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Expression Characteristics of Key Genes in Lignin Pathway among Different Lodging Resistance Lines of Brassica napus L.

HUANG Jie-Heng**,LI Wei**,QU Cun-Min,LIU Lie-Zhao,XU Xin-Fu,WANG Rui,LI Jia-Na*   

  1. Engineering Research Center of South Upland Agriculture / College of Agronomy and Biotechnology, Southwest University, Chongqing 400716, China
  • Received:2013-01-10 Revised:2013-04-22 Online:2013-08-12 Published:2013-05-21
  • Contact: 李加纳, E-mail: ljn1950@swu.edu.cn, Tel: 023-68250642


Lignin is related to not only plant disease resistance but also lodging resistance. The lignin content and six key genes (PAL, 4CL, C4H, CCR1, CCR2, and CAD) expression characteristics of the middle stem were analysed at early flowering stage and podding stage of 15 Brassica napus L. varieties with different lodging resistance level. The results indicated that the lignin content generally increased by 28% from early flowering stage to podding stage, especially by 33.5% in the varieties with stronger lodging resistance. Lignin content was significantly different between the varieties with different lodging resistance levels. The expression of key enzyme genes was remarkably different between two stages, and the expression of genes PAL, 4CL, and CCR1 was remarkably different between the varieties with different lodging resistance levels. The expression of gene PAL was significantly correlated with lignin content at both stages, and the expression of gene 4CL was significantly correlated with that of most other genes. Our results suggested that all the genes studied in the paper could control the lignin synthesis, and PAL and 4CL were the most important genes in lignin pathway.

Key words: Lignin, qRT-PCR, Lignin pathway, Lodging resistance

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