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Developing InDel Markers from Aegilops Genus Based on Comparative Genomics

WU Lei, WANG Dan,SU Wen-Yue,GUO Chang-Hong*,SHU Yong-Jun*   

  1. Key Laboratory of Molecular Cytogenetics and Genetic Breeding of Heilongjiang Province/College of Life Science and Technology, Harbin Normal University, Harbin 150025, China
  • Received:2012-02-14 Revised:2012-04-20 Online:2012-07-12 Published:2012-05-11
  • Contact: 束永俊, Email: syjun2003@126.com; 郭长虹, Email: kaku3008@yahoo.com.cn E-mail:wulei_hnu2011@126.com

Abstract: The expressed sequence tags (ESTs) of Aegilops speltoides were aligned with UniGene sequences of wheat to develop molecular markers for favorable genes that can be used in wheat breeding. A total of 137 insertion/deletion (InDel) sites were identified in Ae. speltoides, and 24 pairs of primers flanking these InDel sites were designed. Of the 24 pairs of primer, 11 had polymorphic amplification in 15 species of wheat relatives, suggesting that they can be used as InDel markers. These InDel markers were functional markers involved in subcellular localization, protein binding or catalyzing, metabolic process and cell rescue, defense, and disease resistance.

Key words: Comparative genomics, Insertion/deletion mutation (InDel), Wheat, Aegilops speltoides, Functional molecular marker

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