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Wheat Leaf Rust Resistance in 28 Chinese Wheat Mini-Core Collections

DING Yan-Hong1,LIU Huan1,SHI Li-Hong1,WEN Xiao-Lei2,ZHANG Na1,YANG Wen-Xiang1,LIU Da-Qun1   

  1. 1Department of Plant Pathology,Agricultural University of Hebei/Biological Control Center of Plant diseases and Plant Pests of Hebei Province/National engineering Research Center for Agriculture in Northern Mountainous Areas,Baoding 071001,China;2Hebei Normal University of Science & Technology,Qinhuangdao 066600,China
  • Received:2010-03-05 Revised:2010-04-22 Online:2010-07-12 Published:2010-05-20


Leaf rust of wheat caused by Puccinia triticina Erikss is an important wheat disease worldwide. Application of resistant cultivars is considered as the most economical, environment-friendly, and effective way to control this disease. Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) core collections act as an important germplasm resource for resistance breeding to leaf rust in China. To evaluate the leaf rust resistance of Chinese wheat mini-core collections, we chose 28 accessions with a wide range of leaf rust reaction (R, SR, MS and S) were chosen for resistance identification in seedling and adult stages and gene postulation. Thirty-nine near isogenic lines (or single gene lines) in Thatcher background with known leaf rust resistance genes were used as differential hosts. All genotypes were inoculated with eight pathotypes of P. triticina at seedling stage. The results indicated that Lr2b, Lr3bg, Lr10, Lr11, Lr14a, Lr16, Lr17, Lr20, Lr33, and some unknown resistance genes might exist. As revealed by 19 molecular markers that are closely linked or co-segregated with part of the known Lr genes, the 28 accessions from wheat mini-core collections were postulated to carry thirteen resistance genes, such as Lr17, Lr2b, Lr14a, Lr33 in Xinkehan 9; Lr26, Lr36, and Lr37 in Xingyi 4; Lr2b and Lr34 in Zipi; Lr1 in Dabaipi; Lr1, Lr10, and Lr34 in Bihongsui; Lr10 in Zhongyou 9507; Lr1 and Lr34 in Xiaobaimai, Hongli Dangnianlao, Laomai, Chanbuzhi, Sumai 3, and Chejianzi; Lr1, Lr34, Lr14a, and Lr2binHonghuazao; Lr34 in Jiangxizao, Paozimai, Sanyuehuang, Youmang Saogudan, Fuyanghong, Chengdu Guangtou and Jiangmai; Lr28 in Dunhua Chunmai and Gansu 96; Lr34, Lr16, Lr11, Lr3bg and Lr33 in Orofen; Besides, Xinkehan 9, Xingyi 4, Honghuazao, Hongli Dangnianlao, Orofen, Youmang Saogudan, Chengdu Guangtou, Gansu 96, Xiaohongpi, Dingxingzhai, Zhongyou 9507, and Hongdongmai may carry un-known resistance genes to leaf rust. However,the specific bands for Lr9, Lr19, Lr20, Lr21, Lr24, Lr29, Lr35, Lr38,and Lr47 were not amplified with the corresponding primers in the 28 accessions. This indicated that Lr9, Lr19, Lr20, Lr21, Lr24, Lr29, Lr35, Lr38,and Lr47 were not present in the 28 accessions. The occurrence degree of leaf rust at adult stage showed that 17 of 28 tested materials may carry slow rusting resistance genes and adult resistance genes. The results also showed that the resistance genes in response to leaf rust disease is relatively richer in the 28 Chinese wheat mini-core collections, and the Chinese wheat mini-core collections can be applied in breeding programs of leaf rust resistance.

Key words: Resistance gene to wheat leaf rust, Gene postulation, Adult resistance, Molecular marker-assisted selection, What mini-core collection

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