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Genetic dissection of combining ability and heterosis of rice agronomic traits based on pathway analysis

XIANG Li-Yuan1,XU Kai1,SU Jing1,WU Chao1,YUAN Xiong1,ZHENG Xing-Fei2,DIAO Ying2,HU Zhong-Li2,LI Lan-Zhi1,*()   

  1. 1 Hunan Engineering & Technology Research Center for Agricultural Big Data Analysis & Decision-making/Hunan Agricultural University, Changsha 410128, Hunan, China;
    2 State Key Laboratory of Hybrid Rice/Wuhan University, Wuhan 430072, Hubei, China
  • Received:2018-12-13 Accepted:2019-05-12 Online:2019-09-12 Published:2019-05-31
  • Contact: Lan-Zhi LI E-mail:lancy0829@163.com
  • Supported by:
    The study was supported by the National Key Research and Development Program(2016YFD0100101);the Natural Science Foundation of Hunan Province(2016JJ3070);the State Key Laboratory of Crop Germplasm Innovation and Resource Utilization Breeding Base(16KFXM03)


In order to provide theoretical foundation of cultivating and improving rice, under North Carolina design II, we constructed test cross population and conducted pathway analysis of phenotype performance, combining ability and heterosis of agronomic trait in present study. The experiments’ results reveal that the filled grains per panicle, 1000-grain weight, main panicle length, primary/secondary branch of main panicle, plant height, spikelet per panicle, tillers per plant, and yield per plant were separately related to pathway of biological regulation, cysteine and methionine metabolism, snare interactions in vesicular transport, DNA-dependent transcription, macromolecular metabolism, recognition of pollen, hydrolase activity, purine nucleoside binding and so on. Therefore, in order to obtain elite hybrids with high combining ability and heterosis, it is feasible to start from studying related pathways of a certain trait and related genes regulating the pathway.

Key words: hybrid rice, GWAS, pathway analysis, combining ability, heterosis

Fig. 1

Pathways in the four datasets V: original phenotype in paternal population; GCA: general combining ability in paternal population; TC: original phenotype in test cross population; BP: heterosis over better of parents in test cross population."

Table 1

Common pathways in four datasets"

通路Pathway 类别Category 描述Description
CATALYTIC_ACTIVITY GO:0003824 催化活性Catalytic activity
CATION_BINDING GO:0043169 阳离子结合Cation binding
ION_BINDING GO:0043167 离子结合Ion binding
METABOLIC_PROCESS GO:0008152 代谢过程Metabolic process
PRIMARY_METABOLIC_PROCESS GO:0044238 初级代谢过程Primary metabolic process

Fig. 2

Pathways of nine traits in the four datasets FGPP: filled grains per panicle; KGW: 1000-grain weight; MPL: main panicle length; PBP: primary branch of main panicle; PH: plant height; SBP: secondary branch of main panicle; SPP: spikelet per panicle; TP: effective tillers per plant; YD: yield per plant."

Table 2

Number of paths contained in four datasets with different traits"

Number of traits
Number of pathways
V 1 86
2 13
3 1
GCA 1 52
2 11
3 11
4 25
5 7
6 1
TC 1 51
2 20
3 32
4 4
5 7
7 1
8 3
BP 1 33
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