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QTL mapping and candidate genes screening of earliness traits in Brassica napus L.

LI Shu-Yu(), HUANG Yang, XIONG Jie, DING Ge, CHEN Lun-Lin*(), SONG Lai-Qiang   

  1. Institute of Crops, Jiangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Nanchang 330200, Jiangxi, China
  • Received:2020-07-02 Accepted:2020-10-14 Online:2021-04-12 Published:2020-11-11
  • Contact: CHEN Lun-Lin E-mail:lishuyu0104@163.com;lunlinchen@163.com
  • Supported by:
    National Natural Science Foundation of China(31660403);National Key Research and Development Program of China(2017YFD0101703);China Agriculture Research System(CARS-12)


Currently, the research on earliness traits of rapeseed mainly focused on flowering time. Although there was a significant positive correlation between the flowering period and the growth period, it was not completely consistent. There are few reports on the genetic studies and QTL mapping of traits related to rapeseed growth and development after flowering. We carried out phenotypic survey (flowering time, flowering period duration, silique period duration etc.) and QTL mapping with the DH population constructed by ‘Huaqianzao’ and ‘Global’ as material. A total of 30 QTL loci for earliness traits were detected. Among them, 12, 5, 4 and 9 QTL loci were detected in the flowering time, flowering period duration, silique period duration and full growth period, respectively, explaining 5.8%-22.4% phenotypic variance. The 2, 4, and 1 QTL confidence intervals of full growth period were found overlap in part or in whole with flowering time, flowering period duration and silique period duration respectively. The 29 candidate genes were screened, which affected the earliness traits by regulating flowering or silique development in rapeseed growth and development processes. Therefore, in the study of earliness traits, we could consider flowering time and silique development process at the same time, which not only helps to advance the maturity period, but also reduces the adverse effects of early flowering.

Key words: Brassica napus L., earliness traits, QTL mapping, candidate genes

Table 1

Phenotype of earliness related traits under four environments in parents and DH population (d)"

Flowering time
Flowering period duration
Silique period
Full growth period
2016 Nanchang
花前早 Huaqianzao 76.0 A 64 A 32.5 A 172.5 A
Global 138.5 B 36.5 B 30.0 A 205.0 B
DH population
最大值 Max. 141.0 77.0 36.0 205.0
最小值 Min. 76.0 26.0 22.0 172.5
均值 Mean 118.5 43.5 29.0 191.0
2016 Shaoguan
花前早 Huaqianzao 64.5 A 40.5 A 27.5 A 132.5 A
Global 123.5 B 22.5 B 37.5 B 183.5 B
DH population
最大值 Max. 131.0 58.5 44.5 185.0
最小值 Min. 58.0 17.0 11.0 124.0
均值 Mean 97.5 34.2 30.2 161.8
2018 Nanchang
花前早 Huaqianzao 108.0 A 46.0 A 29.0 A 183.0 A
Global 149.0 B 22 B 30.0 A 201.0 B
DH population
最大值 Max. 149.0 46.0 34.0 203.0
最小值 Min. 108.0 17.0 26.0 181.0
均值 Mean 138.1 26.3 30.1 194.5
2018 Xining
花前早 Huaqianzao 56.0 A 31.5 A 31.5 A 119.0 A
Global 72.5 B 41.0 B 16.0 B 129.5 B
DH population
最大值 Max. 98.0 42.0 31.5 135.5
最小值 Min. 56.0 18.0 9.5 116.5
均值 Mean 72.5 30.1 20.5 123.9

Fig. 1

Phenotype frequency distribution of earliness related traits in DH population 2016 NC, 2016 SG, 2018 NC, and 2018 SG were the code of different environment: 2016 Nanchang, 2016 Shaoguan, 2018 Nanchang and 2018 Xining, respectively."

Table 2

Correlation analysis of four earliness traits in DH population"

Flowering time
Flowering period duration
Silique period duration
Full growth period
Flowering time
1 -0.880** 0.041 0.926**
Flowering period duration
1 -0.120 -0.701**
Silique period duration
1 0.158*
Full growth period

Table 3

Statistical information of genetic linkage map"

Length (cM)
No. of markers
Max. interval (cM)
No. bins
Bin interval (cM)
A01 110.96 48,693 4.72 183 0.61
A02 117.38 44,545 5.95 201 0.59
A03 197.46 65,502 10.52 280 0.71
A04 119.03 43,644 6.56 190 0.63
A05 101.61 55,238 3.39 187 0.55
A06 107.28 43,735 4.37 197 0.55
A07 118.95 40,195 5.75 212 0.56
A08 62.56 38,113 1.50 151 0.42
A09 139.70 55,599 8.99 226 0.62
A10 95.92 44,019 3.39 185 0.52
C01 126.88 39,781 5.48 197 0.65
C02 148.14 83,307 8.73 201 0.74
C03 206.71 85,609 7.96 320 0.65
C04 195.49 37,202 9.81 248 0.79
C05 193.22 22,608 6.68 217 0.90
C06 161.24 27,401 17.33 165 0.98
C07 157.87 31,921 5.80 211 0.75
C08 133.07 36,408 5.50 194 0.69
C09 107.28 31,475 6.72 140 0.77
平均Average 136.88 46,052 6.80 206 0.67
合计Total 2600.73 874,995 3905

Fig. 2

Markers distribution of linkage group in genetic linkage map"

Table 4

Detected QTLs of earliness related traits in different environments"

Pos (cM)
LOD value
R2 (%)
加性效应Additive effect 置信区间Confidence
qFT.A02-1 FT A02 18.23 5.37 10.6 2.15 16.52-18.52 2018西宁 2018 Xining
qFT.A02-2 FT A02 60.99 3.99 9.1 -1.82 58.14-61.84 2018西宁 2018 Xining
qFT.A06-1 FT A06 95.90 6.73 10.9 2.39 95.61-96.75 2018南昌 2018 Nanchang
qFT.A09-1 FT A09 84.60 5.22 11.8 5.56 84.03-87.84 2016韶关 2016 Shaoguan
qFT.A09-2 FT A09 123.12 4.04 8.8 3.92 121.65-126.32 2016南昌 2016 Nanchang
qFT.C04-1 FT C04 99.26 4.32 9.5 5.04 96.73-99.26 2016韶关 2016 Shaoguan
qFT.C06-1 FT C06 145.13 5.90 9.6 2.29 144.13-149.13 2018南昌 2018 Nanchang
qFT.C07-1 FT C07 81.72 3.76 5.8 1.69 78.76-84.10 2018南昌 2018 Nanchang
qFT.C08-1 FT C08 15.37 7.47 12.4 2.05 10.88-15.37 2018西宁 2018 Xining
qFT.C08-2 FT C08 40.61 6.60 11.1 2.01 34.77-43.49 2018西宁 2018 Xining
FT C08 43.49 4.65 9.0 4.00 42.63-47.70 2016南昌 2016 Nanchang
FT C08 45.80 12.87 22.4 3.71 45.80-45.80 2018南昌 2018 Nanchang
qFT.C08-3 FT C08 52.89 6.54 12.5 6.50 52.04-53.75 2016韶关 2016 Shaoguan
qFT.C08-4 FT C08 104.06 4.57 7.2 2.08 103.27-104.94 2018南昌 2018 Nanchang
qFPD.A02-1 FPD A02 19.09 4.22 7.3 -1.40 19.09-21.67 2018南昌 2018 Nanchang
qFPD.A06-1 FPD A06 95.61 6.14 11.0 -1.54 95.33-97.32 2018南昌 2018 Nanchang
qFPD.A09-1 FPD A09 84.60 4.28 8.9 -2.21 84.03-87.25 2016韶关 2016 Shaoguan
qFPD.C04-1 FPD C04 123.90 3.79 8.4 -2.42 118.86-127.70 2016南昌 2016 Nanchang
qFPD.C08-1 FPD C08 45.80 8.24 15.2 -1.95 44.36-46.70 2018南昌 2018 Nanchang
qSPD.A09-1 SPD A09 91.99 4.59 9.1 -1.19 89.73-92.87 2018西宁 2018 Xining
qSPD.C04-1 SPD C04 64.02 5.07 10.3 -1.30 62.14-64.30 2018西宁 2018 Xining
qSPD.C08-1 SPD C08 17.20 4.77 10.2 1.71 13.88-21.20 2016韶关 2016 Shaoguan
qSPD.C08-2 SPD C08 32.35 5.86 10.1 -1.27 32.35-33.56 2018西宁 2018 Xining
qFGP.A02-1 FGP A02 50.67 5.50 10.7 -5.35 50.10-51.53 2016韶关 2016 Shaoguan
qFGP.A02-2 FGP A02 61.56 5.72 11.9 -1.53 58.71-62.13 2018西宁 2018 Xining
qFGP.A09-1 FGP A09 84.60 4.48 8.8 4.21 83.74-87.25 2016韶关 2016 Shaoguan
qFGP.C06-1 FGP C06 111.50 7.34 12.0 1.34 111.16-119.50 2018南昌 2018 Nanchang
qFGP.C07-1 FGP C07 79.33 6.53 10.0 1.16 78.14-80.33 2018南昌 2018 Nanchang
qFGP.C08-1 FGP C08 5.40 7.56 11.8 1.41 4.54-9.88 2018南昌 2018 Nanchang
qFGP.C08-2 FGP C08 23.27 6.16 12.5 2.15 21.20-27.89 2016南昌 2016 Nanchang
qFGP.C08-3 FGP C08 42.05 3.99 7.2 1.21 40.16-44.65 2018西宁 2018 Xining
FGP C08 44.07 5.42 10.7 4.84 43.49-44.65 2016韶关 2016 Shaoguan
qFGP.C08-4 FGP C08 86.77 5.97 9.2 1.21 86.77-87.36 2018南昌 2018 Nanchang

Table 5

A summary of earliness related traits candidate genes"

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