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Effects of Seedlings per Hole on Matter Production Characteristics and Lodging Resistance in Japonica Rice with Different Panicle Types

XU Na1,WANG Jia-Yu1,LI Qing,YANG Xian-Li1,LIU Zun-Qi1,JING Yan-Hui2,XU Zheng-Jin1,*   

  1. 1 Rice Research Institute, Shenyang Agricultural University / Key Laboratory of Northeast Rice Biology and Breeding, Ministry of Agriculture, Shenyang 110866, China;2 Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100101, China
  • Received:2014-01-13 Revised:2014-06-16 Online:2014-08-12 Published:2014-06-10
  • Contact: 徐正进, E-mail: xuzhengjin@126.com


The effects of planting seedlings per hole on the rice matter production characteristics and lodging resistance were studied using the ideal japonica rice varieties Ri22 and Shennong 265 in 2012–2013. The main results were as follows: (1) Dry matter accumulation and total dry matter accumulation of Ri22 and Shennong265 before or after heading increased with the increasing of seedlings per hole, the transport rate and contribution rate of stem and leaf showed the opposite trend. (2) There was a slight influence on internode bending moment and lodging index of Ri22 and Shennong 265 with different seedlings per hole. Internode bending moment decreased slightly with the increasing of seedlings per hole, the lodging index showed the opposite. (3) With the increasing of seedlings per hole, the effective panicles of Ri22 and Shennong265 increased and the total grains per panicle decreased significantly, while seed setting rate and 1000-grain weight had little changed. (4) The yield of Ri22 and Shennong 265 increased slightly with the increasing of seedlings per hole. In order to achieve the unity of high yield and lodging resistance, the suitable density for Ri22 in Shenyang should be 2–4 seedlings per hole, and more than that density for Shennong 265.

Key words: Japonica rice, Ideal plant, Seedlings per hole, Dry matter, Lodging index

[1]刘文祥, 青先国, 艾治勇. 不同密度和栽插苗数对水稻冠层和产量的影响. 华北农学报, 2013, 28(2): 114–121

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Sun Y J, Chen Y, Sun Y Y, Xu H, Xu Y M, Liu S J, Ma J. Relationship between culm lodging resistance and population quality of hybrids under triangle-planted system of rice intensification at different nitrogen application rates and planting densities. Chin J Rice Sci, 2012, 26: 189–196 ( in Chinese with English abstract)

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