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Construction of High-density Genetic Map and QTL Mapping for Seed Germination Traits in Sunflower under Two Water Conditions

LYU Pin1,YU Hai-Feng2,YU Zhi-Xian1,ZHANG Yong-Hu2,ZHANG Yan-Fang2,WANG Ting-Ting1,HOU Jian-Hua1,*   

  1. 1 Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, Huhhot 010010, China; 2 Inner Mongolia Academy of Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Sciences, Huhhot 010031, China
  • Received:2016-03-09 Revised:2016-09-18 Online:2017-01-12 Published:2016-09-28
  • Contact: 侯建华, E-mail: houjh68@163.com E-mail:18847123096@163.com
  • Supported by:

    The study was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (31160288, 31540043).


Seed germination and emergence of sunflower are seriously affected by water stress. In this study, SSR, SRAP, and AFLP markers were applied to construct a genetic linkage map by using the F6 population derived from a cross of K55 (drought sensitive) ´ K58 (drought resistant). For mapping quantitative trait loci (QTLs) for nine traits of seed germination in sunflower,the parents and 187 F6 family lines were used to investigate seed germination traits under normal condition (CK) and 18% polyethylene glycol (PEG-6000) (drought stress). A genetic map consisting of 17 linkage groups was constructed with 1105 loci (368 SSR, 369 SRAP, 333 AFLP) which covers 3846.0 cM and the length of each linkage group varies from 147.6 to 295.5 cM, the number of markers in each linkage group varies from 10 to 165 with an average distance of 3.481 cM. As a result, a total of 33 QTLs were detected. We identified fourteen additive QTLs for germination index (GI), germination rate (GR), embryo length (EL), radicle length (RL), embryo fresh weight (EFW), radicle fresh weight (RFW) under18% PEG condition with explained phenotypic variance ranging from 6.1% to 14.0%. Nineteen additive QTLs were identified for germination energy(GE), radicle length (RL), embryo fresh weight (EFW), radicle fresh weight (RFW), embryo dry weight (EDW), radicle dry weight (RDW) under normal condition with explained phenotypic variance ranging from 6.1% to 25.8%. Each ofQefw5-2, Qefw5-1, Qefw5-4, Qrfw10, Qrfw5, and Qrl9could explain phenotypic variance over 10%. Nine QTLs affecting trait differences between stress treatment and control were identified, which are considered to directly contribute to drought tolerance. These QTLs identified could provide important reference to molecular breeding for drought-resistance during seed germination in sunflower.

Key words: Sunflower, Genetic linkage map, Drought tolerance, Seed germination traits, QTL

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