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Effects of ridge tillage with film mulching in furrow on photosynthetic characteristics of potato and yield formation in dryland farming

SHI Yan-Yan(), MA Zhi-Hua, WU Chun-Hua, ZHOU Yong-Jin, LI Rong*()   

  1. School of Agriculture, Ningxia University, Yinchuan 750021, Ningxia, China
  • Received:2021-03-30 Accepted:2021-09-10 Online:2022-05-12 Published:2021-10-11
  • Contact: LI Rong E-mail:sy666102197@163.com;2564812221@qq.com;lironge_mail@126.com
  • Supported by:
    Natural Science Foundation of Ningxia(2020AAC03098);Natural Science Foundation of Ningxia(2019AAC03058);Regional Undergraduate Training Program for Innovation and Entrepreneurship(Q2020107490053);Postgraduate Program for Innovation of Ningxia University(GIP2021-19);National Natural Science Foundation of China(31760370);National Natural Science Foundation of China(31860362)


To investigate the effects of ridge tillage with film mulching in furrow on photosynthetic characteristics and yield formation of potato in dry land, field experiment was conducted from 2018 to 2019 in mountain area of south Ningxia. Ridges were covered with common plastic film in all treatments, while different furrow treatments were mulched with common plastic film (DD), degradable permeable mulch film (DS), and bast fiber film (DM), and no mulching furrows was used as the control check (CK). The effects of ridge tillage with film mulching in furrow on soil moisture, photosynthetic characteristics of potato functional leaves and yield formation during the key growth period (60-120 days after sowing) were investigated and compared. The results showed that the different mulching treatments could significantly increase soil water storage in 0-100 cm layer during potato squaring stage (60 days after sowing). DD treatment was the highest in 2018 and DM treatment was the highest in 2019, which significantly increased by 11.2% and 21.6% than CK, respectively. In the key growth periods of potato, leaf area index of DS treatment was significantly higher than that of CK in 2019, but there was no significant difference among the other treatments. Different mulching treatments could increase the net photosynthetic rate and transpiration rate, while DM treatment significantly increased the net photosynthetic rate and transpiration rate by 30.0% and 23.2% in the tuber swelling stage (120 days after sowing), compared with CK, respectively. The average tuber dry matter accumulation with DD, DM and DS treatments in the 2-year tuber swelling stage was significantly increased by 54.9%, 50.0%, and 22.6%. During the 2-year experiments, the average potato yield with DD, DM and DS treatments was increased by 13.2%, 14.1%, and 5.2%, the average net income was increased by 16.3%, 14.6% and 4.0%, respectively, compared with CK, while the differences in potato yield and net income were not significant between DS and CK. Correlation analysis showed that soil moisture and net photosynthetic rate were the main factors affecting potato yield formation. The treatments of ridge tillage with common plastic film mulching in furrow (DD) and ridge tillage with bast fiber film mulching in furrow (DM) could improve soil moisture at squaring stage, thus promoting the increase of potato photosynthesis and yield. Therefore, ridge tillage with bast fiber film mulching in furrow had the same effect of increasing yield and income as ridge tillage with common plastic film mulching in furrow, and it had the advantage of partially replacing common plastic mulching.

Key words: ridge tillage, film mulching, soil moisture, photosynthetic characteristics, potato yield

Fig. 1

Distribution of precipitation and air temperature during potato growing season"

Fig. 2

Change of soil water storage (0-100 cm) under different treatments DD: common plastic-covered ridges and common plastic-covered furrows; DS: common plastic-covered ridges and degradable permeable mulch film-covered furrows; DM: common plastic-covered ridges and bast fiber-covered furrows; CK: common plastic-covered ridges and no-covered furrows. Different lowercase letters indicate significant difference at P < 0.05 among treatments in the same growth period and the same year."

Fig. 3

Effects of different treatments on leaf area index in potato Abbreviations are the same as those given in Fig. 2. Different lowercase letters indicate significant difference at P < 0.05 among treatments in the same growth period and the same year."

Table 1

Changes of photosynthetic index under different treatments in potato"

净光合速率Pn (μmol m-2 s-1) 蒸腾速率Tr (mmol m-2 s-1)
播后60 d
60 days after sowing
播后90 d
90 days after sowing
播后120 d
120 days after sowing
播后60 d
60 days after sowing
播后90 d
90 days after sowing
播后120 d
120 days after sowing
2018 DD 7.50 a 13.87 b 12.47 b 3.37 ab 2.54 a 4.18 a
DS 5.87 b 14.97 a 13.87 a 3.64 a 2.31 ab 3.20 b
DM 7.77 a 12.43 c 11.33 c 3.30 ab 2.10 ab 3.97 a
CK 5.43 b 10.73 d 9.80 d 3.25 b 1.83 b 2.95 b
2019 DD 9.94 ab 15.58 ab 18.50 b 4.82 a 2.92 ab 6.00 b
DS 7.30 b 16.46 a 16.40 c 4.78 a 2.94 a 6.10 b
DM 10.31 a 15.35 ab 20.00 a 4.88 a 2.78 ab 6.75 a
CK 7.10 b 13.63 b 14.30 d 4.41 a 2.04 b 5.75 b

Fig. 4

Dynamics of dry matter accumulation at key growth stages under different treatments in potato Abbreviations are the same as those given in Fig. 2. Different lowercase letters indicate significant difference at P < 0.05 among treatments in the same growth period and the same year."

Table 2

Effects of different treatments on yield and economic benefits in potato"

(kg hm-2)
(Yuan hm-2)
(Yuan hm-2)
Net income
(Yuan hm-2)

DD 27,388.7 a 8475 a 32,866.4 a 24,391.4 a 3.9 a
DS 24,318.4 b 8625 a 29,182.1 b 20,557.1 b 3.4 c
DM 26,727.1 a 8550 a 32,072.5 a 23,522.5 a 3.8 a
CK 24,358.4 b 8175 b 29,230.1 b 21,055.1 b 3.6 b

DD 33,731.7 a 11,625 b 40,477.5 b 28,852.5 a 3.5 a
DS 32,479.1 a 11,925 a 38,974.5 c 27,049.5 ab 3.3 a
DM 34,909.1 a 11,755 ab 40,690.5 a 28,915.5 a 3.5 a
CK 29,646.0 b 10,875 c 35,575.5 d 24,700.5 b 3.3 a

Table 3

Correlation analysis of yield with soil water, photosynthesis, and growth indexes in potato"

Key growth period
Soil water storage
Leaf area index
Net photosynthesis rate
Transpiration rate
dry matter
Tuber dry matter
2018 播后60 d 60 days after sowing 0.560 0.998** 0.913** -0.237 -0.434 -0.272
播后90 d 90 days after sowing -0.381 0.589* 0.135 0.391 0.694* 0.596*
播后120 d 120 days after sowing -0.515 0.773** 0.058 0.852** 0.967** 0.985**
2019 播后60 d 60 days after sowing 0.446 0.329 0.675* 0.482 0.902** -0.171
播后90 d 90 days after sowing -0.116 0.337 0.471 0.567 0.495 0.893**
播后120 d 120 days after sowing 0.490 0.191 0.983** 0.832** 0.434 0.964**
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