that 66 (70.21%) of the 94 new and main cultivated varieties were highly resistant to moderately resistant, and 28 (29.79%) were susceptible to highly susceptible. Molecular detection indicated that Bru1 gene was found among 54 (57.45%) of the 94 new and main cultivated varieties. Some main cultivated varieties that were currently planted across large areas such as Guitang 29, Guitang 44, Dezhe 03-83, Liucheng 03-1137, Yuetang 60, and Guitang 46 were highly susceptible to brown rust, and 31 new varieties such as Yuegan 48, Funong 09-2201, Guitang 08-120, Liucheng 09-15, Zhongzhe 1, Yunzhe 08-1609, Yunrui 10-187, and Zhongtang 1201 were resistant. Therefore, in the sugarcane planting areas with high incidence of brown rust and wet and rainy climates, more effort should be eliminated the main susceptible varieties and promoted the application of new resistant varieties. This will help to achieve a reasonable distribution of varieties, fundamentally control the outbreak of disease in sugarcane planting areas, and provide security for the high-quality development of sugarcane industry in China in the future.

Key words: sugarcane, main cultivated varieties, brown rust, brown rust resistance gene Bru1, resistance

Table 1

PCR detection of Bru1 and evaluation of field resistance to Puccina melanocephala in new sugarcane varieties"

Disease grade
Resistance response
PCR detection of Bru1
粤甘48号 Yuegan 48 1 高抗 HR +
福农09-2201 Funong 09-2201 1 高抗 HR +
福农09-7111 Funong 09-7111 1 高抗 HR -
福农11-2907 Funong 11-2907 1 高抗 HR -
桂糖08-120 Guitang 08-120 1 高抗 HR +
桂糖08-1533 Guitang 08-1533 1 高抗 HR +
桂糖11-1076 Guitang 11-1076 1 高抗 HR +
柳城09-15 Liucheng 09-15 1 高抗 HR +
中蔗1号 Zhongzhe 1 1 高抗 HR +
云蔗08-1095 Yunzhe 08-1095 1 高抗 HR +
云蔗08-1609 Yunzhe 08-1609 1 高抗 HR +
云蔗11-1204 Yunzhe 11-1204 1 高抗 HR +
云蔗11-3898 Yunzhe 11-3898 1 高抗 HR +
云瑞10-187 Yunrui 10-187 1 高抗 HR +
德蔗12-88 Dezhe 12-88 1 高抗 HR +
粤甘50号 Yuegan 50 2 抗病 R +
粤甘51号 Yuegan 51 2 抗病 R +
福农08-3214 Funong 08-3214 2 抗病 R +
福农09-6201 Funong 09-6201 2 抗病 R +
福农09-12206 Funong 09-12206 2 抗病 R +
闽糖12-1404 Mintang 12-1404 2 抗病 R +
桂糖06-1492 Guitang 06-1492 2 抗病 R +
桂糖08-1180 Guitang 08-1180 2 抗病 R +
柳城09-19 Liucheng 09-19 2 抗病 R +
中蔗6号 Zhongzhe 6 2 抗病 R +
中蔗13号 Zhongzhe13 2 抗病 R +
云蔗11-1074 Yunzhe 11-1074 2 抗病 R +
云蔗11-3208 Yunzhe 11-3208 2 抗病 R +
云瑞10-701 Yunrui 10-701 2 抗病 R +
德蔗09-78 Dezhe 09-78 2 抗病 R +
中糖1201 Zhongtang 1201 2 抗病 R +
粤甘53号 Yuegan 53 3 中抗 MR +
福农07-3206 Funong 07-3206 3 中抗 MR +
福农09-4095 Funong 09-4095 3 中抗 MR +
福农10-0574 Funong 10-0574 3 中抗 MR +
闽糖06-1405 Mintang 06-1405 3 中抗 MR +
桂糖06-2081 Guitang 06-2081 3 中抗 MR +
桂糖08-1589 Guitang 08-1589 3 中抗 MR +
中蔗10号 Zhongzhe 10 3 中抗 MR -
Disease grade
Resistance response
PCR detection of Bru1
云瑞11-450 Yunrui 11-450 3 中抗 MR -
中糖1202 Zhongtang 1202 3 中抗 MR -
粤甘47号 Yuegan 47 4 中感 MS -
福农10-14405 Funong 10-14405 4 中感 MS -
海蔗22号 Haizhe 22 4 中感 MS -
中糖1301 Zhongtang 1301 4 中感 MS -
粤甘52号 Yuegan 52 5 感病1 S1 -
闽糖07-2005 Mintang 07-2005 5 感病1 S1 -
柳城07-150 Liucheng 07-150 5 感病1 S1 -
云瑞12-263 Yunrui 12-263 5 感病1 S1 -
海蔗28号 Haizhe 28 5 感病1 S1 -
桂糖44号 Guitang 44 6 感病2 S2 -
柳城07-506 Liucheng 07-506 6 感病2 S2 -
粤甘46号 Yuegan 46 7 感病3 S3 -
闽糖11-610 Mintang 11-610 7 感病3 S3 -
桂糖40号 Guitang 40 7 感病3 S3 -
德蔗07-36 Dezhe 07-36 7 感病3 S3 -
桂糖13-386 Guitang 13-386 8 高感1 HS1 -
粤甘43号 Yuegan 43 9 高感2 HS2 -
粤甘49号 Yuegan 49 9 高感2 HS2 -
云蔗09-1601 Yunzhe 09-1601 9 高感2 HS2 -

Table 2

PCR detection of Bru1 and evaluation of field resistance to Puccina melanocephala in major sugarcane varieties"

Lincang, Yunnan
Puer, Yunnan
Yuxi, Yunnan
Yizhou, Guangxi
PCR detection of Bru1
新台糖1号 ROC 1 1 HR +
新台糖10号 ROC 10 1 HR 1 HR +
新台糖16号 ROC 16 1 HR 1 HR 1 HR +
新台糖20号 ROC 20 1 HR 1 HR 1 HR +
新台糖22号 ROC 22 1 HR 1 HR 1 HR 1 HR +
新台糖25号 ROC 25 1 HR +
川糖61-408 Chuantang 61-408 1 HR -
桂糖21号 Guitang 21 HR 1 HR 1 HR +
柳城03-182 Liucheng 03-182 1 HR +
闽糖69-421 Mintang 69-421 HR 1 HR +
盈育91-59 Yingyu 91-59 1 HR -
粤糖79-177 Yuetang 79-177 1 HR -
粤糖83-88 Yuetang 83-88 1 HR -
粤糖86-368 Yuetang 86-368 1 HR 1 HR +
云引3号 Yunyin 3 1 HR +
云引58 Yunyin 58 1 HR -
川糖79-15 Chuantang 79-15 2 R +
粤糖00-236 Yuetang 00-236 2 R 2 R 2 R -
粤糖93-159 Yuetang 93-159 2 R 2 R 2 R -
云蔗03-258 Yunzhe 03-258 2 R +
云蔗05-49 Yunzhe 05-49 2 R +
桂糖11号 Guitang 11 3 中抗 MR +
桂糖36号 Guitang 36 3 MR +
云引10号 Yunyin 10 3 MR +
云蔗05-51 Yunzhe 05-51 3 MR +
桂糖42号 Guitang 42 4 MS -
柳城05-136 Liucheng 05-136 4 MS 4 MS -
桂糖29号 Guitang 29 5 S1 -
桂糖44号 Guitang 44 5 S1 -
德蔗03-83 Dezhe 03-83 7 S3 -
柳城03-1137 Liucheng 03-1137 8 HS1 8 HS1 -
巴西45号 Baxi 45 9 HS2 -
桂糖46号 Guitang 46 9 HS 2 9 HS2 -
粤糖60号 Yuetang 60 9 HS2 9 HS2 -
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