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  1. 华南农业大学/广东省植物分子育种重点实验室,广东广州510642
  • 收稿日期:2010-03-03 修回日期:2010-05-26 出版日期:2010-10-12 网络出版日期:2010-08-04
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Changes in the Pattern of Organization of Microtubules during Meiosis in Pollen Mother Cell (PMC) of Autotetraploid Rice

HE Jin-Hua,CHENG Xing-An**,CHEN Zhi-Xiong,GUO Hai-Bin,LIU Xiang-Dong*,LU Yong-Gen*   

  1. Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Plant Molecular Breeding / South China Agricultural University, Guangzhou 510642, China
  • Received:2010-03-03 Revised:2010-05-26 Published:2010-10-12 Published online:2010-08-04

摘要: 应用间接免疫荧光标记-激光扫描共聚焦显微术,观察了同源四倍体水稻花粉母细胞减数分裂过程的微管骨架和染色体行为变化。结果表明:同源四倍体水稻花粉母细胞微管组织形态变化与二倍体水稻的基本一致,但出现一些不同,如核周微管较长,纺锤体微管数量较多;并呈现许多异常现象。前期I细线期,微管数量少,分布不均匀;偶线期,呈现不规则网络状结构,未见明显的极性分布;粗线期,核仁解体,呈现混乱的网络状结构;双线期,微管提早解聚,不形成环绕状微管;终变期,微管数量稀少,核周未见明显的微管聚集;中期I纺锤体形态出现多种异常现象;末期I成膜体形状异常,出现点状微管;末期II-四分体时期,二分体细胞两端不分开;出现三分体细胞,其内微管混乱。以上各时期的染色体行为也出现不同程度的异常。综合认为,微管组织的异常可能与染色体的行为异常存在一定的关联,两者共同作用影响花粉发育,导致育性偏低。

关键词: 水稻(Oryza sativa L.), 同源四倍体水稻, 减数分裂, 分粉, 微管骨架

Abstract: Changes of microtubule distribution and chromosome behavior in autotetraploid rice during meiosis of PMC were detected in detail by using indirect-immunofluorescence laser scanning confocal microscopy. The result showed that microtubule distribution pattern in PMC of autotetraploid rice was similar to that of diploid rice during meiosis. But in comparison to diploid rice, different microtubule behaviors, such as longer circumferential microtubules, more spindle microtubules, were found in autotetraploid rice. At prophase I, microtubules were decreased a lot in number and distributed unevenly at leptotene. At zygotene, microtubules with no obvious polar distribution formed a diffuse network. At pachytene, nucleolus disintegration and distorted microtubules structure were found. At diplotene, no circumferential microtubule was found and microtubules depolymerization displayed in advance. At diakinesis, microtubules were decreased a lot in number. Perinuclear microtubules abnormally knitted. At MetaphaseI, many kinds of abnormalities appeared in spindle. At telophase I, phragmoplast was abnormal, and speckle microtubules were found in the cell. At telophaseII-tetra stage, two daughter cells connected, and microtubules randomly arranged in tri-fission. The results showed that microtubule abnormal reorganization pattern had a close relationship with abnormal chromosome behavior, which may act synergistically on pollen fertility and seed setting rate in autotetraploid rice.

Key words: Rice(Oryza sativa L.), Autotetraploid rice, Meiosis, Meiosis, Pollen, Microtubule

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