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Acta Agronomica Sinica ›› 2019, Vol. 45 ›› Issue (6): 922-931.doi: 10.3724/SP.J.1006.2019.83062


Characteristics of maize grain dehydration and prediction of suitable harvest period in Liao River Basin

Zhao-Fu HUANG1,2,*,Bo MING2,*,Ke-Ru WANG2,Rui-Zhi XIE2,Fei YANG1,Zhi-Gang WANG3,Chun-Hua XIAO1,*(),Shao-Kun LI1,2,*()   

  1. 1 College of Agronomy, Shihezi University / Key Laboratory of Oasis Eco-agriculture, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Production and Construction Group, Shihezi 832003, Xinjiang, China
    2 Institute of Crop Sciences, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences / Key Laboratory of Crop Physiology and Ecology, Ministry of Agriculture, Beijing 100081, China
    3 Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, Hohhot 010019, Inner Mongolia, China
  • Received:2018-08-20 Accepted:2019-01-12 Online:2019-06-12 Published:2019-06-12
  • Contact: Zhao-Fu HUANG,Bo MING,Chun-Hua XIAO,Shao-Kun LI E-mail:xiaochunhuaxj@163.com;lishaokun@caas.cn
  • Supported by:
    This study was supported by the National Key Research and Development Program of China(2017YFD0300803);the China Agriculture Research System(CARS-02-25);the Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Project of CAAS.


Liao River Basin (LRB) is located in the south of the northeast China, mainly planting spring maize. The technology of grain mechanical harvesting is promoted based on the better thermal resources in LRB, but it is impeded by the higher grain moisture at harvest, higher grain broken rate and higher yield loss rate. In order to solve problem, characteristics of grain dehydration of main cultivars need to be researched and the suitable harvesting time ought to be determined based on the thermal resources. The study was aimed at selecting suitable cultivars and evaluating the quality of grain mechanical harvesting. In 2017, the 29 maize cultivars with different maturity periods were weed to investigate grain dehydration dynamics in Kailu county and Tieling county. On the basis of the analysis results of sowing date of perennial spring maize in the basin, growth and development of different varieties, demand of grain dehydration accumulated temperature and historical meteorological data, the prediction method of suitable mechanical grain harvest period for different varieties was established in LRB. Logistic Power model was used to match the dynamic process of grain dehydration of spring maize. There was a significant linear relationship between the actual grain moisture at harvest and the simulated grain moisture (R 2= 0.916, RMSE = 1.217), showing an excellent regional adaptability of this model. Using four cultivars suitable for grain mechanical harvest in 2017 national trial and two main cultivars grown in LRB, distribution regulations of the suitable harvest period were clarified. Among the four cultivars, the actively accumulated temperature requirements of Deyu 919 and Jingnongke 728 were less than 3122°C d from sowing to the stage with grain moisture reducing to 25%, showing that the better period of grain mechanical harvest was in the middle and late September in most parts of LRB. While the other two cultivars of Zeyu 8911 and Jidan66 had accumulated temperature requirements 3400°C d, and suitable harvest period in early October which was roughly 10-20 days behind there of the two former cultivars. As less than for the two main cultivars—Liaodan 575 and Jingke 968, their requirements of accumulated temperature were 200°C d more than there of Zeyu 8911 and Jidan66, which is difficult to achieve a high-quality mechanical grain harvesting at normal time. The research verified the application accuracy of the predicting model of grain moisture established based on Logistic Power model. Comparing the changes of grain moisture content, the accumulated temperature requirements to maturity and dehydration, and spatial distribution regulations of suitable period of grain mechanical harvesting between national trial cultivars and local main cultivars, and updating the existing cultivars and helpful to achieve high-quality mechanical grain harvesting in the LRB.

Key words: Liao River Basin, maize, grain dehydration dynamic, mechanical grain harvesting, grain harvesting period

Fig. 1

Distribution of thermal and water resources and test yields in Liaohe river basin"

Table 1

Hybrid in the experiment"

地点Location 品种 Hybrid
开鲁 金珠58, 德育919, 金庆202, 华美1号, 迪卡159, 东单913, ND865, 东单507, 泽玉501, S1651, 宏硕588, 泽玉8911, 东单1331, 金庆Q9, 德丰88, 优迪919, 世宾388, 翔玉998
Kailu Jinzhu 58, Deyu 919, Jinqing 202, Huamei 1, Dika 159, Dongdan 913, ND865, Dongdan 507, Zeyu 501, S1651, Hongshuo 288, Zeyu 8911, Dongdan 1331, Jinqing Q9, Dengfeng 88, Youdi 919, Shibin 388, Xiangyu 998
铁岭 丰垦139, 丹玉311, 铁研388, 宏育236, 吉单66, 泽玉501, 泽玉8911, 陕单636, 东单913, 东单1311, 华美1号, 中迪702, 中迪710, 翔玉998, 优迪919, 迪卡159, 辽单575, 京农科728, 京科968
Tieling Fengken 139, Danyu 311, Tieyan 388, Hongyu 236, Jidan 66, Zeyu 501, Zeyu 8911, Shaandan 636, Dongdan 913, Dongdan 1331, Huamei 1, Zhongdi 702, Zhongdi 710, Xiangyu 998, Youdi 919, Dika 159, Liaodan 575, Jingnongke 728, Jingke 968

Table 2

Parameters of water content-accumulated temperature equation of different cultivars"

b c R2 样本量
ND865 开鲁 Kailu 1265.97 2.25 0.98 19
泽玉501 Zeyu 501 开鲁, 铁岭 Kailu, Tieling 1093.89 1.66 0.98 18
世宾388 Shibin 388 开鲁 Kailu 1087.05 1.82 0.99 19
德丰88 Defeng 88 开鲁 Kailu 1085.03 2.27 0.99 19
优迪919 Youdi 919 开鲁, 铁岭 Kailu, Tieling 1081.16 1.75 0.98 18
中迪710 Zhongdi 710 铁岭 Tieling 1079.05 1.87 0.99 20
东单1331 Dongdan 1331 开鲁, 铁岭 Kailu, Tieling 1060.52 1.89 0.97 18
S1651 开鲁 Kailu 1053.26 1.73 0.99 19
迪卡159 Dika 159 开鲁, 铁岭 Kailu, Tieling 1051.99 1.49 0.98 18
金庆Q9 Jinqing Q9 开鲁 Kailu 1049.91 2.11 0.99 19
中迪702 Zhongdi 702 铁岭 Tieling 1040.69 2.17 0.98 20
丹玉311 Danyu 311 铁岭 Tieling 1039.33 1.65 0.97 20
宏硕588 Hongshuo 588 开鲁 Kailu 1025.91 1.85 0.99 19
翔玉998 Xiangyu 998 开鲁, 铁岭 Kailu, Tieling 1023.58 1.79 0.98 20
陕单636 Shaandan 636 铁岭 Tieling 1018.71 1.90 0.98 20
铁研388 Tieyan 388 铁岭 Tieling 1005.38 1.69 0.97 20
吉单66* Jidan 66* 铁岭 Tieling 1002.67 1.92 0.98 20
宏玉236 Hongyu 236 铁岭 Tieling 1002.67 1.92 0.98 20
丰垦139 Fengken 139 铁岭 Tieling 992.81 2.05 0.98 20
德育919* Deyu 919* 开鲁 Kailu Kailu, Tieling 986.47 2.22 0.99 19
京农科728* Jingnongke 728* 铁岭 Tieling 979.46 1.95 0.99 20
东单507 Dongdan 507 开鲁 Kailu 975.56 1.38 0.98 19
东单913 Dongdan 913 开鲁, 铁岭 Kailu, Tieling 973.42 1.46 0.98 18
辽单575 Liaodan 575 铁岭 Tieling 966.18 1.59 0.99 20
华美1号 Huamei 1 开鲁, 铁岭 Kailu, Tieling 957.27 1.78 0.96 18
泽玉8911* Zeyu 8911* 开鲁, 铁岭 Kailu, Tieling 946.40 1.87 0.99 18
金庆202 Jinqing 202 开鲁 Kailu 943.39 1.57 0.96 19
京科968 Jingke 968 铁岭 Tieling 859.91 1.30 0.97 20
金珠58 Jinzhu 58 开鲁 Kailu 845.78 1.69 0.96 19

Fig. 2

Relationships between observed and simulated moisture contents of different cultivars in mechanical grain harvest, which collected at seven locations in Liao River Basin from years 2013 to 2017"

Table 3

Accumulated temperature requirement during growth stages of different maize cultivars at different areas (°C d)"

Accumulated temperature from sowing
to silking
Accumulated temperature from silking to physiological maturity
Accumulated temperature from sowing to physiological maturity
Kailu county, Tongliao city, Inner Mongolia autonomous region
华美1号 Huamei 1 1623.7 1334.5 2938.2
迪卡159 Dika 159 1646.7 1552.9 3156.6
东单913 Dongdan 913 1624.6 1350.5 2954.2
泽玉501 Zeyu 501 1646.7 1520.0 3123.7
泽玉8911 Zeyu 8911 1646.7 1484.4 3088.1
东单1331 Dongdan 1331 1720.6 1617.7 3378.4
优迪919 Youdi 919 1695.8 1611.8 3378.4
翔玉998 Xiangyu 998 1695.8 1611.8 3378.4
Tieling county, Tieling city, Liaoning province
华美1号 Huamei 1 1616.9 1331.1 3078.2
迪卡159 Dika 159 1644.9 1550.2 3306.4
东单913 Dongdan 913 1644.9 1331.1 3087.2
泽玉501 Zeyu 501 1673.5 1550.2 3306.4
泽玉8911 Zeyu 8911 1644.9 1495.3 3251.4
东单1331 Dongdan 1331 1700.9 1683.3 3439.5
优迪919 Youdi 919 1700.9 1683.3 3439.5
翔玉998 Xiangyu 998 1700.9 1683.3 3439.5
区域间 Interregional ns ns ns
不同品种 Different hybrid * * *

Table 4

Demands for actively accumulated temperature at different stages of different maize cultivars (°C d)"

Silking-Physiological maturity
Silking-25% MC
Sowing-25% MC*
德育919 Deyu 919 237 1366 1351 1519 3122
京科728 Jingke 728 470 1126 1497 1582 3178
泽玉8911 Zeyu 8911 265 1411 1578 1655 3331
吉单66 Jidan 66 310 1395 1662 1651 3356
辽单575 Liaodan 575 379 1419 1655 1760 3558
京科968 Jingke 968 379 1529 1622 1789 3697

Fig. 3

Time map when grain moisture content reduces to 25% of four national trial maize cultivars suitable for mechanical grain harvesting in Liao River Basin"

Fig. 4

Time map when grain moisture content reduces to 25% of two main maize cultivars in Liao River Basin"

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