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Effects of Legumes Intercropping with Oat on Photosynthesis Characteristics of and Grain Yield

FENG Xiao-Min1, **, YANG Yong1, 2, **, REN Chang-Zhong3, HU Yue-Gao1, ZENG Zhao-Hai1, *   

  1. 1 College of Agronomy and Biotechnology, China Agricultural University, Beijing 100193, China; 2 Hami Melon Research Center, Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Urumqi 830091, China; 3 Baicheng Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Jilin, Baicheng 137000, China
  • Received:2015-03-07 Online:2015-09-12 Published:2015-09-12

Abstract: Intercropping, a commonly used agronomic management by farmers in China for centuries can improve light, heat, water and nitrogen utilization efficiencies and significantly enhance crop yield. To reveal the mechanism of photosynthesis in soybean-oat and peanut-oat intercropping systems, we conducted a two-year (2011, 2012) field experiment in Baicheng, Jilin province. Under the nitrogen-free condition, crop yield, yield components and photosynthesis and relative chlorophyll content (SPAD) of functional leaves in crops were investigated during growth stage. The results showed that land equivalent ratio (LER) was from 1.41 to 1.63 and from 1.31 to 1.52 for soybean-oat and peanut-oat intercropping, respectively. Also, most yield components from oat (plant height, spike length and spikelet, grain number per spike) under intercropping with soybean were higher than those from mono-cropping oat, except for grain weight per plant and thousand seed weight. Under intercropping with peanut, all yield components of oat increased in comparison with those under mono-cropping oat and spikelet, grain number per spike and grain weight per plant showed significant difference. Moreover, all yield components of soybean intercropping with oat improved, whereas decreased peanut pod number and grain weight per plant. As for photosynthesis, intercropping enhanced chlorophyll content and net photosynthetic rate of oat and altered chlorophyll composition which contributed to the slower process of oat aging. With regard to peanut, chlorophyll content slightly increased when intercropped with oat and net photosynthetic rate significantly improved during the late booting stage to heading stage of oat. In conclusion, under the condition of nitrogen-free, intercropping is demonstrably superior to monoculture. The peanut-oat intercropping system notably promotes the growth of oat, while the oat and soybean are both benefit from the soybean-oat intercropping system.

Key words: Oat, Soybean, Peanut, Intercropping, Photosynthesis characteristics, Yield

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