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Responses of leaf gas exchange to high temperature and drought combination as well as re-watering of winter wheat under doubling atmospheric CO2 concentration

Li-Li GUO1,*,Xi-Xi ZHANG1,*,Li-Hua HAO1,*(),Ya-Jun QIAO2,Wen-Na CHEN3,Yun-Ze LU3,Fei LI1,Xu CAO1,Qing-Tao WANG3,Yun-Pu ZHENG1,*()   

  1. 1 School of Water Conservancy and Hydropower, Hebei University of Engineering, Handan 056038, Hebei, China
    2 Ecology and Environment Bureau of Xiong’an New District in Hebei, Xiong’an 071700, Hebei, China;
    3 School of Landscape and Ecological Engineering, Hebei University of Engineering, Handan 056038, Hebei, China
  • Received:2018-11-04 Accepted:2019-01-19 Online:2019-06-12 Published:2019-06-12
  • Contact: Li-Li GUO,Xi-Xi ZHANG,Li-Hua HAO,Yun-Pu ZHENG E-mail:haolihua_000@sina.com;zhengyunpu_000@sina.com
  • Supported by:
    This study was supported by the National Key Research and Development Program of China(2017YFD0300905);the Hebei Province Foundation for Returnees(CN201702);the Innovation Capability Upgrading Plan of Hebei Province(18965307H);the Hebei Province Graduate Student Innovation Ability Subsidized Project(CXZZSS2018077);the Drought Meteorological Science Research Foundation Project(IAM201702)


Understanding the responsible mechanisms of crops to combined environmental stresses such as elevated CO2 concentration, climate warming, and drought is critical to improve the accuracy of ecological process models, and thus accurately predict the impacts of global climate change on the Net Primary Production (NPP) and ecosystem service function of farmlands. Four environmental growth chambers accurately controlling CO2 concentration and temperature were employed to investigate the combined effects of high temperature and drought stresses on the stomatal traits and leaf gas exchange during re-watering under doubling CO2 concentration. We found that elevated CO2 concentration (E) increased the stomatal density, decreased the stomatal width and made the spatial distribution pattern of stomata irregular on the abaxial leaf surface, while enhanced the net photosynthetic rates (Pn), stomatal conductance (Gs), transpiration rates (Tr), and water use efficiency (WUE). The stomatal length, width, perimeter and area were substantially decreased under the combined high temperature and drought stress (HD), resulting in dramatic decline of leaf gas exchange parameters. Doubling CO2 concentration made the leaf gas exchange parameters enhanced under the HD treatment, suggesting that elevated CO2 concentration can compensate the negative impacts of heat and drought on the physiological processes of winter wheat. Additionally, the leaf gas exchange of winter wheat subjected to the high temperature and drought stresses was enhanced after re-watering, but these parameters were still lower than those of Control, suggesting that the photosynthetic apparatus may be damaged by the combined high temperature and drought stresses.

Key words: CO2 concentration, high temperature and drought, re-watering, gas exchange parameters, stomatal traits

Table 1

Effects of the combined stress of high temperature and drought on stomatal parameters of winter wheat under doubling CO2 concentration"

Stomatal parameter
Leaf surface
Stomatal density (No. mm-2)
近轴面Adaxial 53.7±1.5 c 53.5±4.6 c 74.1±5.5 a 64.6±8.2 b 0.001
远轴面Abaxial 33.1±1.1 b 41.7±1.2 a 44.1±8.5 a 48.1±2.9 a 0.008
Stomatal length (μm)
近轴面Adaxial 37.3±3.2 a 38.1±1.8 a 31.7±3.3 b 36.1±2.0 a 0.007
远轴面Abaxial 34.1±2.7 ab 31.9±2.8 b 31.9±3.9 b 36.0±2.4 a 0.003
Stomatal width (μm)
近轴面Adaxial 3.5±0.6 a 3.1±0.4 b 3.1±0.5 b 2.6±0.3 c 0.000
远轴面Abaxial 2.8±0.3 ab 3.1±0.4 a 2.6±0.4 b 2.6±0.4 b 0.041
Stomatal perimeter (μm)
近轴面Adaxial 77.5±7.2 a 79.6±3.7 a 67.3±6.2 b 76.2±7.4 a 0.007
远轴面Abaxial 71.6±6.0 ab 66.5±6.2 bc 65.8±7.6 c 76.2±4.8 a 0.005
Stomatal area (μm2)
近轴面Adaxial 119.4±18.7 a 109.7±11.7 a 87.3±11.0 b 94.3±11.8 b 0.000
远轴面Abaxial 87.0±12.8 ab 92.2±14.9 a 79.7±16.2 b 95.8±14.8 a 0.067
Stomatal shape index (%)
近轴面Adaxial 14.0±1 a 13.1±1 b 13.9±1 a 13.0±1 b 0.002
远轴面Abaxial 13.0±1 bc 14.5±1 a 13.5±1 b 12.8±1 c 0.001

Fig. 1

Effects of the combined stress of high temperature and drought on spatial distribution pattern of stomata on the adaxial (a) and abaxial (b) leaf surface of winter wheat under doubling CO2 concentration The upper 95% means the upper boundary of the 95% confidence envelope, the lower 95% means the lower boundary of the 95% confidence envelope. The Lhat(d) value is the nearest neighbor distance, and stomata follow a regular distribution at the scale when the Lhat(d) value is lower than the 95% boundary with the smaller the minimum Lhat(d) value, the more regular spatial distribution pattern of stomata."

Fig. 2

Effects of the combined stress of warming and drought as well as re-watering on the net photosynthetic rate of winter wheat under doubling CO2 concentration"

Fig. 3

Effects of the combined stress of high temperature and drought as well as re-watering on stomatal conductance of winter wheat under doubling CO2 concentration"

Fig. 4

Effects of the combined stress of high temperature and drought as well as re-watering on transpiration rate of winter wheat under doubling CO2 concentration"

Fig. 5

Effects of the combined stress of high temperature and drought as well as re-watering on water use efficiency of winter wheat under doubling CO2 concentration"

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