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Structure and expression analysis of the members of peanut annexin gene family

Hui-Min WANG1,Xin-Guo LI2,Shu-Bo WAN3,Zhi-Meng ZHANG4,Hong DING4,Guo-Wei LI2,Wen-Wei GAO1,*(),Zhen-Ying PENG1,2,*()   

  1. 1 Xinjiang Agricultural University, Wulumuqi 830052, Xinjang, China
    2 Research Center of Biotechnology, Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences / Shandong Key Laboratory of Crop Genetic Improvement and Ecology and Physiology, Jinan 250100, Shandong, China
    3 Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Jinan 250100, Shandong, China
    4 Shandong Peanut Research Institute, Qingdao 266100, Shandong, China
  • Received:2018-04-19 Accepted:2018-10-08 Online:2019-03-12 Published:2018-11-05
  • Contact: Wen-Wei GAO,Zhen-Ying PENG E-mail:gww0911@163.com;pengzhenying2005@126.com
  • Supported by:
    This study was supported by the Major Basic Research Project of Shandong Natural Science Foundation;Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Project(CXGC2018B05);Shandong Natural Science Foundation(ZR2014YL043)


Annexin is a kind of calcium-dependent phospholipid binding proteins involved in the regulation of plant metabolism, growth and development, drought resistance and salt tolerance, and its structure is species-specific in different plants. In order to have a systematic analysis of the annexin gene family of peanut, we identified 30 annexin genes from the peanut genome database, and analyzed their characteristics using bioinformatics method. Peanut annexin (annexin of Arachis hypogaea, AnnAh) genes were unevenly distributed on 13 chromosomes, with 13 in A genome and 17 in B genome. There were 2 to 8 introns in the AnnAhs, with 5 to 6 introns in most AnnAhs. Phylogenetic analysis showed that the clustering relationship was complex. The annexins of lower plant, monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous plants were distributed at interval, with AnnAhs inserting in each branch. However, in each small branch, AnnAhs were basically clustered with the dicotyledonous plant annexins, and close to soybean, alfalfa and sunflower, followed by Arabidopsis; but several AnnAhs were associated with monocotyledonous and lower plant annexins. All 30 AnnAhs had no transmembrane domain, and 16 of them were located in cytoplasm, and the others’ localization was uncertain. Results of alternative splicing (AS) analysis of AnnAhs showed that only 11 AnnAhs experienced AS, which accounted for about 38% of all AnnAhs; the AS events occurred most in roots, followed by leaves, and the least in seeds. The expression level of AnnAhs was high in seed2 and root, followed by seed1, and lower in leaf. The comprehensive analysis of AnnAhs can provide some theoretical support for peanut resistance breeding.

Key words: peanut, annexin, gene structure analysis, alternative splicing analysis, expression pattern analysis

Table 1

Anneixn genes family in peanut"

Gene name
Chr. position
Amino acid number
Subcellular localization
Protein integrity
Repetitive sequence
Other domains
Aradu.V26BD Aradu.A03 279 C 完整 Complete 4 4 0
Aradu.86DER Aradu.A03 286 不完整 Incomplete 4 3 0
Aradu.KJ1YM Aradu.A04 274 不完整 Incomplete 3 2 0
Aradu.3L5NK Aradu.A05 315 C 完整 Complete 4 4 0
Aradu.WYZ5E Aradu.A05 323 C 不完整 Incomplete 4 4 0
Aradu.9BC7H Aradu.A07 342 C 不完整 Incomplete 4 4 0
Aradu.23XWK Aradu.A08 309 C 不完整 Incomplete 3 3 0
Aradu.N8MUP Aradu.A08 279 不完整 Incomplete 3 3 0
Aradu.4J11T Aradu.A08 339 不完整 Incomplete 3 3 0
Aradu.S16C5 Aradu.A08 321 完整 Complete 4 4 0
Aradu.SCC75 Aradu.A10 266 C 不完整 Incomplete 3 3 0
Aradu.IZQ3Z Aradu.A10 315 C 完整 Complete 4 4 0
Aradu.MBZ2M Aradu.A10 333 完整 Complete 2 2 0
Araip.1LR8I Araip.B02 89 C 不完整 Incomplete 2 2 0
Araip.KR6F4 Araip.B03 323 完整 Complete 2 2 2
Araip.X0F2S Araip.B03 317 完整 Complete 4 4 0
Araip.CCM9G Araip.B03 286 不完整 Incomplete 4 3 0
Araip.RGY04 Araip.B04 142 C 不完整 Incomplete 1 1 0
Araip.R8WRM Araip.B04 207 不完整 Incomplete 3 2 0
Araip.HD6QL Araip.B05 316 C 完整 Complete 4 4 0
Araip.0MR1X Araip.B05 315 C 完整 Complete 4 4 0
Araip.FX5SI Araip.B07 316 C 完整 Complete 4 4 0
Araip.J58EQ Araip.B08 135 C 不完整 Incomplete 2 2 0
Araip.YGP4J Araip.B08 315 完整 Complete 3 3 0
Araip.6KP6U Araip.B08 295 完整 Complete 3 3 0
Araip.Y8EDR Araip.B08 321 完整 Complete 4 4 0
Araip.X9BIG Araip.B10 317 C 完整 Complete 4 4 0
Araip.Z0Q6Q Araip.B10 311 C 完整 Complete 4 3 0
Araip.WA456 Araip.B10 315 C 完整 Complete 4 3 0
Araip.RPP1M Araip.B10 364 完整 Complete 2 2 0
Aradu.V26BD Aradu.A03 279 C 完整 Complete 4 4 0
Aradu.86DER Aradu.A03 286 不完整 Incomplete 4 3 0

Fig. 1

Phylogenetic analysis of plant annexins Red: dicotyledonous; green: monocotyledonous; black: lower plants; black dot: AnnAhs."

Fig. 2

Gene structure analysis of AnnAhs Some of AnnAhs have no UTRs, so the ORF is used to analyze the gene structures."

Fig. 3

Conservative domain analysis of AnnAhs"

Table 2

Alternative splicing analysis of AnnAhs"



Aradu.S16C5 TSS
Aradu.3L5NK TTS
Araip.WA456 TTS, AE
Araip.Z0Q6Q ES
Araip.R8WRM ES
Araip.RPP1M ES

Fig. 4

Expression pattern analysis of AnnAhs "

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