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Characteristics of microbial community in the rhizosphere soil of continuous potato cropping in arid regions of the Loess Plateau

TAN Xue-Lian1(), GUO Tian-Wen1,*(), HU Xin-Yuan2, ZHANG Ping-Liang1, ZENG Jun1, LIU Xiao-Wei1   

  1. 1Institute of Dryland Agriculture, Gansu Academy of Agricultural Sciences/Key Laboratory of Efficient Utilization of Water in Dry Farming, Lanzhou 730070, Gansu, China
    2Gansu Academy of Agricultural Sciences/Innovation Engineering Laboratory of Potato Germplasm Resources of Gansu, Lanzhou 730070, Gansu, China
  • Received:2021-01-26 Accepted:2021-06-16 Online:2022-03-12 Published:2021-07-14
  • Contact: GUO Tian-Wen E-mail:tanxuelian_2002@163.com;guotianw2007@hotmail.com
  • Supported by:
    Public Welfare(Agriculture)Scientific Research Project(201503120);Science and Technology Innovation Project of Gansu Academy of Agricultural Sciences(2017GAAS28);NSFC Regional Science Foundation Project(31560172);Science and Technology Support Plan of Gansu Academy of Agricultural Sciences(2017GAAS41);Science and Technology Project of Gansu Province (20YF3WA010).(20YF3WA010)


The response of soil microorganisms to continuous cropping of potato was discussed in this study, aiming at revealing the microbial characteristics of continuous cropping soil degradation. Pot experiments and MiSeq high-throughput sequencing technology were used to study the characteristics of microbial communities in the rhizosphere soil of potato continuous cropping for 1 year (1_rh), 3 years (3_rh), and 5 years (5_rh), with fallow (CK) and rotation (R_rh) as controls. The results showed that compared with CK and rotation, Ace index, Chao index, and Shannon index of 3_rh and 5_rh soil samples decreased significantly. Compared with rotation, the relative abundance of Proteobacteria, Actinobacteria, and Acidobacteria in soil bacteria of continuous potato cropping was higher, while the relative abundance of Ascomycota in soil fungi was lower. In the bacterial community, compared with rotation, the number of Aeromicrobium in 1_rh, 3_rh, 5_rh increased by 258.01%, 625.93%, 76.04%, Arthrobacter increased by 245.42%, 1258.12%, 58.89%, Streptomyces increased by 203.83%, 116.74%, and 311.61%, respectively. In the fungal community, compared with rotation, the number of Fusarium in 3_rh increased by 225.00%, the number of Chaetomium in 5_rh decreased by 31.58%, and the number of Guehomyces in 1_rh, 3_rh, and 5_rh decreased by 55.40%, 58.14%, and 78.37%, respectively. Spizellomyces had a large number in fallow and rotation soils, but a small number in continuous cropping soils for three years and five years, which was close to the detection limit. The results indicated that long-term continuous cropping of potato reduced the diversity of soil microorganisms, changed the dominant population of microorganisms, and unbalanced the structure of soil microbial community.

Key words: potato, continuous cropping, microbial community structure, species abundance, beneficial microorganisms, pathogenic microorganism

Table 1

Test designs and treatments"

Cropping pattern
Treatment code
Cultivation method
CK 不种植作物的休耕土壤
Fallow soil where no crops were planted
Potato-wheat rotation
R_rh 马铃薯种植1年的土壤上种植小麦
Wheat was planted on the soil where potato was planted for one year
Potato continuous cropping for one year
1_rh 马铃薯种植1年的土壤上继续种植马铃薯
Potatoes continued to grow potatoes on soil for one year
Potato continuous cropping for three years
3_rh 马铃薯种植3年的土壤上继续种植马铃薯
Potatoes continued to grow potatoes on soil for three years
Potato continuous cropping for five years
5_rh 马铃薯种植5年的土壤上继续种植马铃薯
Potatoes continued to grow potatoes on soil for five years

Table 2

Comparison of the estimated OTU richness and diversity indices of the 16S rRNA and its gene libraries for clustering at 97% identity, as obtained from the pyrosequencing analysis"

Reads OTUs Ace Chao Shannon
细菌 Bacteria CK 33,177±0.21 a 2253±0.15 a 2496±0.23 a 2502±0.32 a 6.67±0.0 1a
R_rh 36,151±0.23 a 2291±0.08 a 2545±0.15 a 2589±0.27 a 6.68±0.03 a
1_rh 20,981±0.28 b 1947±0.10 a 2285±0.17 a 2299±0.28 a 6.55±0.03 a
3_rh 16,610±0.24 b 1146±0.12 b 1545±0.19 b 1574±0.26 b 4.90±0.02 b
5_rh 38,178±0.22 a 2182±0.07 a 2444±0.20 a 2467±0.25 a 6.54±0.04 a
真菌 Fungi CK 15,547±0.48 a 565±0.13 a 664±0.65 b 648±0.38 b 4.00±0.01 a
R_rh 13,895±0.52 b 518±0.14 a 657±0.63 b 653±0.34b 4.26±0.03 a
1_rh 12,981±0.56 b 549±0.13 a 707±0.61 a 706±0.35 a 4.34±0.05 a
3_rh 11,064±0.49 c 385±0.16 b 541±0.59 c 520±0.36 c 3.54±0.02 b
5_rh 10,705±0.53 c 350±0.18 b 468±0.66 d 446±0.38 d 2.83±0.01 c

Fig. 1

OTU Venn diagram of soil bacterial with five soils samples Treatments are the same as those given in Table 1."

Fig. 2

Comparison of the bacterial communities composition and relative abundance of five soils samples at the phylum level Treatments are the same as those given in Table 1."

Fig. 3

Comparison of the dominant bacterial communities composition and relative abundance of five soils samples at the class level Treatments are the same as those given in Table 1."

Table 3

Analysis of soil bacteria groups"



相对丰度百分比Relative abundance (%)
CK R_rh 1_rh 3_rh 5_rh
0.21±0.03 c 0.10±0.01 c 0.36±0.02 b 0.73±0.01 a 0.18±0.01 c
0.26±0.01 b 0.06±0.01 d 0.17±0.01 c 0.40±0.02 a 0.24±0.01 b
1.61±0.07 c 0.69±0.02 d 2.37±0.07 b 9.31±0.08 a 1.09±0.06 c
1.13±0.03 a 0.29±0.01 c 1.39±0.02 a 1.59±0.02 a 0.70±0.03 b
0.4±0.015 a 0.10±0.01 b 0.47±0.03 a 0.38±0.01 a 0.30±0.01 a
0.32±0.04 b 0.13±0.02 c 0.41±0.02 b 1.71±0.06 a 0.56±0.02 b
0.32±0.01 a 0.04±0.01 b 0.28±0.01 a 0.25±0.01 a 0.16±0.01 a
0.54±0.02 a 0.07±0.01 b 0.32±0.02 a 0.40±0.02 a 0.44±0.02 a
0.27±0.02 a 0.1±0.010 b 0.34±0.02 a 0.17±0.01 b 0.19±0.01 b
0.18±0.01 a 0.09±0.01 b 0.20±0.03 a 0.22±0.04 a 0.19±0.01 a
0.75±0.04 a 0.20±0.02 c 0.82±0.03 a 0.46±0.05 b 0.41±0.03 b
0.22±0.08 b 0.10±0.01 c 0.36±0.06 b 0.54±0.07 a 0.60±0.02 a
0.24±0.06 a 0.03±0.01 b 0.24±0.04 a 0.14±0.03 a 0.18±0.03 a
0.22±0.11 c 0.08±0.08 d 2.19±0.12 a 0.760.12 b 0.40±0.10 c
1.17±0.32 a 0.16±0.26 c 1.10±0.27 a 0.26±0.26 c 0.45±0.28 b
2.78±0.33 a 0.79±0.29 c 3.01±0.35 a 1.98±0.31 b 3.32±0.37 a
0.16±0.04 b 0.06±0.01 c 0.30±0.02 a 0.14±0.03 b 0.38±0.06 a
0.83±0.07 a 0.20±0.03 b 0.93±0.09 a 0.25±0.05 b 0.99±0.07 a



相对丰度百分比Relative abundance (%)
CK R_rh 1_rh 3_rh 5_rh
1.12±0.10 b 3.81±0.15 a 1.23±0.11 b 0.10±0.09 c 0.50±0.09 c
0.42±0.06 a 0.10±0.01 b 0.31±0.04 a 0.08±0.03 b 0.34±0.07 a
2.15±0.21 a 0.28±0.09 b 1.84±0.26 a 0.42±0.08 b 1.71±0.24 a
1.66±0.12 a 0.19±0.06 d 0.88±0.06 b 0.30±0.05 c 0.83±0.07 b
合计 Total 16.99±0.45 a 7.66±0.41 c 19.53±0.47 a 20.59±0.44 a 14.13±0.43 b

Fig. 4

OTU Venn diagram of soil fungi with five soils samples Treatments are the same as those given in Table 1."

Fig. 5

Comparison of the fungal communities composition and relative abundance with five soils samples at the phylum level Treatments are the same as those given in Table 1."

Fig. 6

Comparison of the fungal communities composition and relative abundance with five soils samples at the class level Treatments are the same as those given in Table 1."

Table 4

Analysis of soil fungi groups under different rotation system"


相对丰度百分比Relative abundance (%)
CK R_rh 1_rh 3_rh 5_rh
0.26±0.04 a 0.05±0.01 b 0.32±0.03 a 0.04±0.01 b 0.03±0.01 b
0 0 0.02±0.01 a 0.02±0.01 a 0.01±0.01 a
0.10±0.02 a 0.08±0.06 a 0.10±0.05 a 0.01±0.01 a 0.01±0.01 a
2.66±0.56 b 2.09±0.48 b 2.74±0.52 b 5.74±0.49 a 6.69±0.54 a
0.71±0.09 b 0.84±0.07 b 0.78±0.08 b 2.73±0.12 a 0.11±0.06 b
0.78±0.06 a 0.19±0.02 c 0.51±0.01 b 0.52±0.06 b 0.25±0.03 c
1.54±0.29 a 0.83±0.26 b 1.23±0.27 a 0.61±0.25 b 0.17±0.24 c
0.32±0.08 b 0.49±0.09 a 0.37±0.09 b 0.50±0.12 a 0.04±0.07 c
0.17±0.03 b 0.93±0.05 a 0.13±0.05 b 0.01±0.01 b 0.01±0.01 b
0.29±0.10 a 0.16±0.13 b 0.26±0.15 a 0.19±0.11 ab 0.32±0.16 a
0.03±0.01 b 0.03±0.01 b 0.12±0.04 b 0.06±0.01 b 1.80±0.06 a
0.33±0.22 c 2.25±0.26 a 2.91±0.25 a 1.20±0.21 b 1.07±0.20 b
1.93±0.36 a 0.67±0.30 b 1.36±0.32 a 0.33±0.29 b 0.29±0.29 b
9.14±0.68 ab 8.61±0.62 b 10.85±0.64 a 11.94±0.70 a 10.80±0.66 a

Fig. 7

Comparison of potato blight incidence in different rotation system with four soils samples Treatments are the same as those given in Table 1."

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