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Identification of QTL related to seed size in peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.)

ZENG Xin-Ying1,2,GUO Jian-Bin2,ZHAO Jiao-Jiao2,CHEN Wei-Gang2,QIU Xi-Ke2,HUANG Li2,LUO Huai-Yong2,ZHOU Xiao-Jing2,JIANG Hui-Fang2,*(),HUANG Jia-Quan1,*()   

  1. 1 Institute of Tropical Agriculture and Forestry, Hainan University/Hainan Key Laboratory for Sustainable Utilization of Tropical Bioresources, Haikou 571003, Hainan, China
    2 Oil Crops Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences/Key Laboratory of Biology and Genetic Improvement of Oil Crops, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Wuhan 430062, Hubei, China
  • Received:2018-12-18 Accepted:2019-04-15 Online:2019-08-12 Published:2019-07-16
  • Contact: Hui-Fang JIANG,Jia-Quan HUANG E-mail:peanutlab@oilcrops.cn;jqhuang@163.com
  • Supported by:
    This study was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China(31461143022);This study was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China(31761143005);This study was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China(31571713);This study was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China(31801403);This study was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China(31871666);the Crop Germplasm Resources Protection Project(2017NWB033);the Plant Germplasm Resources Sharing Platform(NICGR2017-36);the China Agriculture Research System(CARS-13-种质资源评价)


Seed size-related traits are the direct factors determining the yield of peanut. To identify the QTL related to seed size-related traits, a recombinant inbred lines (RIL) population (188 progenies) derived from Zhonghua 16 × J11 was used in this study. A genetic linkage map of 947.3 cM in length was constructed, containing 21 linkage groups and 289 SSR markers. Seed size-related traits showed extensive variations in two years’ phenotyping. Between most of the traits with significant correlation. Based on the genetic map, we detected 66 QTL with the explained phenotypic variance (PVE) of 3.23%-33.01% were detected using the WinCart 2.5 software. The number of QTL for seed length (SL), seed width (SW), ratio of seed length to width (LWR) and hundred seed weight (HSW) were 18, 16, 18, and 14, respectively. Notably, the A05A1500-A05A1530 interval on Chromosome A05 harbored three QTL, i.e. qSLA05.1 and qSLA05.2 for SL and qHSWA05.1 for HSW, and the A06B135-A06B113 interval on B06 harbored three QTL as well, i.e. qSWB06.2 and qSWB06.4 for SW and qHSWB06.4 for HSW. These stable and major QTL pave a way for fine mapping of peanut yield-related traits and molecular breeding.

Key words: peanut, genetic mapping, seed size, QTL

Table 1

Statistical analysis of phenotypic traits related to kernels in parents and RIL populations"

年份 Year 性状
亲本Parent RIL群体 RIL population
P1 P2 最大值 Max 最小值 Min 平均值 Mean 标准差 SD 变异系数 CV (%) 峰度 Kurtosis 偏度 Skewness
2017 籽仁长 Seed length (mm) 16.85 11.45 18.48 10.84 14.20 1.52 10.73 0.10 0.33
籽仁宽 Seed width (mm) 10.64 8.50 11.80 8.39 9.85 0.62 6.34 -0.24 0.13
百仁重 Hundred seed weight (g) 79.27 32.49 88.49 34.84 59.04 10.39 17.59 0.17 0.28
籽仁长/宽 LWR 1.58 1.35 1.96 1.16 1.45 0.14 9.80 0.31 0.42
2018 籽仁长 Seed length (mm) 17.35 11.08 18.75 10.43 14.59 1.56 10.66 -0.41 0.20
籽仁宽 Seed width (mm) 11.84 8.00 11.35 8.22 9.85 0.59 6.03 -0.23 0.01
百仁重 Hundred seed weight (g) 97.78 33.67 88.24 34.51 62.84 10.49 17.25 -0.04 0.42
籽仁长/宽 LWR 1.48 1.39 1.87 1.14 1.50 0.14 9.63 -0.45 0.11

Fig. 1

Frequency distributions of seed length, seed width, hundred seed weight, and ratio of seed length to width (LWR) in 2017 and 2018"

Fig. 2

Correlationship between seed size-related traits LWR: ratio of seed length to width; SW: seed width; SL: seed length; HSW: hundred seed weight."

Table 2

Analysis of variance of size related traits for peanut kernels"

籽仁长 SL 环境 Environment 1 12.663 12.663 24.956 <0.001
基因型 Genotype 187 788.117 4.215 8.306 <0.001
籽仁宽SW 环境 Environment 1 0.00902 0.00902 0.0564 0.813
基因型 Genotype 187 108.58 0.581 3.627 <0.001
百仁重HSW 环境 Environment 1 1262.256 1262.256 36.178 <0.001
基因型 Genotype 187 35,453.375 189.59 5.434 <0.001
籽仁长宽比LWR 环境 Environment 1 0.164 0.164 35.522 <0.001
基因型 Genotype 187 6.787 0.0363 7.874 <0.001

Fig. 3

Genetic map of peanut"

Table 3

Distribution of SSR markers on the genetic map"

Number of markers
A01 25.95 5 5.19
A02 28.21 11 2.56
A03 46.69 8 5.84
A04a 4.91 4 1.23
A04b 34.12 3 11.37
A05 49.10 13 3.78
A06 64.61 4 16.15
A07 50.62 7 7.23
A08 48.31 5 9.66
A09 79.29 10 7.93
A10 53.13 33 1.61
B01 34.23 12 2.85
B02 42.82 25 1.71
B03 79.83 13 6.14
B04 55.15 13 4.24
B05 36.07 16 2.25
B06 84.17 38 2.21
B07 36.75 29 1.27
B08 29.24 16 1.83
B09 17.12 12 1.43
B10 46.99 12 3.92
合计 Total 947.30 289 3.28

Table 4

QTL repeatedly detected in different environment"

Year and trait
QTL name
Markers interval
LOD value
PVE (%)
Additive effect
A05 2017 SL qSLA05.2 A05A1500-A05A1530 18.20 33.01 0.8823
2018 SL qSLA05.5 (44.83-46.83 cM) 21.92 32.66 0.8944
2017 HSW qHSWA05.1 11.61 19.67 4.6552
2018 HSW qHSWA05.2 A05A1053-A05A1150 12.55 18.99 4.8211
2017 LWR qLWRA05.1 (32.47-36.25 cM) 7.07 11.03 0.0488
2018 LWR qLWRA05.3 8.42 12.28 0.0516
B06 2017 SL qSLB06.1 A06B467-A06B552 2.72 3.60 0.2951
2018 SL qSLB06.3 (66.2-72.09 cM) 3.87 3.95 0.3124
2017 SW qSWB06.2 A06B135-A06B113 8.53 14.27 0.2376
2018 SW qSWB06.4 (40.82-42.95 cM) 7.64 12.23 0.2273
2018 HSW qHSWB06.4 5.56 7.12 3.1744

Fig. 4

QTL co-localization intervals on A05 and B06"

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