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Acta Agronomica Sinica ›› 2021, Vol. 47 ›› Issue (2): 320-331.doi: 10.3724/SP.J.1006.2021.04100


Effects of planting density and fertilization on dry matter accumulation, yield and water-fertilizer utilization of dryland potato

LIU Yan-Lan1(), GUO Xian-Shi1,*(), ZHANG Xu-Cheng1,*(), MA Ming-Sheng1, WANG Hong-Kang2   

  1. 1Institute of Drylang Farming, Gansu Academy of Agricultural Sciences / Gansu Province Key Laboratory of Effective Utilization of Water Resource on Dryland, Lanzhou 730070, Gansu, China
    2Gansu Seed General Station, Lanzhou 730000, Gansu, China
  • Received:2020-05-01 Accepted:2020-08-19 Online:2021-02-12 Published:2020-09-02
  • Contact: GUO Xian-Shi,ZHANG Xu-Cheng E-mail:liuyanlan868@163.com;guoxsh@21cn.com;gszhangxuch@163.com
  • Supported by:
    Key Research and Development Program of Gansu Academy of Agricultural Sciences(2019GAAS25);National Key Technology Research and Development Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China(2015BAD22B01-05)


It is important to increase potato production and the natural resource utilization efficiency in dryland farming system. A field experiment was conducted using Longshu 10 with three planting modes from 2017 to 2019, including farmer mode (CK), the mode with high yield and efficiency (YE), and higher yield mode (HY). The leaf area index (LAI), SPAD, photosynthetic rate, accumulation and remobilization of dry matter, water use efficiency (WUE) and fertilizer use efficiency (FUE) was investigated. The results showed that LAI and SPAD were increased in YE and HY compared to CK, and it was more significant in 2017 when there was less rainfall. Meanwhile, less reduction in LAI and SPAD after tubers enlargement resulted in an increase of canopy photosynthetic rate by 29.9%, 34.7% (in 2018 and 2019), and 40.2%, 50.5% (in 2018 and 2019) during the expanding stage and starch accumulation stage, respectively. Average aboveground dry matter in YE and HY was higher than CK by 123.1% and 118.5% in the enlargement stage due to higher LAI and photosynthetic rate. The contribution rate of assimilation after potato tuber enlargement in YE and HE was higher than CK by 22.56% and 19.29%, resulting in an average potato production increase of 47.93% and 47.78%, and average water use efficiency increased by 77.59% and 75.85%, respectively. YE and HY advantaged in tuber production and income improvement. Compared with CK, the net income increased by 7330.3 Yuan hm-2 and 6024.6 Yuan hm-2 in 2017 to 2019, respectively. The accumulation of N, P, and K was significantly enhanced due to large population canopy and high plant biomass accumulation. Compared to CK, N and P use efficiency, and the harvest index of N and P was increased under YE mode by 15.21%, 17.20% and 3.85%, 7.79%, respectively, and the N use efficiency was increased by 12.37% under HY mode. WUE, N, and P use efficiency of YE mode was higher than HY by 2.05%, 2.53%, and 23.41%, respectively, and the net income increased by 1305.7 Yuan hm-2. Therefore, replacement of slow-release urea with organic manure by 40% and improvement of planting density with 60,000 plants hm-2 in YE mode potentially increased in water use efficiency, nutrient use efficiency, high canopy photosynthetic rate maintenances, and remobilization of dry matter from stem and leaf to tubers. In conclusion, YE as a high tuber production and resource use efficiency planting mode, is recommended in semi-arid areas with black-film mulched potato cultivation regime.

Key words: potato, cultivation pattern, canopy photosynthetic capacity, dry matter accumulation and transportation, yield, water-fertilization use efficiency

Fig. 1

Schematic diagram of potato planting in ridges and furrows with plastic mulching"

Table 1

Plant density and fertilizer application under different cultivation and management patterns"

Cultivation pattern
Coverage style
(plant hm-2)
Fertilizer type and dosage (kg hm-2)
N P2O5 K2O 羊粪
Sheep manure
Farmer mode
CK 露地平作
Flat planting without plastic mulching
45,000 120 75 0 0
High yield and
efficiency cultivation
YE 全膜覆盖垄沟种植
Ridge-furrow planting with plastic mulching
60,000 150 90 120 45,000
Higher yield
HY 全膜覆盖垄沟种植
Ridge-furrow planting with plastic mulching
67,500 210 120 150 45,000

Fig. 2

Changes of precipitation(P) and average air temperature(T) in experimental area from 2017 to 2019"

Table 2

Leaf area index (LAI) of potato under different cultivation models"

Squaring stage
Flowering stage
Tuber expanding stage
Starching accumulation stage
2017 CK 1.27±0.09 c 1.53±0.18 b 3.07±0.16 b 2.45±0.10 c
YE 1.80±0.20 b 2.41±0.16 a 3.73±0.16 a 3.32±0.17 a
HY 2.03±0.17 a 2.56±0.17 a 3.68±0.13 a 3.21±0.15 b
2018 CK 1.83±0.18 b 2.83±0.18 b 3.32±0.16 b 2.71±0.21 b
YE 2.49±0.21 a 3.68±0.25 a 4.14±0.12 a 3.75±0.16 a
HY 2.65±0.29 a 3.73±0.18 a 4.28±0.14 a 3.88±0.16 a
2019 CK 2.22±0.16 b 2.37±0.13 b 3.38±0.17 b 2.82±0.31 b
YE 2.73±0.13 a 3.11±0.16 a 4.27±0.20 a 3.82±0.28 a
HY 2.83±0.24 a 3.23±0.17 a 4.32±0.16 a 3.95±0.22 a

Table 3

SPAD of potato under different cultivation models"

Seedling stage
Squaring stage
Flowering stage
Tuber expanding stage
Starching accumulation stage
2017 CK 50.73±0.43 a 58.27±0.86 b 60.58±0.91 b 62.49±0.69 b 53.87±1.06 b
YE 52.90±0.96 a 61.73±0.57 a 64.68±0.80 a 66.67±0.87 a 60.36±0.75 a
HY 51.29±0.86 a 62.80±0.76 a 65.48±0.52 a 66.13±0.57 a 58.67±0.78 a
2018 CK 45.07±0.75 a 50.23±0.57 b 52.66±0.34 b 56.60±1.07 b 47.19±2.16 b
YE 46.58±0.31 a 54.76±0.54 a 55.86±1.19 a 61.15±0.44 a 55.16±0.31 a
HY 45.88±0.62 a 55.26±0.25 a 56.92±0.91 a 61.02±0.20 a 54.56±0.33 a
2019 CK 42.03±0.99 b 48.15±1.03 b 53.43±1.06 b 58.62±1.04 b 48.58±0.93 b
YE 45.29±0.76 a 55.82±0.85 a 58.82±0.42 a 62.37±0.63 a 53.40±0.74 a
HY 46.62±0.54 a 56.14±0.25 a 57.58±0.78 a 63.22±0.29 a 52.73±0.28 a

Table 4

Net photosynthetic rate and canopy photosynthesis ability of potato under different cultivation models"

块茎膨大期Tuber expanding stage 淀粉积累期Starching accumulation stage
Net photosynthetic rate (μmol m-2 s-1)
Canopy photosynthesis ability (Pn×LAI)
Net photosynthetic rate (μmol m-2 s-1)
Canopy photosynthesis ability (Pn×LAI)
2018 CK 18.92 a 62.72 b 14.69 a 39.81 b
YE 19.47 a 80.52 a 14.92 a 55.96 a
HY 19.55 a 83.69 a 15.59 a 60.41 a
2019 CK 19.45 a 65.74 b 15.83 a 44.64 b
YE 20.22 a 86.34 a 16.36 a 62.41 a
HY 20.68 a 89.34 a 16.88 a 66.59 a

Fig. 3

Change of different models cultivation on aboveground dry matter in potato Treatments are the same as those given in Table 1."

Table 5

Dry matter distribution and accumulation before and after potato tuber expansion under different cultivation modes"

转运量DMT (kg hm-2)
转运率DMTE (%)
块茎量PEA (kg hm-2)
贡献率CPAT (%)
2017 CK 2800 b 47.07 a 2406 c 46.22 c
YE 2879 b 25.66 b 5046 a 63.67 a
HY 3207 a 29.57 b 4765 b 59.78 b
2018 CK 2124 b 70.03 a 2747 b 56.39 c
YE 2427 a 36.38 b 4662 a 65.76 a
HY 2401 a 35.74 c 4606 a 65.73 a
2019 CK 2107 b 68.75 a 3111 b 59.61 b
YE 2236 a 34.11 b 4654 a 67.55 a
HY 2298 a 33.68 b 4612 a 66.74 a

Fig. 4

Yield level, evapotranspiration, and water use efficiency of potato under different cultivation models Treatments are the same as those given in Table 1. Different small letters in the same year mean significant difference among different treatments at the 0.05 probability level."

Table 6

Fertilizer accumulation and utilization of potato under different cultivation models in 2019"

指标Item CK YE HY
N 氮素总积累量NTA (kg hm-2) 330.04±5.29 b 389.05±11.32 a 397.54±7.14 a
氮素利用效率NUE (kg kg-1) 81.58±0.26 b 93.99±1.65 a 91.67±2.55 a
氮素收获指数NHI 0.78±0.001 b 0.81±0.001 a 0.79±0.015 b
P 磷素总积累量PTA (kg hm-2) 24.59±1.18 c 28.45±1.01 b 34.98±0.03 a
磷素利用效率PUE (kg kg-1) 1096.72±66.52 b 1285.33±14.38 a 1041.50±11.11 b
磷素收获指数PHI 0.81±0.015 a 0.81±0.034 a 0.82±0.001 a
K 钾素总积累量KTA (kg hm-2) 115.34±1.25 b 165.56±6.54 a 164.43±8.44 a
钾素利用效率KUE (kg kg-1) 233.43±0.47 a 220.89±1.57 b 221.81±9.21 b
钾素收获指数KHI 0.77±0.022 b 0.83±0.079 a 0.88±0.024 a

Table 7

Effects on profit of different cultivation models in potato"

rate (%)
Commodity yield
(kg hm-2)
非商品产量Non-commodity yield
(kg hm-2)
(Yuan hm-2)
materials input
(Yuan hm-2)
劳力投入Labor input
(Yuan hm-2)
Fuel input
(Yuan hm-2)
(Yuan hm-2)
2017 CK 49.76 c 12,887 b 13,011 b 23,271 b 4809 6720 750 10,992 c
YE 62.53 b 27,828 a 16,679 a 43,401 a 9837 9600 750 23,214 a
HY 71.50 a 29,199 a 11,636 b 42,020 a 11,305 10,000 750 19,965 b
2018 CK 64.14 c 16,047 b 8972 a 24,639 b 4809 6720 750 12,360 b
YE 79.90 a 28,066 a 7060 a 37,916 a 9837 9600 750 17,729 a
HY 75.27 b 28,518 a 9371 a 39,845 a 11,305 10,000 750 17,790 a
2019 CK 49.00 b 13,589 b 14,144 a 24,793 b 4809 6720 750 12,514 b
YE 68.43 a 25,123 a 11,590 b 37,102 a 9837 9600 750 16,915 a
HY 69.94 a 26,230 a 11,274 b 38,240 a 11,305 10,000 750 16,185 a
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