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Classification and Evolution Analysis for Vigna Subgenus Ceratotropis Based on SSR Markers and ITS Sequences

MA Yan-Ling,CHENG Xu-Zhen*,WANG Li-Xia,WANG Su-Hua,ZHAO Dan   

  1. Institute of Crop Sciences, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing 100081, China
  • Received:2010-03-16 Revised:2010-04-23 Online:2010-09-12 Published:2010-07-05
  • Contact: CHENG Xu-Zhen,E-mail:chengxz@caas.net.cn; Tel: 010-62189159

Abstract: Ninety-three materials in subgenus Ceratotropis, two landraces ofsubgenus Vigna and one accession of Glycine soja from various regions of China were analyzed by using simple sequence repeat (SSR) makers and sequencing nrDNA internal transcribed spacer (ITS) for the genetic evaluation. Twenty-sevenspecific SSR primers were selected by screening 74 azuki bean primers and 14 blackgram primers that distributed in 11 linkage groups and five mungbean primers in linkage group 9 with the average polymorphic information content (PIC) value 0.4914. In UPGMA cluster analysis, 95 materials excluding HAI_103 (G. soja) were divided into Group I (including section Ceratotropis and three “transitional” materials) and Group II (section Angulares). And the transferability of 23 primers from azuki bean reached 88%. As for ITS analysis, Kimura-2-parameter distance was calculated based on ITS sequences of 28 representing materials. The shortest distance was found between V. minima and V. umbellata with 0–0.005 and V. radiata was the most intra-specific divergent. Phylogenetic trees constructed by maximum parsimony (MP) and neighbor-joining (NJ) methods with MEGA 4.0 showed that 28 materials were divided into three groups. This result was consistent with the classification results by phenotypes and SSR makers. Therefore, it is anticipated that more information for classification of subgenus Ceratotropis can be provided by these two molecular methods and also a system for evaluation combined by morphological characteristics can be established.

Key words: Subgenus Ceratotropis, Classification,SSR markers, ITS sequences, Evolution

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