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Genetic Diversity, Population Structure and Linkage Disequilibrium in Adzuki Bean by Using SSR Markers

BAI Peng,CHENG Xu-Zhen*,WANG Li-Xia,WANG Su-HuaCHEN Hong-Lin   

  1. Institute of Crop Science, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing 100081, China
  • Received:2013-11-18 Revised:2014-01-12 Online:2014-05-12 Published:2014-03-24
  • About author:程须珍, E-mail: chengxz@caas.net.cn, Tel: 010-62189159


A total of 249 Chinese adzuki bean accessions were analyzed with 57 adzuki bean SSR markers and 31 mungbean SSR markers to ascertain genetic diversity, population structure and linkage disequilibrium (LD) with five Japanese materials as the contrast. The results indicated that 630 alleles were detected with 2–17 alleles per locus and a mean genetic diversity index of 0.574, ranging from 0.024 to 0.898. There were significant differences among 15 populations of adzuki bean resources in genetic diversity from diversed geographic origins, with the highest in Yunnan and the lowest in Hebei and Tianjin. The 254 adzuki bean accessions could be divided into three subgroups based on STRUCTURE and NJ cluster. The population structure derived from them was positively correlated to some extent with the geographic eco-type. LD analysis revealed that there was a shorter LD decay distance in adzuki bean than that in other crops. The maximum LD decay distance, estimated by curvilinear regression, was 5.8 cM (R2>0.1), with a whole genome LD decay distance less than1 cM (R2>0.1, P<0.001). The results of this study should provide valuable information for future association mapping using this Chinese adzuki bean collection.

Key words: Adzuki beanSSR markers, Genetic diversity, Population structure, Linkage disequilibrium

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