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Effect evaluation of QTL Qph.nau-5B controlling plant height in wheat

HAN Yu-Zhou1(), ZHANG Yong*(), YANG Yang1, GU Zheng-Zhong2, WU Ke3, XIE Quan1,*(), KONG Zhong-Xin1,*(), JIA Hai-Yan1, MA Zheng-Qiang1   

  1. 1State Key Laboratory of Crop Genetics and Germplasm Enhancement, Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing 210095, Jiangsu, China
    2Huai’an Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Huai’an 223001, Jiangsu, China
    3Tai’an Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Tai’an 271000, Shandong, China
  • Received:2020-06-27 Accepted:2020-12-01 Online:2021-06-12 Published:2020-12-31
  • Contact: ZHANG Yong,XIE Quan,KONG Zhong-Xin E-mail:2016101115@njau.edu.cn;2017101102@njau.edu.cn;quanxie@njau.edu.cn;zhxkong@njau.edu.cn
  • Supported by:
    The National Key Research and Development Program of China(2016YFD0100402);The National Natural Science Foundation of China(31801354);The National Natural Science Foundation of China(31871620);The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talents Program of Jiangsu


Plant height affects directly the yield potential of wheat, and constitutes an important component of plant resistance to lodging. Although a large number of QTLs for plant height were detected, most of them have not been evaluated for their genetic effects yet. In the previous study, a major QTL Qph.nau-5B controlling wheat plant height was identified through association mapping in wheat variety collection. To evaluate the dwarfing effect of this QTL, three near-isogenic lines (NILs) with different alleles of Qph.nau-5B were developed using marker-assisted selection with Nanda 2419, Jichun 1016, and Zhengmai 9023 as donor and Zhongyou 9507 as receptor. The recipient genome compositions of these NILs were higher than 93%. Seven independent field trials were conducted and revealed that, compared with the recurrent parent, all NILs indicated a significant decrease in plant height (11.1 cm or 10.3% on average). Three alleles of Qph.nau-5B showed different degrees of dwarfing effects. The alleles coming from Jichun 1016 and Zhengmai 9023 displayed a similar effect on plant height (12.4 cm) in all environments, stronger than that of Nanda 2419 (8.6 cm). However, the relative dwarfism effects of different alleles were affected by different environments. Further analysis elucidated that this QTL had little detrimental influence on other agronomical traits such as spike number per plant, spike length and 1000-grain weight. These results suggested the breeding value of Qph.nau-5B that would be utilized for molecular design breeding of plant architecture in wheat.

Key words: wheat (Triticum aestivum), plant height, QTL, Qph.nau-5B, near-isogenic lines (NILs), marker-assisted selection

Table 1

Parents, generation and recipient genome compositions of Qph.nau-5B near-isogenic lines (NILs)"

Donor parents
Recurrent parent
Recipient genome composition (%)
NIL-ND 南大2419 Nanda 2419 中优9507 Zhongyou 9507 BC4F2 96.8
NIL-JC 吉春1016 Jichun 1016 中优9507 Zhongyou 9507 BC4F2 93.3
NIL-ZM 郑麦9023 Zhengmai 9023 中优9507 Zhongyou 9507 BC4F2 98.4

Table 2

Effects of different variation factors on plant height"

变异因子 Variation factors FF-value PP-value
基因型 Genotype 113.95 <0.0001
环境 Environment 218.02 <0.0001
基因型 × 环境 Genotype × Environment 5.58 <0.0001

Fig. 1

Plant height of the NILs with different alleles of Qph.nau-5B and their recurrent parent A: average plant height under seven environments; B-H: plant height in individual environments; ZY: the recurrent parent Zhongyou 9507. Different lowercases on the bars indicate significant differences at P = 0.05."

Table 3

Spike number per plant of the NILs with different alleles of Qph.nau-5B and their recurrent parent"

株系Line 2017HA 2018HA 2019HA 2018JP 2019LH 2017TA 2018TA
中优9507 Zhongyou 9507 9.2±0.5 6.3±0.7 6.8±0.3 6.3±0.4 6.9±0.4 22.9±1.0 14.6±0.1
NIL-ND 8.7±0.3 6.0±0.7 7.8±2.4 5.2±0.4 21.4±0.9 15.6±1.3
NIL-JC 9.0±0.5 5.8±0.4 6.2±0.1 5.8±0.1 14.8±0.4
NIL-ZM 8.1±0.4 5.7±1.5 7.4±0.7 6.3±0.4 6.6±0.0 19.5±0.8* 15.6±0.4

Table 4

Spike length of the NILs with different alleles of Qph.nau-5B and their recurrent parent"

株系Line 2017HA 2018HA 2019HA 2018JP 2019LH 2017TA 2018TA
中优9507 Zhongyou 9507 9.7±0.1 9.1±0.1 10.5±0.1 9.7±0.1 10.8±0.2 11.3±0.2 9.9±0.1
NIL-ND 9.8±0.1 9.1±0.1 10.8±0.1 9.9±0.5 10.8±0.0 11.6±0.2 9.6±0.3
NIL-JC 10.3±0.2** 10.7±0.1** 10.4±0.9 11.9±0.3* 10.0±0.3
NIL-ZM 9.4±0.2 10.8±0.4 9.6±0.2 10.8±0.5 11.7±0.2 9.9±0.3

Table 5

Thousand-grain weight of the NILs with different alleles of Qph.nau-5B and their recurrent parent"

株系Line 2017HA 2018HA 2019HA 2018JP 2019LH 2017TA 2018TA
中优9507 Zhongyou 9507 52.4±0.4 51.7±1.1 49.2±0.0 51.4±3.0 51.1±0.6 59.1±0.8 53.7±1.1
NIL-ND 51.9±0.4 50.4±0.9 49.1±4.8 52.0±3.0 50.6±1.3 57.1±0.7 50.6±0.4*
NIL-JC 53.3±0.8 52.8±1.7* 54.6±1.7 53.9±0.4 54.4±0.9* 49.1±2.1**
NIL-ZM 52.9±0.8 54.8±1.7* 50.6±1.1 53.7±1.4 52.6±0.6 56.9±0.4 51.4±1.2
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