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Effects of ridge-furrow mulching on soil enzyme activity, physicochemical properties and yield in continuous cropping potato field

YAO Kai,ZHAO Zhang-Ping,KANG Yi-Chen,ZHANG Wei-Na,SHI Ming-Fu,YANG Xin-Yu,FAN Yan-Ling,QIN Shu-Hao()   

  1. College of Horticulture, Gansu Agricultural University, Lanzhou 730070, Gansu, China
  • Received:2019-01-10 Accepted:2019-04-15 Online:2019-08-12 Published:2019-05-08
  • Contact: Shu-Hao QIN E-mail:qinsh@gsau.edu.cn
  • Supported by:
    This study was supported by the National Key Research and Development Program of China(2018YFD020080308-1);the National Natural Science Foundation of China(31260311);the Natural Science Foundation of Gansu Province(1606RJZA034);the China Agriculture Research System(CARS-09-P14)


A local variety “Xindaping” was planted in the yield for three-year continuous cropping under six planting patterns, including flat plot without mulching (CK), flat plot with mulching (T1), planting on-ridge with full mulching (T2), planting on-furrow with full mulching (T3), planting on-ridge with half mulching (T4) and planting on-furrow with half mulching (T5). The catalase activity, urease activity and alkaline phosphatase activity were improved under T2, and ridge-furrow plastic-mulching planting pattern reduced soil pH. Especially, T2 has the most obvious effect on the improvement of physicochemical properties of potato rhizosphere soil, and the conductivity was raised by ridge-furrow mulching cultivation pattern. Compared with CK, ridge-furrow plastic-mulching planting pattern significantly increased potato yield, which was up to 75% in T2. This study aims to provide a theoretical basis for overcoming potato continuous cropping obstacles and increasing potato yield in semi-arid areas.

Key words: ridge-furrow and film mulching, continuous cropping potato, soil physicochemical properties, soil enzyme activity, yield

Table 1

Chemical properties of the soil at the test site"

Soil depth (cm)
pH 速效N
Available N (mg kg-1)
Available P
(mg kg-1)
Available K (mg kg-1)
0-5 8.3 10.5 12.9 346.8
5-10 8.4 11.8 11.1 327.3
10-30 8.3 10.9 4.4 240.2

Fig. 1

Schematic diagram of ridge-furrow mulching planting pattern "

Table 2

Effect of ridge-furrow mulching planting on catalase activity of continuous cropping potato"

过氧化氢酶活性 Catalase activity (mL g-1)
2016-Jun-5 2016-Jul-10 2016-Aug-25 2017-Jun-5 2017-Jul-10 2017-Aug-25 2018-Jun-5 2018-Jul-10 2018-Aug-25
CK 24.60 b 20.75 a 20.48 a 19.99 d 20.76 b 7.33 b 7.37 b 6.33 b
T1 21.33 d 20.69 a 19.85 b 20.07 cd 20.77 b 10.00 b 8.70 b 6.80 b
T2 26.04 a 20.86 a 20.58 a 20.33 a 21.08 a 17.00 a 13.33 a 12.00 a
T3 23.29 c 20.77 a 20.48 a 20.16 bc 20.81 b 14.80 ab 13.00 ab 9.00 ab
T4 23.20 c 20.85 a 20.40 a 20.20 abc 20.81 b 13.67 b 12.33 ab 11.00 a
T5 23.69 bc 20.69 a 20.47 a 20.28 ab 20.83 b 12.67 b 11.67 ab 10.73 ab

Table 3

Effect of ridge-furrow mulching planting pattern on urease activity of continuous cropping potato"

脲酶活性 Urease activity (mg g-1)
2016-Jun-5 2016-Jul-10 2016-Aug-25 2017-Jun-5 2017-Jul-10 2017-Aug-25 2018-Jun-5 2018-Jul-10 2018-Aug-25
CK 1.18 f 12.73 b 4.93 a 2.67 b 3.44 e 3.84 c 7.04 b 1.73 a
T1 1.46 d 14.71 ab 4.78 a 4.66 a 4.34 a 5.27 c 8.85 b 1.81 a
T2 6.09 a 16.52 a 6.98 a 5.07 a 4.41 a 9.57 a 12.45 ab 2.68 a
T3 4.84 c 14.07 ab 5.80 a 3.59 ab 4.02 c 9.07 a 9.46 bc 2.55 a
T4 5.13 b 15.23 ab 6.08 a 5.11 a 4.16 b 6.55 b 13.40 a 2.49 a
T5 4.47 e 14.45 ab 5.68 a 4.20 ab 3.73 d 8.93 a 10.31 abc 2.51 a

Table 4

Effect of ridge-furrow mulching planting pattern on alkaline phosphatase activity of continuous cropping"

碱性磷酸酶活性 Alkaline phosphatase activity (mg g-1)
2016-Jun-5 2016-Jul-10 2016-Aug-25 2017-Jun-5 2017-Jul-10 2017-Aug-25 2018-Jun-5 2018-Jul-10 2018-Aug-25
CK 20.47 d 19.97 a 25.13 a 32.75 a 22.23 a 32.49 b 20.61 b 20.52 a 23.64 b
T1 22.03 c 20.78 a 26.31 a 36.97 a 25.32 a 36.55 ab 24.45 ab 25.15 a 24.08 ab
T2 26.83 a 21.20 a 28.85 a 41.33 a 27.38 a 38.67 a 26.64 a 28.06 a 43.90 a
T3 24.15 b 20.07 a 25.90 a 35.58 a 26.17 a 36.22 ab 25.54 ab 23.96 a 37.44 ab
T4 26.65 a 21.61 a 27.48 a 39.04 a 27.21 a 38.44 a 23.27 ab 25.16 a 38.90 a
T5 20.91 d 21.74 a 26.63 a 38.73 a 26.08 a 34.06 ab 25.70 ab 23.49 a 32.68 ab

Fig. 2

Effect of ridge-furrow mulching planting pattern on soil pH of continuous cropping potato in 2016-2017 Values followed by different lowercase letters are significant by different at P < 0.05, the error line is the standard error. Treatments are the same as those given in Table 2."


Effect of ridge-furrow mulching planting pattern on soil conductivity of continuous cropping potato in 2016-2017 Values followed by different lowercase letters are significant by different at P < 0.05, the error line is the standard error. Treatments are the same as those given in Table 2."

Fig. 4

Effects of ridge-furrow mulching planting pattern on potato tuber yield Values followed by different lowercase letters are significant by different at P < 0.05, the error line is the standard error. Treatments are the same as those given in Table 2."

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