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Variation of Pentosans and Solvent Retention Capacities in Wheat Genotypes and Their Relationship with Processing Quality

QIAN Sen-He;ZHANG Yan;WANG De-Sen;HE Zhong-Hu;ZHANG Qi-Jun;YAO Da-Nian   

  1. Institute of Crop Breeding and Cultivation, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences/National Wheat Improvement Center /Key Laboratory for Crop Genetics and Breeding, Beijing 100081
  • Received:2004-05-17 Revised:2004-09-09 Online:2005-07-12 Published:2005-07-12
  • Contact: HE Zhong-Hu

Abstract: Two hundred and forty two Chinese wheat cultivars and lines from autumn-sown wheat regions were used to analyze the genetic variation of the water-soluble pentosans (WSP), water-insoluble pentosans (WIP), total pentosans (TP), and the solvent retention capacities (SRC). The results indicated that va

Key words: Common wheat, Pentosans, Solvent retention capacity, Processing quality

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  • S512
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