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Phosphorus Uptake and Utilization of Maize and Interspecies Interactions in Maize/Soybean and Maize/Sweet Potato Relay Intercropping Systems

DENG Xiao-Yan1,WANG Xiao-Chun1,*,YANG Wen-Yu1,*,SONG Chun1,WEN Xi-Chen1,ZHANG Qun1,MAO Shu-Ming2   

  1. 1 Agronomy College of Sichuan Agricultural University / Key Laboratory of Crop Ecophysiology and Farming System in Southwest China, Ministry of P.R. China, Wenjiang 611130, China; 2 Renshou Bureau of Agriculture, Renshou 620500,China
  • Received:2013-01-31 Revised:2013-05-24 Online:2013-10-12 Published:2013-07-31
  • Contact: 王小春, E-mail: xchwang@sicau.edu.cn; 杨文钰, E-mail: wenyu.yang@263.net


A field experiment with different phosphorus (P) application amount including 0, 35, 70, 105, 140 kg P2O5 ha-1 and a root barrier pot experiment with no barrier and plastic barrier were conducted to study the effects of P nutrition on P accumulation and use efficiency of maize in maize/soybean and maize/sweet potato relay intercropping systems along with their inter-specific promotion and mechanism. A pot experiment with and without barrier was conducted to find the inter-specific interactions, when root was separated by plastic barrier, there were not any inter-specific interactions but only P fertilizer effects, when root was not separated, there existed inter-specific interactions and P fertilizer effects at the same time. Results showed that, whether applicating P fertilizer or not, P accumulation of soybean and sweet potato was restrained in no-barrier treatment, but alleviating P application increasing (Acs>0, NCRcs>1). Inter-specific interactions promoted P accumulation by 17.05% and 5.62%, and yield by 16.84% and 7.17% respectively, when P application amount was 70 kg ha-1; the promoting effects were more obvious with P application. Inter-specific interactions promoted P use efficiency by 7.81%, and P utilization efficiency was higher in maize/soybean than in maize/sweet potato. P accumulation of stems, leaves and grains and maize yield increased with increasing P fertilizer when P application was less than 105 kg P2O5 ha-1, it was opposite while P application was more than 105 kg P2O5 ha-1. P accumulation and yield were significantly higher in maize/soybean intercropping system than in maize/sweet potato intercropping. Intercropping systems-phosphorus application interaction was extremely significant. The results were similar in both field experiment and pot experiment. Therefore increasing the application of P fertilizer and using intercropping are both helpful to improve P accumulation and yield. Compared with maize/sweet potato, maize/soybean is better for promoting P use efficiency.

Key words: Maize/soybean, Maize/sweet potato, Maize, Phosphorus accumulation, Use efficiency

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