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Acta Agronomica Sinica ›› 2021, Vol. 47 ›› Issue (12): 2335-2347.doi: 10.3724/SP.J.1006.2021.01097


Evaluation and molecular detection of three major diseases resistance of new bred wheat varieties (lines) from the lower reaches of the Yangtze River

LYU Guo-Feng(), BIE Tong-De, WANG Hui, ZHAO Ren-Hui, FAN Jin-Ping, ZHANG Bo-Qiao, WU Su-Lan, WANG Ling, WANG Zun-Jie, GAO De-Rong*()   

  1. Lixiahe Institute of Agricultural Sciences / Key Laboratory of Wheat Biology and Genetic Improvement for Lower & Middle Yangtze Valley, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Yangzhou 225007, Jiangsu, China
  • Received:2020-12-15 Accepted:2021-04-26 Online:2021-12-12 Published:2021-06-02
  • Contact: GAO De-Rong E-mail:lgf@wheat.org.cn;gdr@wheat.org.cn
  • Supported by:
    National Key Research and Development Programs of China(2017YFD0100800);Key Research and Development Programs of Jiangsu Province(BE2018350)


Fusarium head blight (FHB), powdery mildew (PM), and wheat yellow mosaic virus (WYMV) are three major diseases of wheat in the lower reaches of Yangtze River. The resistance to FHB, PM, and WYMV of 49 new bred wheat varieties (advanced lines) from the lower reaches of the Yangtze River were evaluated, and the molecular markers linked to FHB resistance QTL Fhb1 and QFhs.crc-2D, PM gene Pm21 and WYMV resistance QTL QYm.nau-5A.1 and QYm.nau-2D were used to detect the correspond resistance genes/QTLs. 49.0% of the varieties were above moderate resistance to FHB, 32.6% varieties were immune or resistant to PM, and 44.9% varieties were resistant to WYMV. 30.6% and 73.6% of the tested varieties contained Fhb1 and QFhs.crc-2D, respectively. Ningmai 9 and Yangmai 158 as well as their derived varieties were the main carriers of Fhb1 and QFhs.crc-2D, respectively. Pm21, a powdery mildew resistant gene, was detected in 28.6% of the tested varieties, Zhenmai 9 and Yangmai 18 were two major donors of Pm21. QYm.nau-5A.1 and QYm.nau-2D, two MYMV resistant QTL, were detected in 24.5% of the tested varieties. Ningmai 9 and Zhenmai 9 were two major QTL donors. The composition of resistance genes/QTLs to FHB and WYMV in Yangmai 158 and their derived varieties diverged from Ningmai 9 and its derived varieties. These results provide the important information for molecular breeding for wheat disease resistance in lower reaches of Yangtze River.

Key words: wheat, varieties, disease resistant genes/QTLs, molecular detection

Table S1

Name, pedigree, disease resistance and it’s genotype /QTL composition of the tested wheat varieties (lines)"

Order number
Variety name
赤霉病 FHB 黄花叶病 WYMV 白粉病 PM
抗性等级resistance type Fbh1 QFhs.crc-2D 抗性等级resistance type QYm.nau-5A.1 QYm.nau-2D 抗性等级resistance type Pm21/ Pmv
1 苏麦3号 Sumai 3 阿夫/台湾小麦 Funo/Taiwan wheat R + + S HS
2 镇麦9号 Zhenmai 9 苏麦6号/扬97G59 Sumai 6/Yang 97G59 MS + R + IM +
3 苏麦6号 Sumai 6 6698白/扬麦5号 6698 Bai/Yangmai 5 MR + R + HS
4 西风 Xifeng 日本品种 Japanese Variety MS + R + HS
5 扬麦5号 Yangmai 5 9-16/ST1472/506 MS + S HS
6 扬麦158 Yangmai 158 扬麦4号//ST1472/506 Yangmai 4//ST1472/506 MR + S HS
7 宁麦9号 Ningmai 9 扬麦6号/西风 Yangmai 6/Xifeng MR + R + HS
8 宁麦13 Ningmai 13 宁麦9号选系 Selection from Ningmai 9 MR + + S HS
9 宁麦18 Ningmai 18 宁麦9号3/扬麦10号 Ningmai 93/Yangmai 10 MR + R + HS
10 宁麦21 Ningmai 21 宁麦9号/扬麦158//宁麦9号 Ningmai 9/Yangmai 158// Ningmai 9 MS + S HS
11 宁麦26 Ningmai 26 宁9351/宁麦9号 Ning 9351/Ningmai 9 MR + R + HS
12 扬辐麦4号Yangfumai 4 宁麦8号/宁麦9号 Ningmai 8/Ningmai 9 MS + + R + HS
13 扬麦18 Yangmai 18 宁麦9号4/3/扬麦1586//88-128/南农P045 Ningmai 94/3/Yangmai 1586//88-128/Nannong P045 MR + + R + IM +
14 扬14-122 Yang 14-122 镇麦9号/邯6172 Zhenmai 9/Han 6172 MS + + S IM +
15 扬15-65 Yang 15-65 扬麦18//扬02-60/Baldus Yangmai 18//Yang 02-60/Baldus MS + + S IM +
16 扬16-157 Yang 16-157 苏麦6号/扬97G59//扬麦18 Sumai 6/Yang 97G59//Yangmai 18 R + S IM +
17 扬麦9号 Yangmai 9 扬鉴三/扬麦5号 Yangjiansan/Yangmai5 MS + S HS
18 扬麦11 Yangmai 11 扬1583/3/Y.C/扬鉴二//扬85-85 Yangmai 1583/3/Y.C/Yangjian 2//Yang 85-85 MR + S MS
19 扬麦16 Yangmai 16 91F138/扬90-30 91F138/Yang 90-30 MR + S HS
20 扬麦20 Yangmai 20 扬麦10/扬麦9号 Yangmai 10/Yangmai 9 MS + S MS
21 扬麦22 Yangmai 22 扬麦9号3/97033-2 Yangmai 93/97033-2 MS + S IM +
22 扬麦30 Yangmai 30 扬09纹1009/扬麦18 Yang 09 Wen 1009/Yangmai 18 MR + S IM +
23 扬13-32 Yang 13-32 扬麦9号/扬麦18 Yangmai 9/Yangmai 18 MR + R + IM +
24 扬14-214 Yang 14-214 扬麦162/92R137 Yangmai 162/92R137 MR + S IM +
25 扬麦23 Yangmai 23 扬麦16/扬辐9311 Yangmai 16/Yangfumai 9311 MR + R + HS
26 镇麦168 Zhenmai 168 苏麦6号/扬97G59 Sumai 6/Yang 97G59 MS + R + HS
27 扬15-126 Yang 15-126 扬麦22/镇麦9号 Yangmai 22/Zhenmai 9 MS + R + IM +
28 扬14-179 Yang 14-179 宁麦9号/扬麦152//镇麦9号2 Ningmai 9/Yangmai 152//Zhenmai 92 MR R + + IM +
29 安农1124 Annong 1124 02P67/安农95081-8 02P67/Annong 95081-8 MS + R + IM +
30 明麦133 Mingmai 133 郑麦9023/扬麦11 Zhengmai 9023/Yangmai 11 MS + S + HS
31 扬麦13 Yangmai 13 扬88-84// (Maris Dove/扬麦3号) Yang 88-84//Maris Dove/Yangmai 3 S + S HS
32 扬麦14 Yangmai 14 扬麦158/扬麦6号 Yangmai 158/Yangmai 6 MR + S HS
33 扬麦15 Yangmai 15 扬89-40/川育21526 Yang 89-40/Chuanyu 21526 S + S HS
34 扬麦19 Yangmai 19 扬麦9号6/4/1584/3/扬85-854//扬麦5号/ Y.C
Yangmai 96/4/Yangmai 1584/3/Yang 85-854//Yangmai 5/Y.C
35 扬麦24 Yangmai 24 扬麦17//扬麦11/豫麦18 Yangmai 17//Yangmai 11/Yumai 18 MS + S HS
36 扬麦25 Yangmai 25 扬麦172//扬麦11/豫麦18 Yangmai 172//Yangmai 11/Yumai 18 MS + S HS
37 扬麦27 Yangmai 27 扬麦19/扬07纹5418 Yangmai 18/扬07 Wen 5418 MR + S HS
38 扬15G35 Yang 15 G35 镇麦9号2/5/扬麦152/4/宁麦14/3/扬麦17//扬麦15/扬99G56
Zhenmai 92/5/Yangmai 152/4/Ningmai 14/3/Yangmai 17//Yangmai 15/Yang 99G56
MS + R + IM +
39 扬辐麦6号 Yangfumai 6 扬辐麦4号/扬麦14M1 Yangfumai 4/Yangmai 14M1 MR + R + HS
40 扬辐麦9号 Yangfumai 9 1-扬辐麦4号/扬麦19 1-Yangfumai 4/ Yangmai 19 MR + R + HS
41 扬辐麦10号 Yangfumai 10 (扬辐麦4号/扬麦19)F1辐照 (Yangfumai 4/Yangmai 19) M1 MR + R + HS
42 镇麦10号 Zhenmai 10 苏麦6号/扬97G59 Sumai 6/Yang 97G59 MR + R + IM +
43 宁麦19 Ningmai 19 宁麦8号/扬麦158//扬麦158 Ningmai 8/Yangmai 158//Yangmai 158 MS S HS
44 宁麦20 Ningmai 20 宁麦8号/宁麦9号 Ningmai 8/Ningmai 9 MR + R + HS
45 苏麦899 Sumai 899 宁麦9号/宁麦8号 Ningmai 9/Ningmai 8 MR + S HS
46 华麦6号 Huamai 6 扬麦13/苏麦6号 Yangmai 13/Sumai 6 MS R + HS
47 华麦1028 Huamai 1028 扬麦11/华麦6号 Yangmai 11/Huamai 6 MS R + HS
48 金丰0515 Jinfeng 0515 郑麦9023/镇麦168 Zhengmai 9023/Zhenmai 168 MR + + S R
49 国红6号 Guohong 6 扬麦11/扬麦18 Yangmai 11/Yangmai 18 MR + R + HS
50 国红9号 Guohong 9 扬辐麦2号/罗麦10号 Yangfumai 2/Luomai 10 MR + R + HS
51 鄂麦170 Emai 170 济麦19/豫麦34 Jimai 19/Yumai 34 S + S HS
52 襄麦25 Xiangmai 25 Tai1062/鄂麦19 TAI1062/Emai 19 S + S R

Table 1

Markers closely linked with the disease resistance genes/QTLs for genotyping in the tested varieties"

Name of genes/QTLs
Marker name
小麦赤霉病Fusarium head blight Fhb1 3BS His3B-4 Zhu et al. [7]
QFhb.crc-2D 2DL gwm539 Somers et al. [12]
小麦白粉病Powdery mildew Pm21 6V MBH1 Bie et al. [24]
小麦黄花叶病Wheat yellow mosaic virus QYm.nau-5A.1 5AL wmc415 Zhu et al. [31]
QYm.nau-2D 2DL wmc41 Xiao et al. [30]

Fig. 1

PCR amplifications of the tested partial varieties using markers His3B-4 (A) and gwm539 (B) linked with Fhb1 and QFhs.crc-2D, respectively M: DNA ladder. 1-25 refer to the tested varieties with corresponding serial number in Table S1. Arrows indicate the specific polymorphic bands for Fhb1 and QFhs.crc-2D, respectively."

Fig. 2

Transmission of Fhb1 and QFhs.crc-2D in 49 tested varieties ‘?’ indicates an unknown resistance source."

Fig. 3

PCR amplifications of the tested partial varieties using marker MBH1 of Pm21 M: DNA ladder; 1-25 refer to the tested varieties with corresponding serial number in Table S1; Arrow indicates the specific polymorphic bands for Pm21."


Transmission of powdery mildew resistant gene Pm21 in 14 tested varieties"

Fig. 5

PCR amplifications of the tested partial cultivars using the markers wmc415 (A) and wmc41 (B) closely linked with QYm.nau-5A.1 and QYm.nau-2D, respectively M: DNA ladder; 1-25 refer to the tested varieties with corresponding serial number in Table S1; Arrows indicate the specific polymorphic bands for QYm.nau-5A.1 and QYm.nau-2D, respectively."

Fig. 6

Transmission of QYm.nau-5A.1 and QYm.nau-2D in 22 WYMV resistant varieties ‘?’ indicates an unknown resistance source."

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