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Identification of StIgt gene family and expression profile analysis of response to drought stress in potato

QIN Tian-Yuan1,2(), LIU Yu-Hui1,2, SUN Chao1,2, BI Zhen-Zhen1,2, LI An-Yi3, XU De-Rong1,2, WANG Yi-Hao1,2, ZHANG Jun-Lian1, BAI Jiang-Ping1,2,*()   

  1. 1Gansu Provincial Key Lab of Aridland Crop Science / Gansu Key Laboratory of Crop Improvement & Germplasm Enhancement, Lanzhou 730070, Gansu, China
    2College of Agronomy, Gansu Agricultural University, Lanzhou 730070, Gansu, China
    3College of Pastoral Agriculture Science and Technology, Lanzhou University, Lanzhou 730020, Gansu, China
  • Received:2020-06-04 Accepted:2020-10-14 Online:2021-04-12 Published:2020-11-06
  • Contact: BAI Jiang-Ping E-mail:1637835362@qq.com;baijp@gsau.edu.cn
  • Supported by:
    National Natural Science Foundation of China(31660432);China Agriculture Research System(CARS-09-P14);Gansu Province Potato Industry System(GARS-03-P1);Gansu Provincial Education Department(2019B-073);Gansu Provincial Science and Technology Department(19ZD2WA002-02);Gansu Provincial Science and Technology Department(18JR3RA174);Key Laboratory of Arid Land Crop Science of Gansu Agricultural University(GSCS-2017-9);Innovation Fund of Gansu Agricultural University(GAU-XKJS-2018-085)


Drought stress is one of the main abiotic stress factors affecting potato yield and quality. The root growth, development and architecture play an important role in potato drought resistance. The Igt gene family is a functional gene family that are ubiquitous in plants, and has significant effects in regulating root architecture and improving plant stress resistance. In this study, the potato double haploid ‘DM-v4.03’ high-quality genome was used as a reference, and members of the StIgt gene family were identified and analyzed on a genome-wide scale. Phylogenetic trees, chromosomal location, conservative protein domains, gene structure and cis element prediction were carried out by bioinformatics software. Meanwhile, the expression profiles of StIgts in response to drought stress were analyzed based on the transcriptome sequencing results of potato tetraploid lines under different drought conditions. The results showed that a total of 10 StIgt family members were identified in potato, of which StIgt1 was obtained and cloned by our research group. Except for the unknown position information of StIgt1, the remaining genes are unevenly distributed on chromosome 1, 2, 5, 7, 10, and 11. StIgts proteins range in length from 110 to 283 amino acids and have molecular weights ranging from 13.136 kD to 32.542 kD. The predicted isoelectric point is 3.82 to 9.86. Phylogenetic tree analysis revealed that the gene family can be divided into three subfamilies. The gene structure, protein conserved domains and cis-acting elements differ significantly among three subfamilies. The expression profile analysis under drought stress showed that StIgt6, StIgt7, StIgt9 and StIgt10 responded to the early drought stress which rapidly up-regulated at two hours of drought treatment. These results provide a theoretical basis for elucidating the evolutionary relationship of the StIgt gene family and further studying the functional characteristics of its members.

Key words: genome-wide, potato, StIgt gene family, drought stress, gene expression analyses

Table 1

Registration number of Igt genes in Arabidopsis, peach, corn, and rice"

Gene name
GenBank No.
Gene name
GenBank No.
AtDro1 AT1G72490 AtLazy6 AT3G27025
AtDro2 AT1G19115 PpeLazy1 LOC18782538
AtDro3 AT1G17400 PpeLazy2 LOC18790006
OsDro1 BAN59748.1 ZmLazy LOC100193776
PpeDro1 LOC103327608 OsLazy1 LOC4350543
PpeDro2 LOC18770522 PpeTac1 LOC18773917
AtLazy1 AT5G14090 Ostac1 LOC4347655
AtLazy5 AT3G24750 AtTac1 AT2G46640

Table 2

Information of StIgt gene family in potato"

Gene name
Gene ID
Chromosome location
MW (kD)
StIgt10 PGSC0003DMG400042006 I chr11: 19822270-19822602 110 13,136.1 9.86
StIgt9 PGSC0003DMG400035280 I chr01: 12153224-12154281 139 15,371.1 4.61
StIgt8 PGSC0003DMG400020205 I chr02: 48071799-48076548 256 29,350.3 6.41
StIgt7 PGSC0003DMG401019811 I chr05: 15169941-15172623 255 27,797.7 5.41
StIgt6 PGSC0003DMG400041371 II chr07: 26993146-27002422 275 31,382.8 4.38
StIgt5 PGSC0003DMG400005529 II chr10: 5159202-5164672 281 32,338.2 5.15
StIgt4 PGSC0003DMG400022847 II chr01: 59885567-59885980 137 15,989.9 3.82
StIgt3 PGSC0003DMG400000126 II chr01: 73826302-73827911 221 24,499.6 5.38
StIgt2 PGSC0003DMG400016036 III chr07: 39417955-39420740 228 26,123 6.17
StIgt1 StDro1 III 未知Unknown 283 32,542.3 6.68

Fig. 1

Phylogenetic tree of Igt gene family in potato and other species"

Fig. 2

Protein conserved domains and structural characteristics of StIgt gene family members in potato A: protein structure; B: gene structure."

Fig. 3

Chromosome location and cis-elements analysis of the StIgt genes in potato ABRE: cis-acting element involved in the abscisic acid responsiveness; ERE: elements involved in defense and stress response; MBS: MYB binding site involved in drought-inducibility; TCA-element: cis-acting element involved in salicylic acid responsiveness; TGA-element: cis-acting element involved in auxin responsiveness; W-box: cis-acting element involved in the stress responsiveness."

Fig. 4

Expression pattern of StIgt genes in different drought stress conditions in potato"

Fig. 5

Gene expression of StIgt1, StIgt3 and StIgt10 under drought stress in potato * and ** mean significant difference at the 0.05 and 0.01 probability levels, respectively."

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