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Identification of SSR Markers Linked to Oil Content in Peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) through RIL Population and Natural Population

HUANG Li,ZHAO Xin-Yan,ZHANG Wen-Hua,FAN Zhi-Ming,REN Xiao-Ping,LIAO Bo-Shou,JIANG Hui-Fang*,CHEN Yu-Ning   

  1. Key Laboratory of Oil Crop Biology, Ministry of Agricultural / Oil Crops Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Wuhan 430062, China
  • Received:2011-03-23 Revised:2011-07-15 Online:2011-11-12 Published:2011-09-06
  • Contact: 姜慧芳,E-mail:peanutlab@oilcrops.cn

Abstract: Oil content has been an important quality trait for peanut. However, the progress in genetic improvement of oil content is slow. This is mainly due to the complex genetic basis, the high cost in oil content testing, and difficulty in phenotypic selection because of environmental influence. Therefore, marker assisted selection (MAS) is necessary for oil content improvement in peanut breeding. In the present study, F8 RILs derived from a cross of Yuanza 9102×Zhonghua 5 were selected as materials. Ten RILs with extremely low oil content (about 52.91% on an average), twelve RILs with extremely high oil content (about 58.85% on an average) and the two parental lines were used to screen 631 simple sequence repeat (SSR) primers. Thirteen polymorphic bands of seven SSR primers were able to distinguish the extremely high and low oil content lines. Subsequently, the seven SSR primers were used to genotype the total RIL population. Based on the statistics of the SSR data from 20 lines with low oil content (less than 55%) and 45 lines with high oil content (more than 56%), we identified that a SSR marker, 2A5-250/240, was tightly linked to the oil content trait. The band 2A5-250 appeared almost in all low oil content lines with the match rate of 95.0%, while the band 2A5-240 appeared almost in all high oil content lines with the match rate of 88.9%. Detection of the marker 2A5-250/240 was conducted in 11 high oil (55.93% on an average) and 11 low oil (48.41% on an average) content peanut cultivars. The results showed that the match rates of the band 2A5-250 to low oil content materials and 2A5-240 to high oil content materials was 90.9% and 63.6%, respectively. In addition, the band 2A5-240 appeared in 10 of the 19 wild peanut (Arachis) lines with high oil content (about 58.60%). The results based on the analyses using RIL and natural populations demonstrated that the SSR marker 2A5-250/240 was useful for marker-assisted selection of oil content in peanut.

Key words: Peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.), Oil content, SSR, Marker assisted selection

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