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Quantitative trait loci mapping for branch angle and candidate gene screening in Brassica napus L.

Wen-Xiang WANG1(),Wen CHU1,De-Sheng MEI1,Hong-Tao CHENG1,Lin-Lin ZHU2,Li FU1,Qiong HU1,Jia LIU1,*()   

  1. 1 Oil Crops Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences / Key Laboratory of Biology and Genetic Improvement of Oil Crops of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Wuhan 430062, Hubei, China
    2 Plant Protection Station of Nanzhang, Xiangyang 441500, Hubei, China
  • Received:2018-03-22 Accepted:2018-08-20 Online:2018-09-09 Published:2018-09-09
  • Contact: Jia LIU E-mail:wangwenxiang@caas.cn;liujia02@caas.cn
  • Supported by:
    This study was supported by the Science and Technology Innovation Project of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences(Group No. 118);the China Agriculture Research System(CARS-12);the Hubei Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Center, and the National Natural Science Foundation of China(31471535);the Hubei Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Center, and the National Natural Science Foundation of China(31771842)


Branch angle is an important agronomic trait of plant architecture. In this study, 163 lines of a DH population derived from a cross between 1019B (compact type) and R2 (loose type) were genotyped by using 60K SNP array and a high-density genetic linkage map was constructed with 1442 bins inclusive of 9521 SNP markers to detect quantitative trait loic (QTL) for basal branch angle and top branch angle. The genetic map contained 19 lingkage groups with a total length of 2544.07 cM and an average distance between adjacent bin-markers of 1.76 cM. Totally, 17 QTL for branch angle were detected on chromosomes A01, A02, A03, A06, A09, C02, C03, C04, C06, and C08, respectively. The phenotypic variation accounted by a single locus was from 6.36% to 21.78%. Twelve candidate genes of branch angle were found underlying six QTL by comparing with homologous genes in Arabidopsis. Candidate gene VAMP714 was close to the peak position of A03 QTL confidence interval, which was identified on chromosome A03 in both environments. These QTL and candidate genes provide useful information for the genetic modification of rapeseed branch angle.

Key words: oilseed rape, branch angle, 60K SNP array, QTL mapping, candidate gene

Table 1

Branch angle traits of the two parents and DH population in two environments"

亲本 Parent Pt-test DH群体 DH population
1019B (o) R2 (o) 范围
Range (o)
Mean (o)
2014 BBA 28.13±5.45 42.34±4.43 6.09E-03 26.17-50.22 36.46 5.23 14.35 -0.777 -0.085
TBA 36.32±5.46 46.65±4.08 1.47E-02 22.98-56.37 37.74 5.41 14.33 0.515 0.080
2015 BBA 27.90±3.50 37.72±2.25 1.44E-05 20.76-45.64 32.68 5.54 16.94 -0.201 0.150
TBA 38.75±6.30 47.66±6.10 2.46E-03 26.30-63.99 40.43 6.70 16.57 1.364 0.625

Fig. 1

Frequency distribution of branch angle (BBA and TBA) in 1019B×R2 DH population planted in two environments"

Table 2

Correlation coefficient for branch angle traits of B. napus DH population in 2014 and 2015"

2015BBA 2014TBA 2015TBA
2014BBA 0.411** 0.542** 0.353**
2015BBA 0.432** 0.586**
2014TBA 0.362**

Fig. 2

Overview of genome-wide SNP density in the bin map of DH population The ordinate shows the genetic distance along each of the 19 linkage groups corresponding to B. napus genome."

Table 3

Putative QTLs for branch angle detected in two environments"

Confidence interval
2014 BBA qBBA.A02.1 A02 4.0 0-24.0 3.7 2.15 15.10
qBBA.A03.1 A03 11.1 7.9-15.0 2.8 1.74 9.31
qBBA.C08.1 C08 8.4 0-11.4 2.8 -1.94 8.85
2015 BBA qBBA.A01.1 A01 34.0 32.5-35.4 2.8 1.70 8.07
qBBA.A03.2 A03 11.8 10.2-14.9 3.9 2.03 11.79
qBBA.C03.1 C03 101.7 99.7-103.6 3.9 -2.12 12.66
2014 TBA qTBA.A06.1 A06 90.4 87.2-91.4 2.9 -1.44 8.20
qTBA.A09.1 A09 87.0 82.0-90.2 6.9 -2.35 21.78
qTBA.C03.1 C03 146.0 144.2-148.5 4.3 -1.79 12.73
qTBA.C08.1 C08 8.4 0-11.4 3.0 -1.69 8.78
2015 TBA qTBA.A03.1 A03 17.6 14.9-18.8 0.2 1.85 8.28
qTBA.A09.2 A09 3.1 0.9-4.2 4.1 -2.14 11.08
qTBA.C02.1 C02 47.3 45.8-49.2 2.8 1.61 6.39
qTBA.C02.2 C02 54.8 53.4-57.5 3.2 1.83 8.07
qTBA.C02.3 C02 65.5 64.5-71.6 2.8 1.65 6.43
qTBA.C04.1 C04 1.6 0-5.7 3.9 -2.13 10.24
qTBA.C06.1 C06 80.3 79.7-92.2 4.1 5.20 11.00

Fig. 3

Putative QTLs of basal branch angle and top branch angle on the genetic map"

Table 4

Candidate genes in QTL confidence interval of branch angle in B. napus by alignment with related genes in Arabidopsis thaliana"

Physical interval
Gene prediction
拟南芥相关基因 Related genes in A. thaliana 参考文献Reference
基因名 Gene name 登录号 Accession number
BBA qBBA.A01.1 2,992,973-3,391,055 BnaA01g06910D ARF16 AT4G30080 Shen et al.[22]
qBBA.A03.1 3,256,156-4,877,684 BnaA03g08500D VAMP714 AT5G22360 Sun et al.[19]
TBA qTBA.A09.2 963,282-1,890,151 BnaA09g02390D ABCB19/PGP19 AT3G28860 Sun et al.[19]
BnaA09g02480D EXPA5 AT3G29030 Sun et al.[19]
qTBA.C03.1 26,692 780-33,111,760 BnaC03g46000D GH3-10, DFL2 AT4G03400 Shen et al.[22]
BnaC03g46010D GH3-10, DFL2 AT4G03400 Shen et al.[22]
BnaC03g46450D SAUR8 AT2G16580 Shen et al.[22]
BnaC03g46960D SAUR42 AT2G28085 Shen et al.[22]
qTBA.C04.1 1563-990,575 BnaC04g00310D WRK23 AT2G47260 Li et al.[21]
BnaC04g00780D TAC1 AT2G46640 Li et al.[21]
qTBA.C06.1 27,360,890-32,410,130 BnaC06g29230D IAR1 AT1G68100 Li et al.[21]
BnaC06g31170D IAR4 AT1G24180 Li et al.[21]
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