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Genetic Mapping of Rll Gene Conferring Resistance to Late Blight in Potato(Solanum tuberosum)

XU Jian-Fei,JIN Li-Ping,DUAN Shao-Guang,HUANG San-Wen,QU Dong-Yu*   

  1. Institute of Vegetables and Flowers,Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,Beijing 100081,China
  • Received:2008-11-24 Revised:2009-02-17 Online:2009-06-12 Published:2009-04-16
  • Contact: QU Dong-Yu,E-mail: dyqu@mail.caas.net.cn;Tel:010-82109543
  • About author:XU Jian-Fei,E-mail:xujianfei1026@126.com


Late blight caused by Phytophthora infestans is the most destructive disease for potato (Solanum tuberosum). A F1 segregating population consisting of 83 genotypes, derived from R11 differential MaR11 and the susceptible potato cultivar Katahdin, was assessed for late blight resistance in detached leaves assay and genetically analyzed. The results showed that the distribution for R11 was clearly bimodal with the two peaks coinciding with the blight scores of the MaR11 (the resistant parent) and Katahdin (the susceptible parent), and the observed segregation with 39 resistant and 44 susceptible plants fitted a 1:1 ratio. It indicated that R11 was inherited as a major dominant R gene and presented in the simplex condition in MaR11. There was a major late blight resistance locus (MLB) in potato on the long arm of chromosome 11, where R11 showed allelic versions of the R3 and R10 loci. Using the combination of comparative mapping and bulked segregant analysis, we developed six markers linked to R11 which was located on the end of the long arm of chromosome 11 with a distance of about 2.4 cM to marker C2_At5g59960. R11 was telomeric to the R3a and R10 gene. The genetic map constructed in this paper provides a basis for further construction of high-resolution genetic map of the R11 gene.

Key words: Potato, Late blight, Rll, Genetic mapping

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