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Effects of Light Intensity on Photosynthetic Characteristics and Assimilates of Soybean Leaf

Ya-Jiao CHENG,Yuan-Fang FAN,Jun-Xu CHEN,Zhong-Lin WANG,Ting-Ting TAN,Jia-Feng LI,Sheng-Lan LI,Feng YANG(),Wen-Yu YANG   

  1. College of Agronomy, Sichuan Agricultural University / Key Laboratory of Crop Ecophysiology and Farming System in Southwest, Ministry of Agriculture, Chengdu 611130, Sichuan, China
  • Received:2018-03-31 Accepted:2018-07-20 Online:2018-12-12 Published:2018-07-27
  • Contact: Feng YANG E-mail:f.yang@sicau.edu.cn
  • Supported by:
    This study was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China(31571615);the Undergraduate Innovative Experiment Project(201710626115)


Light intensity plays a significant role in determining the growth and seed yield of crops under the sheltering of intercropping systems. By setting different light intensities, the photosynthetic characteristics, assimilate metabolism and the diurnal variation of chloroplast ultrastructure in leaf of different soybean cultivars to clarify the effect of light intensity on the structure of soybean leaf and the accumulation of carbohydrate, in order to provide a theoretical basis for improving soybean yield and quality. A pot experiment was carried out with three light intensities treatments, including CK (normal light, shading 0), A1 (black shading net, shading 10%) and A2 (two black shading nets, shading 36%) of two soybean cultivars (shade-resistant cultivar Nandou-12 and shade susceptible cultivar Guixia-3). With increased shading, net photosynthetic rate, stomatal conductance, transpiration rate and biomass decreased while intercellular carbon dioxide concentration and chlorophyll b increased in all treatments. There was a significant difference in the diurnal variation of sucrose and starch contents in soybean leaf under the same treatment. The diurnal variation of sucrose content in soybean leaf showed a bimodal curve with the peaks at 16:00 and next day 6:00 respectively under CK and A1 treatment. Under A2 treatment, the highest diurnal sucrose content was 32.80 μg g -1 in Nandou 12 and showed a unimodal changing trend with the peak at 16:00. The diurnal variation of starch content showed a single-peak curve and the highest value appeared at 21:00. Compared with the shade sensitive cultivar, the shade-tolerant soybean had greater diurnal variation of sucrose content and starch content under A2 treatment. The chloroplast structure of soybean leaf was intact and unbroken under the low light treatment. The diurnal variation of the cross-sectional area ratio of starch grain to chloroplast in the same cultivar changed significantly under the same treatment, showing a trend of decreasing after increasing. The changing rate was greater in shade-tolerant cultivar than in sensitive cultivar, and the maximum value appeared at 21:00. Therefore, biomass accumulation of soybean leaves and photosynthesis decreased with increasing shading. However, shade-tolerant cultivar maintained a good photosynthesis by adjusting the diurnal variation of photosynthetic organ structure, thus better adapting to the moderate shading condition.

Key words: soybean, light intensity, photosynthetic characteristics, assimilate, chloroplast ultrastructure

Fig. 1

Light intensity of soybean canopy under different treatments Bars superscripted by different letters are significant by different at P ≤ 0.05. CK: normal light, shading 0; A1: black shading net, shading 10%; A2: two black shading nets, shading 36%."

Table 1

Effects of different light intensities on photosynthetic characteristics of soybean leaf"

Pn (μmol m-2 s-1)
Gs (μmol m-2 s-1)
Ci (μmol m-2 s-1)
Tr (μmol mol-1 s-1)
南豆12 CK 18.074 a 0.438 a 260.999 b 5.006 a
Nandou 12 A1 17.505 a 0.336 a 274.026 b 4.679 a
A2 12.053 b 0.304 a 327.818 a 4.561 a
桂夏3号 CK 20.102 a 0.430 a 275.182 b 5.682 a
Guixia 3 A1 17.503 b 0.348 b 286.178 ab 5.040 a
A2 11.052 c 0.231 c 308.160 a 3.204 b

Table 2

Effects of different light intensities on photosynthetic pigment content of soybean leaf"

Chl a (mg dm-2)
Chl b (mg dm-2)
Car (mg dm-2)
南豆12 CK 3.746 b 1.032 a 0.715 b
Nandou 12 A1 5.771 a 1.048 a 0.899 a
A2 3.414 b 1.245 a 0.685 b
桂夏3号 CK 3.758 b 1.034 a 0.603 a
Guixia 3 A1 4.808 a 1.045 a 0.656 a
A2 3.428 b 1.135 a 0.574 a

Table 3

Effects of different light intensities on biomass accumulation of soybean"

Biomass (g)
Ratios of stem and leaf
南豆12 CK 7.354 a 0.608 b
Nandou 12 A1 5.591 b 0.633 b
A2 4.986 c 1.089 a
桂夏3号 CK 5.708 a 0.592 c
Guixia 3 A1 4.802 b 0.651 b
A2 4.490 b 0.813 a

Fig. 2

Effects of different light intensities on diurnal changes of sucrose content and starch content in soybean leaf Lowercase letters in the figure indicate the significant differences in the same treatment and the same cultivar at different time points. Starch or sucrose content with the same letter did not different at P ≤ 0.05. CK: normal light, shading 0; A1: black shading net, shading 10%; A2: two black shading nets, shading 36%."

Fig. 3

Effects of different light intensities on the chloroplast ultrastructure in soybean leaf The figure shows the chloroplast ultrastructure under 10000 magnifications. A-D is the diurnal variation of chloroplast ultrastructure of Nandou 12 under normal light at 9:00, 16:00, 21:00, and the next day 6:00, E-H is the diurnal variation of chloroplast ultrastructure of Guixia 3 under normal light, I-L is the diurnal variation of chloroplast ultrastructure of Nandou 12 under A2 treatment, and M-P is the diurnal variation of chloroplast ultrastructure of Guixia 3 under A2 treatment. Q: chloroplast, R: starch grains."

Fig. 4

Cross-sectional area ratios of starch grain to chloroplast under different light intensities in soybean leaf Figure A and B show the diurnal variation of ratios of starch to chloroplast cross-sectional area under CK and A2 treatment for Nandou 12 and Guixia 3. Bars superscripted by a, b, and c in the figure are significant by different at different time points for the same cultivar under the CK treatment, and those by (a), (b), (c) are significant by different at the different time points for the same cultivar under the A2 treatment (P ≤ 0.05). CK: normal light, shading 0; A2: two black shading nets, shading 36%."

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