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Acta Agron Sin ›› 2004, Vol. 30 ›› Issue (06): 602-607.

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Real-time Quantitative PCR Detection of Genetically Modified Maximizerâ Maize and YieldGardâ Maize

CHEN Ying;SU Ning;XU Bo-Liang;GE Yi-Qiang;WANG Shu-Guang   

  1. China Import and Export Commodity Inspection Technology Institute, Beijing 100025
  • Received:2002-12-09 Revised:2003-08-12 Online:2004-06-12 Published:2004-06-12
  • Contact: CHEN Ying

Abstract: A reliable and simple Real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction method for detection of genetically modified maize with ABI Prism 7 700 was established in this paper. A set of PCR primers and probes was designed specific to transgenic commercial maize Mon 810 and Event 176. The detection limi

Key words: Real-time quantitative PCR, YieldGard ®, Maize Mon 810, Maximizer ®, Maize Event 176, GMO detection

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  • S513
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