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Effects of Soil Fertility and Nitrogen Application Rates on Super Rice Yield, Quality, and Nitrogen Use Efficiency

ZHANG Jun1,ZHANG Hong-Cheng1,*,DUAN Xiang-Mao2,XU Zong-Jin2,YANG Bo1,2,GUO Bao-Wei1,DU Bin1,DAI Qi-Gen1,XU Ke1,HUO Zhong-Yang1,WEI Hai-Yan1   

  1. 1 Innovation Center of Rice Cultivation Technology in Yangtze Valley, Ministry of Agriculture / College of Agronomy, Yangzhou University, Yangzhou 225009, China; 2 Crop Cultural Station, Donghai County, Donghai 222300, China
  • Received:2011-01-21 Revised:2011-06-25 Online:2011-11-12 Published:2011-09-06
  • Contact: 张洪程, Tel: 0514-87979220

Abstract: Super rice Xudao 3 was adopted as material, the effect of nitrogen application (0, 148. 5, 223.5, 297.0, 372.0, and 445.5 kg ha-1) under different soil fertility levels on yield, yield components, nitrogen use efficiency and quality of super rice was studied. Results were as follows: (1) The yield of Xudao 3 showed the trend under the roil with high fertility>medium fertility >low fertility; and the corresponding optimal nitrogenapplication to the highest yield for the three soil fertility levels were 260.8, 290.5, and 345.5 kg ha-1, respectively. (2) There were significant or highly significant quadratic relationships betweenapparent N recovery efficiency (ANRE) and nitrogen application; andthe corresponding optical application of nitrogen to the highest ANREunder high, medium and low soil fertilities were 268.6, 293.4, and 335.2 kg ha-1, respectively. (3) Soil fertility optimization was able to improve rice’s nutritional quality, processing quality and cooking-eating quality. And apllying the optimal nitrogen to the soil with different fertility levels could improve the appearance quality of rice and optimize the nutritional quality of rice. Based on the above nitrogen application for high-yield, high quality, efficient nitrogen utilization, we suggested that the nitrogen application of super rice for the soil with high, medium and low soil fertilities were 240–270 kg ha-1, 285–315 kg·ha-1, and 330–360 kg ha-1, respectively.

Key words: Supper rice, Fertility level, Nitrogen application rate, Yield, Quality, Nitrogen utilization

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