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Cloning a Novel Gene TaNRX of Trx Superfamily and Developing Its Molecular Markers Related to Drought Resistance in Common Wheat

ZHANG Fan,JIANG Lei,JU Li-Ping,JIN Xiu-Feng,WANG Xuan,ZHANG Xiao-Ke*,WANG Hong-Li,FU Xiao-Jie   

  1. College of Agronomy, Northwest A&F University / Yangling Subcenter of National Wheat Improvement Center, Yangling 712100, China
  • Received:2013-05-06 Revised:2013-08-16 Online:2014-01-12 Published:2013-10-22
  • Contact: 张晓科, E-mail: zhangxiaoke66@126.com


Molecular markers associated with genes for drought resistance play an important role in wheat breeding aiming at improvement of drought resistance. In this study, we obtained the full-length cDNA of a novel gene of thioredoxin (Trx) superfamily, TaNRX (GenBank accession number KC890769), from common wheat (Triticum aestivumresidues with a putative molecular mass of 63.79 kD. The TaNRX is composed of three Trx-like modules arranged as direct repeats of the classic Trx domain. The first and third modules contain the amino acid sequence Cys-X1-X2-Cys, with the potential for Trx oxidoreductase activity. Gene TaNRXcomplementary dominant markers were developed. In 150 wheat varieties (lines), two genotypes on TaNRX locus, TaNRX-a and TaNRX-b, were identified to be associated with drought resistance. As revealed by the four molecular markers, the average RGer in TaNRX-a genotype was significantly higher than that in TaNRX-b genotype (P < 0.01). This result suggests that the molecular markers developed in this study are effective to be used in selection of wheat varieties with drought resistance. has four exons and three introns, and is mapped on chromosome 5BS of wheat. The variations of TaNRX sequences were mainly concentrated in the first intron according to genomic sequence variances analysis between two types of varieties with different relative germination rates (RGer). Based on the variations within the first intron of TaNRX, four L.) using the protocol of gene homology cloning, electronic cloning, RACE, and bioinformatics analysis. The open reading frame (ORF) of TaNRX is 1734 bp in length, and the 5′ and 3′ UTRs are 99 and 182 bp, respectively. The ORF encodes a protein of 577 amino acid

Key words: Common wheat, Drought resistance, TaNRX, Molecular markers

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