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Mapping of quantitative trait loci conferring resistance to brown spot in cigar tobacco cultivar Beinhart1000-1

Zhi-Jun TONG,Yi-Han ZHANG,Xue-Jun CHEN,Jian-Min ZENG,Dun-Huang FANG(),Bing-Guang XIAO()   

  1. Yunnan Academy of Tobacco Agricultural Sciences / Key Laboratory of Tobacco Biotechnological Breeding / National Tobacco Genetic Engineering Research Center, Kunming 650021, Yunnan, China
  • Received:2018-03-05 Accepted:2018-12-24 Online:2019-03-12 Published:2019-01-05
  • Contact: Dun-Huang FANG,Bing-Guang XIAO E-mail:fdhkm@sina.com;xiaobg@263.net
  • Supported by:
    This study was supported by the Fundamental Research Program of Yunnan Province(2018FB064);China National Tobacco Company(110201601027(JY-01));China National Tobacco Company(110201603008);Yunnan Tobacco Company(2017YN01);Yunnan Tobacco Company(2016YN23)


Tobacco brown spot (TBS) caused by Alternaria alternata is one of the most destructive foliar diseases affecting tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) production and quality in China. Breeding TBS-resistant cultivars is difficult by traditional method because the resistance has proved to be quantitatively inherited. To facilitate marker-assisted selection, we carried out a study of mapping quantitative trait loci (QTLs) for TBS resistance. We developed an F2 population consisting of 362 individuals from a cross between a TBS-susceptive flue-cured tobacco Honghua Dajinyuan (HD) and a TBS-resistant cigar tobacco cultivar Beinhart1000-1, and constructed a genetic map consisting of 670 SSR markers based on this population. Using disease index (DI) as the indicator of TBS resistance, we detected two QTLs located between SSR markers TMs05179 and TMs04022, and TM61049 and TM62212 on linkage group (LG) 20 and LG23, respectively. The resistant alleles of the two QTLs were all from the resistant parent Beinhart1000-1. The two QTLs together could explain 81% of the DI difference between the two parents in total, and 64% of their additive effects. Therefore, the two QTLs will be useful for TBS resistance breeding.

Key words: tobacco brown spot (TBS), simple sequence repeats (SSR), genetic linkage map, quantitative trait locus (QTL)

Fig. 1

Frequency distribution of DI in F2 population"

Fig. 2

QTL mapping of tobacco brown spot (TBS) resistance based on 362 F2 individuals derived from the cross HD × Beinhart-1000 In each linkage group, the positions (cM) and names of markers were shown on the left and right side, respectively. The red markers were mapped in the genetic map constructed by Bindler et al. [30,31]"

Table 1

QTL for tobacco brown spot (TBS) resistance"

Marker interval
LOD 加性效应a
Additive a
Exp b(%)
qTBS20 LG20 62.414 TMs05179-TMs04022 5.82 -15.874 -1.819 18.31
qTBS23 LG23 79.091 TM61049-TM62212 3.51 -10.923 11.145 8.94
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