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Identification and Gene Mapping of Starch Accumulation and Early Senescence Leaf Mutant esl9 in Rice

XIAO Yan-Hua**, CHEN Xin-Long**, DU Dan, XING Ya-Di, ZHANG Tian-Quan, ZHU Mao-Di,LIU Ming-Ming,ZHU Xiao-Yan, SANG Xian-Chun,HE Guang-Hua*   

  1. Rice Research Institute of Southwest University / Chongqing Key Laboratory of Application and Safety Control of Genetically Modified Crops, Chongqing 400716, China
  • Received:2016-09-11 Revised:2017-01-21 Online:2017-04-12 Published:2017-02-10
  • Contact: HE Zhonghua, E-mail: hegh@swu.edu.cn E-mail:xyhua0625@163.com
  • Supported by:

    This study was supportedbythe Special Industry Project ofMinistry of Agriculture (201303129) and the Capacity PromotionProject of Key Laboratories in Chongqing (cstc2014pt-sy80001).


A new leaf senescence mutant esl9(early senescence leaf9) was discovered from the progeny of indica maintainer line 1B mutatedby ethylmethanesulfonate(EMS). Compared with the wild-type, the leaf of esl9 was pale green at seedling stage; chlorosis occurredatleaf tipand gradually extendedto the middle-upper parts of leaf at tillering stage. However, the leaf base remained green untilmaturity. In theesl9, the photosynthetic pigment contentsdeclined,and the contentsof reactive oxygen species (ROS), such as, O2, ·OH and H2O2, heightened compared with those in the wild-type. At the same time, activities of protective enzymes, SOD and CAT, both reduced in esl9. The results of iodine-iodide kalium dyeing and starch content determinationshowed that more starch granules accumulated in the esl9 leaf. Quantitative RT-PCR results indicatedthat genes responsible for starch synthesis were up-regulated and genes participated in the triose phosphatedistribution path were down-regulated. We made an inferencethatgene mutation changed the distribution of triose phosphate, resulting in starch granules accumulating in the leaf, chloroplast structure being destroyed and photosynthetic systembeing blocked, thus increasingthe contents of ROS,eventually causing leaf senescence.Genetic analysis demonstrated that the phenotype of esl9 was controlled by a dominant nuclear gene. The target geneESL9 was mapped between SSR markers S11-110 and S11-87 with a physical distance of 304.9 kbon chromosome 11. These results will lay a foundation for cloning and functionallyanalysing ESL9.

Key words: Rice(Oryza sativa L.), Early senescence, Starch accumulation, Genetic analysis, Gene mapping

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