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Genetic Composition of Elite Soybean Dultivar Hefeng 25

GUAN Rong-Xia1,QIN Jun2,HU Jing-Shen3,CHEN Wei-Xiu3,CHANG Ru-Zhen1,LIU Zhang-Xiong,QIU Li-Juan1   

  1. 1 National Key Facility for Crop Gene Resources and Genetic Improvement / Key Laboratory of Germplasm Utilization, Ministry of Agriculture / Institute of Crop Sciences, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing 100081, China; 2 Hebei Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Science, Shijiazhuang 050031, China; 3 Northeast Agricultural University, Harbin 150030, China
  • Received:2009-01-08 Revised:2009-04-26 Online:2009-09-12 Published:2009-07-03
  • Contact: QIU Li-Juan, E-mail: qiu_lijuan@263.net; Tel: 010-82105843


Elite soybean cultivar Hefeng 25, derived from a cross of Hefeng 23×Ke 4430-20, has an accumulated planting area of 13 million hectares and the longest planting history of soybean cultivars. The objective of this study is to evaluate the genetic composition of Hefeng 25 and the relationship of Hefeng 25 with the parents. Four hundred and sixty-three SSR markers were used to screen Hefeng 25 and its parents Hefeng 23 and Ke 4430-20. Of the 463 SSR markers 177 were monomorphic between Hefeng 23 and Ke 4430-20 and 57 loci were detected in Hefeng 25 with new alleles mutated not from the parents. The genetic contribution of Hefeng 23 and Ke 4430-20 to Hefeng 25 was 39.4% and 48.3%, respectively based on molecular information. Analysis of each linkage group revealed that large portions of loci on linkage groups G, E, and L were inherited entirely from one parent. Especially on linkage group G, all loci were inherited from Ke4430-20. The loci on linkage group L inherited from Hefeng 23 were 2.3 fold of that from Ke4430-20. Detailed analysis showed that QTLs for yield and disease resistance may relate to these loci. These analyses suggested that breeders may select recombination events with agronomic favorable alleles of two parents. In order to evaluate the effect of SSR mutation on soybean seed purity, we screened Hefeng 25 seed samples from 12 different seed companies at 207 SSR loci including 57 mutated loci. Hybrid alleles were observed only in 4 seed samples at 13 SSR loci. The result indicated that most of the mutated loci were purified during the breeding process. The elite genotype and high seed purity of Hefeng25 may be the most important factors for its long-term utilization in soybean production.

Key words: Soybean(Glycine max), Hefeng 25, Pedigree, SSR, Genetic composition

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