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  1. 1湖南中烟工业有限责任公司, 湖南长沙410014;2湖南农业大学, 湖南长沙410128;3云南省烟草公司文山州公司, 云南文山 663000
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  • 通讯作者: 周清明, E-mail: zqm8051@hunau.net, Tel: 0731-84618051
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Expression of Potassium Metabolism-Related Gene in Tobacco

XIA Kai1,2,XU Shuang-Hong1,WANG Xiang1,DAI Lin-Jian2,LI Peng-Fei3,LUO Jian-Xing2,QI Shao-Wu2,YANG Qiong2,ZHOU Qing-Ming2,*   

  1. 1 Hunan Tobacco Industrial Co., Ltd, Changsha 410014, China; 2 Hunan Agricultural University, Changsha 410128, China; 2 Wenshan Company of Yunnan Provincial Tobacco Company, Wenshan 663000, China
  • Received:2011-09-21 Revised:2012-01-15 Published:2012-06-12 Published online:2012-04-06
  • Contact: 周清明, E-mail: zqm8051@hunau.net, Tel: 0731-84618051

摘要: 以钾高效基因型K2、K3、K5、K7、K9与常规烤烟品种K326为材料, 采用漂浮育苗、移栽砂培的方法, 利用实时定量PCR调查钾代谢相关基因在烟草叶片中的表达情况, 并测定不同材料的钾吸收动力学参数和钾利用率。结果表明, K2、K7和K9是典型的富钾型, 12个钾代谢相关基因中TORK1NtTPK1的表达水平相对较高。5个富钾型的钾吸收能力显著强于K326。但它们在高钾环境下钾素吸收能力强而利用率较低, 在低钾环境下钾吸收能力强且利用率相对较高, 尤其是品系K2、K7和K9钾的经济利用率相对较高。

关键词: 钾代谢, 基因, 表达, 烟草

Abstract: The quality of flue-cured tobacco in production is currently limited by low potassium level in leaf. A simple and effective way to alleviate the supply of potassium in soil is screening the potassium-enriched flue-cured tobacco types. In the experiment, the tobacco seedlings were cultured in nutrient solution, and then replanted in sand soil. To investigate the potassium metabolism related gene’s expression and kinetic parameters of potassium uptake and utilization with six different lines including five potassium-enriched genotypes of K2, K3, K5, K7, and K9 and a conventional genotype of K326. The results showed that the tobacco lines K2, K7, and K9 were typical potassium-enriched genotypes, TORK1 and NtTPK1 out of 12 genes performed high expression. The ability of potassium absorption of K3, K5, K9, K7, and K2 was significantly stronger than that of K326. The potassium absorption abilities of potassium -enriched types of K9, K2, K7, K3, and K5 were stronger but their use efficiencies were lower than these of K326 in high potassium environment, and higher in low potassium environment, especially for the genotypes K2, K7, and K9.

Key words: Potassium metabolism, Gene, Expression, Nicotiana tabacum

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