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Acta Agronomica Sinica ›› 2020, Vol. 46 ›› Issue (12): 1933-1944.doi: 10.3724/SP.J.1006.2020.01040


Effects of full biodegradable film on soil water status and yield and water use efficiency of spring wheat in dryland

Ming-Sheng MA(), Xian-Shi GUO*(), Yan-Lan LIU   

  1. Institute of Dryland Agriculture, Gansu Academy of Agricultural Sciences / Key Laboratory of High Water Utilization in Dryland of Gansu Province, Lanzhou 730070, Gansu, China
  • Received:2020-05-08 Accepted:2020-08-19 Online:2020-08-31 Published:2020-08-31
  • Contact: Xian-Shi GUO E-mail:mamingsh@163.com;guoxsh@21cn.com
  • Supported by:
    Special Fund for Agro-scientific Research in the Public Interest(201503124);National Key Research and Development Program of China(2016YFB0302402);Gansu Agricultural Biotechnology Research and Application Development Project(GNSW-2016-14);Science and Technology Innovation Projects of the Gansu Academy of Agricultural Sciences(2020GAAS18);Science and Technology Innovation Projects of the Gansu Academy of Agricultural Sciences(2019GAAS25)


The purpose of this study was to investigate the ecological effect of full biodegradable film mulching and its effect on the production of spring wheat, and to seek a green, efficient and sustainable coverage in the semi-arid area of the Northwest Loess Plateau. Taking the uncovered land as the control (CK), to systematically studied the effects of full biodegradable film mulching (BM) and the polyethylene film mulching (PM) with bunch planting on soil water status, rain fallow efficiency and its impact on yield and water use efficiency of dryland spring wheat from 2015 to 2018. The results showed that both BM and PM significantly increased the water storage of 0-200 cm soil layer and rain fallow efficiency in each growth period of spring wheat, but there was not significant differences between BM and PM. From 2015 to 2018, the water storage of BM increased by 9.5 mm, 14.2 mm, 25.0 mm, and 39.0 mm respectively compared with CK. In the fourth year of continuous cropping, the water storage of PM, BM and CK 0-200 cm soil layers were 347.5 mm, 345.5 mm and 320.0 mm, respectively. Compared with CK, the rain fallow efficiency of BM and PM increased by 39.63% and 43.98%, respectively, which effectively alleviated the risk of spring drought in the next season. BM was similar to PM in seedling rate, the number of productive ears and the percentage of productive spike, and significantly higher than CK. The number of BM seedlings increased by 15.87% compared with CK in dry year, the number of productive ears increased by 14.70% on average in other years except 2015, and the percentage of productive spike increased by 3.08% on average in four years. The total amount of dry matter accumulation of BM was basically the same as PM, and before anthesis was slightly lower than PM, but higher than PM after anthesis, which was more conducive to grain filling and yield formation, and the amount of dry matter accumulation of both BM and PM are significantly higher than CK in each growth period. The annual average water consumption of PM, BM and CK was 287.46 mm, 289.76 mm, and 276.06 mm, respectively, and compared with PM, BM increased the evaporation water consumption. Compared with CK, the grain yield of BM and PM increased 48.07% and 54.95% respectively, and water use efficiency increased 46.08% and 56.07% in four years, there was not significant differences between BM and PM. There was not significant differences in soil water effect and yield effect between the full biodegradable film and PE film, and the full biodegradable film can be applied to the whole field soil-plastic mulching with bunch planting of spring wheat in dry land and provide technical support for the green and efficient production of wheat in dry land.

Key words: full biodegradable film, dryland spring wheat, effect of soil moisture, grain yield, water use efficiency.

Table 1

Effects of different mulching methods on the emergence and the productive spike of wheat"

Sowing amount
(kg hm-2)
Number of wheat seedlings
(×10-5 hm-2)
Productive ear at maturity stage
(×10-5 hm-2)
Percentage of productive
spike (%)
2015 PM 195.0 41.67±2.15 a 29.87±1.33 a 71.68
BM 195.0 41.53±2.94 a 29.53±2.02 a 71.11
CK 195.0 38.97±1.68 a 27.53±0.82 a 70.64
2016 PM 195.0 39.23±1.91 a 26.20±1.13 a 66.79
BM 195.0 38.77±2.08 a 25.87±1.23 a 66.73
CK 195.0 33.73±1.54 b 21.53±0.92 b 63.83
2017 PM 195.0 40.50±2.05 a 26.23±1.21 a 64.77
BM 195.0 40.67±2.05 a 26.40±1.42 a 64.91
CK 195.0 34.83±2.13 b 21.60±1.36 b 62.03
2018 PM 195.0 41.23±1.84 a 30.17±1.51 a 73.17
BM 195.0 41.17±1.07 a 30.10±0.86 a 73.11
CK 195.0 38.43±0.57 a 27.33±0.82 b 71.12

Table 2

Effects of different mulching methods on dry matter accumulation amount in wheat (kg hm-2)"

Seedling stage
Jointing stage
Flowering stage
Filling stage
Harvest stage
2015 PM 715.34±17.46 a 2419.64±49.81 a 8536.79±360.22 a 10,831.42±353.42 a 13,352.46±112.29 a
BM 715.70±16.73 a 2400.43±49.26 a 7817.33±201.88 b 10,181.77±234.18 b 13,016.89±240.55 a
CK 372.81±23.88 b 1348.36±64.35 b 5680.53±240.74 c 7378.32±168.80 c 9407.36±362.83 b
2016 PM 636.83±17.64 a 2224.34±40.13 a 6614.18±358.13 a 8010.77±280.65 a 9245.20±200.45 a
BM 604.81±23.90 a 2100.04±38.16 a 6095.94±149.56 a 7554.98±224.34 a 8923.56±204.47 a
CK 256.35±8.26 b 991.66±20.79 b 3452.83±213.48 b 4644.62±161.13 b 5555.33±133.42 b
2017 PM 634.50±22.51 a 2161.35±24.82 a 6477.30±255.34 a 7757.10±203.48 a 8737.20±305.88 a
BM 599.20±13.83 a 2093.15±38.20 a 6011.03±282.00 a 7445.32±248.55 a 8588.15±338.93 a
CK 229.88±13.03 b 960.15±18.50 b 3426.11±65.74 b 4609.17±108.12 b 5390.52±65.49 b
2018 PM 713.28±15.43 a 2367.98±54.73 a 7800.72±340.54 a 9954.30±106.05 a 11,931.96±122.35 a
BM 708.12±23.53 a 2298.66±37.78 a 6891.86±167.84 b 9545.95±287.88 a 11,379.39±208.22 a
CK 349.71±19.60 b 1279.72±43.93 b 5371.23±104.23 c 7067.28±65.74 b 8104.89±415.20 b

Fig. 1

Effects of different mulching methods on dry matter accumulation before and after anthesis in wheat Treatments described as in Table 1. Bars superscripted with different lowercase letters indicate significant difference among treatments at the 0.05 probability level."

Fig. 2

Effects of different mulching methods on the dynamic change of soil water storage in 0-200 cm soil layers Treatments described as in Table 1. a: before sowing date; b: seedling stage; c: jointing stage; d: flowering stage; e: filling stage; d: harvest stage. * indicates significant difference at P < 0.05."

Fig. 3

Effects of different mulching methods on 0-200 cm soil water vertical distribution Treatments described as in Table 1. a: before sowing date; b: seedling stage; c: jointing stage; d: flowering stage; e: filling stage; d: harvest stage."

Fig. 4

Effects of different mulching methods on fallow efficiency of field Treatments described as in Table 1. Bars superscripted by different lowercase letters indicate significant differences among treatments at the 0.05 probability level."

Table 3

Effects of different mulching methods on evapotranspiration, yield, and water use efficiency of wheat"

播前土壤贮水量Soil water storage before sowing (mm) 收后土壤贮水量
Soil water storage
after harvesting (mm)
Rainfall during the growth period (mm)
Grain yield
(kg hm?2)
Water use efficiency
(kg hm?2 mm?1)
2015 PM 413.67±4.03 244.73±8.22 a 205.8 374.74±12.20 a 4481.53±75.95 a 11.96±0.19 a
BM 413.67±4.03 245.90±5.41 a 205.8 373.57±9.43 a 4472.60±50.17 a 11.98±0.22 a
CK 413.67±4.03 240.15±4.55 a 205.8 379.33±8.43 a 3655.71±85.07 b 9.64±0.09 b
2016 PM 282.23±5.38 a 240.09±6.67 a 165.8 207.94±3.00 a 2149.33±71.32 a 10.34±0.40 a
BM 286.22±7.38 a 238.36±4.04 a 165.8 213.66±3.35 a 1852.50±66.31 b 8.67±0.37 b
CK 267.40±5.02 b 218.32±6.77 b 165.8 214.88±3.47 a 1147.12±52.67 c 5.34±0.17 c
2017 PM 334.87±5.93 a 242.04±5.63 a 142.6 235.43±0.86 a 2043.13±84.99 a 8.68±0.34 a
BM 343.93±6.24 a 236.69±7.52 a 142.6 240.84±6.63 a 1952.12±49.69 a 8.11±0.08 a
CK 287.74±5.81 b 221.86±6.80 b 142.6 208.49±2.18 b 1065.61±48.42 b 5.11±0.24 b
2018 PM 362.61±6.72 a 347.49±6.09 a 316.6 331.73±6.44 a 3203.14±74.13 a 9.66±0.05 a
BM 359.83±6.72 a 345.46±6.33 a 316.6 330.97±5.67 a 3072.68±65.06 a 9.28±0.16 a
CK 304.93±7.52 b 319.98±6.78 b 316.6 301.55±6.68 b 1796.81±71.37 b 5.96±0.23 b
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