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Effects of Exogenous ABA and 6-BA on Flag leaf Senescence in Different Types of Stay-Green Wheat and Relevant Physiological Mechanisms

YANG Dong-Qing,WANG Zhen-Lin*,YIN Yan-Ping,NI Ying-Li,YANG Wei-Bing,CAI Tie,PENG Dian-Liang,XU Cai-Long,CUI Zheng-Yong,LIU Tie-Ning,XU Hai-Cheng   

  1. Agronomy College, Shandong Agricultural University / State Key Laboratory of Crop Biology, Tai’an 271018, China
  • Received:2012-11-25 Revised:2013-01-15 Online:2013-06-12 Published:2013-03-22
  • Contact: 王振林, E-mail: zlwang@sdau.edu.cn, Tel: 0538-8241359


The effects of exogenous abscisic acid (ABA) and 6-benzyladenine (6-BA) on the contents of chlorophyll, malondialdehyde (MDA), and endogenous hormones and activities of antioxidant enzymes in flag leaf were investigated using stay-green wheat cultivar Wennong 6 and a control cultivar Jimai 20. The results showed that ABA and 6-BA obviously increased chlorophyll content from seven days after anthesis (DAA) to twenty-eight DAA. Likewise, the soluble protein contents in ABA-treated and 6-BA-treated plants significantly increased from 21 DAA to 35 DAA, while the MDA content decreased from 28 DAA to 35 DAA. Although ABA applications decreased endogenous zeatin (ZR) and ABA contents from 28 DAA to 35 DAA, the endogenous auxin (IAA) and gibberellin (GA) contents increased. In both cultivars, 6-BA significantly increased the ZR content, but decreased the ABA content in Jimai 20 from 21 DAA to 35 DAA. Exogenous ABA and 6-BA significantly enhanced superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity, while had no significant effects on peroxidase (POD) and catalase (CAT) activities in Wennong 6 and increased POD activity in Jimai 20 from 7 DAA to 28 DAA. Exogenous 6-BA significantly increased POD and CAT activities in both cultivars. Meanwhile, treatments with ABA and 6-BA significantly increased 1000-grain weight and yield, that had no effects on grain number per spike and spike number per square meter.

Key words: Wheat, Stay-green, Hormones, Antioxidant enzymes, Yield

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