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Effects of drought at different growth stages and nitrogen application on nitrogen absorption and utilization in peanut

DING Hong(), XU Yang, ZHANG Guan-Chu, QIN Fei-Fei, DAI Liang-Xiang*(), ZHANG Zhi-Meng*()   

  1. Shandong Peanut Research Institute, Qingdao 266100, Shandong, China
  • Received:2021-03-04 Accepted:2021-06-16 Online:2022-03-12 Published:2021-07-12
  • Contact: DAI Liang-Xiang,ZHANG Zhi-Meng E-mail:dingpeanut@163.com;liangxiangd@163.com;qinhdao@126.com
  • Supported by:
    National Natural Science Foundation of China(31971854);National Natural Science Foundation of China(31971856);Major Scientific and Technological Innovation Projects in Shandong Province(2019JZZY010702)


The aim of this study was to clarify the effects of drought at different growth stages and nitrogen application on nitrogen absorption and utilization of peanut. We investigated the effects of nitrogen application on nitrogen absorption and utilization efficiency under different water conditions in peanut by the 15N-label technique. The residue and loss rate of nitrogen in soil after peanut harvest were also studied. The soil water treatments were three levels of well-watered conditions (WW, 75%-80% of field capacity), slight water stress at flowering-pegging stage (FD, 55%-60% of field capacity), and slight water stress at pod-setting stage (PD, 55%-60% of field capacity). Nitrogen treatments were three levels of no nitrogen application (LN), moderate nitrogen (MN, 90 kg hm-2), and high nitrogen (HN, 180 kg hm-2). The results showed that peanut yield was decreased under drought stress at different growth stages and the reduction of drought stress at flowering-pegging stage was greater than that at pod-setting stage. Nitrogen accumulation of peanut kernel accounted for 68.42%-77.67% of the total nitrogen accumulation of the whole plant. Compared with the well-watered condition, nitrogen accumulation of peanut plants was decreased under drought stress at both flowering-pegging and pod-setting stages. Compared with WWMN treatment, FDMN treatment significantly increased the accumulation of Ndff and 15N in different organs and promoted the transport of nitrogen to seed kernel in peanut. However, 15N accumulation in kernel was significantly decreased under PDMN treatment. The recovery rate of 15N labeled nitrogen fertilizer was 30.20%-38.42%, the residue rate was 37.12%-48.83%, and the loss rate was 12.75%-32.68%. The recovery rate of nitrogen fertilizer was the highest and the loss rate was the lowest under FDMN treatment. In summary, nitrogen application level of 90 kg hm-2could promote the yield and nitrogen absorption and utilization under drought stress, and reduce the loss of fertilizer nitrogen in peanut.

Key words: peanut, drought stress, 15N-label technique, nitrogen absorption and utilization, yield

Fig. 1

Yield of peanut under different water and nitrogen treatments Bars superscripted by different letters are significantly different at the 0.05 probability level among treatments. *, **, and *** mean significant difference at P < 0.05, P < 0.01, and P < 0.001, respectively. WW: well-watered condition; FD: drought stress at flowering-pegging stage; PD: drought stress at pod-setting stage; LN: no nitrogen application; MN: medium nitrogen of 90 kg hm-2; HN: high nitrogen of 180 kg hm-2; W: water; N: nitrogen."

Table 1

Nitrogen accumulation in different organs of peanut under different water and nitrogen treatments (mg plant-1)"




Whole plant
WWLN 154.49 bc 80.39 a 42.80 bcd 63.88 ab 1017.39 a 1358.97 a
WWMN 219.74 a 73.12 b 40.95 bcd 56.16 ab 1036.71 a 1426.68 a
WWHN 151.51 c 73.20 b 44.72 bc 47.86 abc 884.68 b 1201.97 b
FDLN 135.44 cd 54.34 d 28.62 e 33.63 c 602.72 e 854.75 e
FDMN 140.57 cd 64.82 c 60.96 a 66.05 a 681.17 d 1013.57 d
FDHN 151.57 c 57.18 d 34.66 cde 33.18 c 610.84 e 884.74 e
PDLN 126.66 d 75.42 b 37.91 bcde 50.12 abc 791.87 c 1081.99 cd
PDMN 176.48 b 70.35 b 47.80 b 42.53 bc 848.84 bc 1186.02 b
PDHN 152.67 bc 71.37 b 32.88 de 64.50 a 821.48 bc 1142.90 bc
Water (W) 0*** 0*** 0.459 0.095 0*** 0***
Nitrogen (N) 0*** 0.102 0*** 0.413 0*** 0 ***
W×N 0*** 0** 0*** 0.002** 0.004** 0.001***

Table 2

Ndff of peanut organs under different water and nitrogen treatments (%)"




Whole plant
WWMN 16.22 e 19.62 d 19.58 b 17.42 d 11.75 d 13.29 d
WWHN 38.69 d 39.14 b 36.00 a 38.22 b 29.45 b 31.64 b
FDMN 27.88 b 27.96 c 25.21 c 24.09 c 18.82 c 21.43 c
FDHN 42.95 a 43.43 a 42.71 a 52.08 a 43.61 a 43.78 a
PDMN 17.89 e 20.40 d 20.66 d 19.94 d 12.57 d 14.40 d
PDHN 31.59 c 39.12 b 37.20 b 37.82 b 29.28 b 30.91 b
Water (W) 0 *** 0*** 0*** 0*** 0*** 0 ***
Nitrogen (N) 0*** 0*** 0*** 0*** 0*** 0***
W×N 0.001*** 0.002** 0.861 0.002** 0.004** 0.011*

Table 3

15N uptake of various organs under different water and nitrogen treatments in peanut (mg plant-1)"




Whole plant
WWMN 3.60 c 1.46 d 0.81 c 1.00 cd 12.37 cd 19.24 d
WWHN 5.98 a 2.92 a 1.64 a 1.86 ab 26.55 a 38.95 ab
FDMN 4.00 c 1.85 c 1.57 a 1.65 bc 13.08 c 22.15 c
FDHN 6.65 a 2.53 b 1.37 a 1.76 ab 27.15 a 39.60 a
PDMN 3.22 c 1.46 d 1.01 bc 0.86 d 10.86 d 17.41 d
PDHN 4.91 b 2.85 a 1.25 ab 2.48 a 24.50 b 35.99 b
Water (W) 0.002** 0.868 0.020* 0.445 0.010** 0.002**
Nitrogen (N) 0*** 0*** 0.008** 0.001*** 0*** 0***
W×N 0.097 0.001*** 0.016* 0.023* 0.910 0.739

Table 4

Residue and spatial distribution of peanut fertilizer nitrogen in soil under different water and nitrogen treatments (mg)"

土层15N残留量 Residue and spatial distribution of peanut fertilizer nitrogen in soil
0-20 cm 20-40 cm 40-60 cm 60-80 cm 80-100 cm 0-100 cm
WWMN 36.60 b 4.17 d 2.93 e 1.61 d 0.66 e 45.97 bc
WWHN 64.64 a 15.99 b 15.38 b 1.87 c 0.85 d 98.73 a
FDMN 36.15 b 10.66 c 6.64 d 1.90 c 0.96 c 56.31 b
FDHN 67.53 a 21.27 a 8.50 c 5.30 b 2.57 a 105.15 a
PDMN 36.36 b 3.54 c 1.77 f 0.92 e 0.41 f 43.00 c
PDHN 65.33 a 20.24 a 17.64 a 6.10 a 1.97 b 111.28 a
Water (W) 0.943 0*** 0*** 0*** 0*** 0.156
Nitrogen (N) 0*** 0*** 0*** 0*** 0*** 0***
W×N 0.903 0*** 0*** 0*** 0*** 0.077

Table 5

Fertilizer nitrogen input and loss of 15N during peanut growth period"

15N总投入量Total 15N rate
(mg column-1)
15N 植株回收量
15N recovery by plant
(mg column-1)
Residual 15N rate
(mg column-1)
15N loss rate
(mg column-1)
Recovery rate of fertilizer nitrogen (%)
Loss rate of
fertilizer nitrogen (%)
WWMN 115.31 38.48 d 45.97 bc 30.86 bc 33.37 bc 26.76 ab
WWHN 230.62 77.90 ab 98.73 a 53.99 a 33.78 b 23.42 b
FDMN 115.31 44.30 c 56.31 b 14.70 c 38.42 a 12.75 c
FDHN 230.62 79.20 a 105.15 a 46.27 ab 34.34 b 20.06 bc
PDMN 115.31 34.82 d 43.00 c 37.69 b 30.20 c 32.68 a
PDHN 230.62 71.98 b 111.28 a 47.36 ab 31.21 bc 20.54 bc
Water (W) 0.002** 0.156 0.069 0.001*** 0.005**
Nitrogen (N) 0*** 0*** 0.001*** 0.192 0.284
W×N 0.739 0.077 0.173 0.084 0.012*
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