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Research progress on traits and assessment methods of stalk lodging resistance in maize

ZHAO Xue1(), ZHOU Shun-Li1,2,3,*()   

  1. 1College of Agronomy and Biotechnology, China Agricultural University, Beijing 100193, China
    2Scientific Observation and Experimental Station of Crop Highly Efficient Use of Water in Wuqiao, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Wuqiao 061802, Hebei, China
    3Innovation Center of Agricultural Technology for Lowland Plain of Hebei, Wuqiao 061802, Hebei, China
  • Received:2020-08-30 Accepted:2021-06-16 Online:2022-01-12 Published:2021-06-28
  • Contact: ZHOU Shun-Li E-mail:1816354813@qq.com;zhoushl@cau.edu.cn
  • Supported by:
    National Key Research and Development Program of China(2016YFD0300301);China Agriculture Research System (Maize)(CARS-02-13);NMajor Projects for Transforming Scientific and Technological Achievements of Hebei Province(19057316Z)


Maize stalk lodging causes yield loss, decreases grain quality, increases harvest costs, and makes it impossible for grain dehydration after physiological maturity which limits mechanical grain harvest. Previous researches have been conducted to study the traits related to stalk lodging, including morphological and anatomical traits, chemical constituents of the plant and internode. However, there exist some disagreements, and lack quantitative studies on stalk lodging resistance. In this study, we review the evaluation methods and indicators of stalk lodging resistance, the determination methods of mechanical properties as well as analysis methods of stalk lodging related traits and some factors that may have effects on the results. Furthermore, we put forward the existing problems in previous researches on traits and evaluation indicators related to stalk lodging resistance and the contents need to be given further attention. These results provide a reference for further study of maize stalk lodging resistance traits and evaluation methods, lodging resistance breeding and optimization of cultivation measures.

Key words: maize, stalk lodging, evaluation indicator, measurement of stalk mechanical strength, traits related stalk lodging

Table 1

Yield loss of maize under different lodging phases and lodging types"

Lodging stage
Lodging type
Yield loss (%)
大喇叭口期 Big flare opening stage 根倒伏 Root lodging 1.8-36.5 李树岩等[9] Li et al. [9]
茎倒伏 Stalk lodging 25.9-29.9 李树岩等[9] Li et al. [9]
抽雄期 Tasseling stage 根倒伏 Root lodging 5.8-89.9 刘战东等[10] Liu et al. [10]
茎倒伏 Stalk lodging 18.9-27.8 曹雪梅[11] Cao [11]
吐丝期 Silking stage 根倒伏 Root lodging 13.8-44.4 So等[12] So et al. [12]
吐丝后7 d Seven days after silking 茎倒伏 Stalk lodging 45.0-50.8 程富丽等[2] Cheng et al. [2]
灌浆初期 Early filling stage 根倒伏 Root lodging 33.8-62.2 席吉龙等[13] Xi et al. [13]
灌浆期 Filling stage 根倒伏 Root lodging 27.9-40.4 李树岩等[9] Li et al. [9]
茎倒伏 Stalk lodging 39.7-54.1 李树岩等[9] Li et al. [9]

Fig. 1

Schematic diagram for the determination of stalk bending strength by three-point bending method [39] P is the value of applied force; a is the distance from the applied load to the left supporting anvil; and L is the distance between supporting anvils."

Fig. 2

Schematic diagram for cross section of maize stalk [40] R is the major diameter; r is the minor diameter; x and y are coordinate system."

Fig. 3

Schematic diagram for the calculations of elastic modulus and stiffness [41] c and d are the increments of stress and strain, a and b are the increments of force and displacement."

Fig. 4

Relationships between stalk lodging resistance and stalk mechanical characteristics as well as plant biological traits in maize"

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