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Identification and gene localization of a novel rice brittle culm mutant bc17

JIANG Hong-Rui1,2(), YE Ya-Feng1, HE Dan1, REN Yan1, YANG Yang1, XIE Jian1, CHENG Wei-Min1, TAO Liang-Zhi1, ZHOU Li-Bin3, WU Yue-Jin1, LIU Bin-Mei1,*()   

  1. 1Hefei Institutes of Physical Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hefei 230031, Anhui, China
    2University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei 230026, Anhui, China
    3Institute of Modern Physics,Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lanzhou 730000, Gansu, China
  • Received:2020-04-03 Accepted:2020-09-13 Online:2021-01-12 Published:2020-09-29
  • Contact: LIU Bin-Mei E-mail:j602910520@163.com;liubm@ipp.ac.cn
  • Supported by:
    Anhui Science and Technology Major Project(18030701205);Anhui Key Research and Development Program(201904c03020007);National Natural Science Foundation of China(31701330);National Natural Science Foundation of China(31601828);Science and Technology Service Network Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences Project (STS Program);Science and Technology Service Network Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences Project(KFJ-STS-ZDTP-054)


A brim culm mutant bc17 (brittle culm 17) was obtained by irradiating wyj7 (Wuyunjing 7) with heavy ions. The brittle traits of the mutant were only found in the stalks and not in the leaves. The brittleness of the culm began to appear after heading stage, while it became more obvious as rice grew from heading stage to maturity stage. The growth and development of the mutant were affected, the plant height of the mutant was significantly lower than that in the wild type, and tiller number and seed setting rate were also lower than in the wild type. Compared with wild type, the cellulose content in bc17 culms and leaves decreased by 22.7% and 18.67%, while the hemicellulose content increased by 45.76% and 31.36%, respectively. The breaking resistance and tensile force of bc17 were significantly lower than those of wild type, indicating that the mechanical strength of the culm changed. The thick-walled cells of bc17 culms had larger pores, looser structures, and fewer cells. The fragile characteristics of bc17 were controlled by a single recessive nuclear gene. The bc17 gene was located in the 162 kb region of chromosome 7 by map-based cloning. Bioinformatics analysis indicated that it might be a novel gene related to rice brittle culm. These findings provided an important material support for the research on the molecular mechanism of cell wall synthesis in rice.

Key words: rice, brittle culm mutant, cell wall, gene mapping, cellulose content

Fig. 1

Plants and broken culm phenotype of mutant type bc17 and wild type wyj7 in mature stage A: Plants of mature stage; B: An easily broken bc17 culm indicated by arrows; C: Leaves of mature stage; D: Panicle phenotype. wyj7: Wuyunjing 7; bc17: brittle culm 17."

Table 1

Agronomic traits of mutant bc17 and wild type wyj7"

Mutant (bc17)
Wild type (wyj7)
株高 Plant height (cm) 69.43±1.95** 94.6±0.80
分蘖数Tiller number per plant 9.67±0.58* 11.33±0.58
结实率 Seed fertility (%) 63.45±2.39** 87.53±4.38
千粒重 1000-grain weight (g) 23.6±0.67** 26.62±0.84
穗长 Panicle length (cm) 12.73±0.55** 15.56±0.21
每穗粒数Number of grain per panicle 111.94±12.06 128.94±9.34

Table 2

Cell wall components between wild type wyj7 and mutant type bc17 (%)"

茎秆Culm 叶片Leaf
Mutant (bc17)
Wild type (wyj7)
Mutant (bc17)
Wild type (wyj7)
纤维素 Cellulose 19.91±1.77* 25.77±1.36 29.19±2.16* 35.89±1.74
半纤维素 Hemicellulose 22.68±1.78* 15.56±0.63 30.03±1.17 22.86±2.40
木质素 Lignin 4.39±0.40 3.99±0.66 6.52±0.30* 4.61±0.24
灰分 Ash 4.21±0.13 4.19±0.59 6.65±0.12* 8.07±0.29

Fig. 2

Breaking force and tension force of wild type and mutant in the 2nd and 3rd internodes * and ** represent significant differences between the bc17 mutant and wild type at the 0.05 and 0.01 probability levels, respectively. wyj7: Wuyunjing 7; bc17: brittle culm 17."

Table 3

Lodging index of wild type and mutant type bc17"

Wild type (wyj7)
Mutant (bc17)
抗折力Breaking resistance (N) 6.38±0.59 3.33±0.11**
弯曲力矩Bending moment (N m) 6.31±0.34 3.75±0.34**
倒伏指数Lodging index 99.38±76.40 112.15±57.40

Fig. 3

Cross section of wild type (left) and mutant (right) in stalks"

Table 4

Genetic analysis of mutant bc17"

Normal plants
Number of brittle culm plants
Total number of F2
20.05 = 3.84)
bc17/wyj7 223 78 301 0.13
bc17/9311 329 97 426 1.13

Table 5

Part of the primers for bc17 gene mapping"

Forward primer (5′-3′)
Reverse primer (5′-3′)

Fig. 4

Positional mapping of bc17 by molecular makers"

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